• New Open NX-OS Developer Resources

    Lots of exciting news for everyone leveraging Open NX-OS this week, and I figured it was a good reason to pull it all together in one place.   New code! Yep, that's right, the latest version of Open NX-OS was pos...
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  • Blockchain: An (updated) 101 at Cisco Live Las Vegas 2017

    Okay...A slight admission - this blog is an update from my previous blog on blockchain at CiscoLive - but you should totally still read it! Blockchain - Now there’s a word that has many an industry worried an...
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  • Beyond Containers & VMs: An Introduction to Serverless Application Architectures

    One thing that’s always constant about the tech industry is that it never stands still.  Physical servers have filled datacenters for years and as recently as the 1990’s, application architectures had...
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  • NetDevOps Breakout Session at Cisco Live US - BRKDEV-2000

    Cisco Live is nearing and it is time to set your schedule.  I’m excited to have a new session BRKDEV-2000: NetDevOps: Let's Do it Like They Do in the Developer Channel.  I apologize for the poor wordpl...
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  • New Sandbox! Kubernetes with Contiv!

    Ever wanted to get started developing with containers but didn’t have an easy button for deploying or managing them? Wanted to get to understand how to use Kubernetes and how it can help you manage your containe...
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  • AngelHack's Ctr Alt Del hackathon - No competition!

    Ctrl Alt Delete Hate is a hackathon, powered by AngelHack, Code For A Cause, Tech Stands Up and We Persist, designed to leverage the power of people and technology to fight bigotry, hate, racism, and any forces seekin...
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  • New CMX Cloud, Presence and Location Sandbox Labs!!

    At Sandbox, we enjoy making access to the latest Cisco APIs quick and easy for everyone in the DevNet community.  One of the ways we achievie this is building more Always-on sandbox environments and we have conti...
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  • Upgraded! Smart+Connected Digital Platform (S+CDP) v3.1.1

    Hi Devnet Users,   We recently finished updating our Smart+Connected Digital Platform (S+CDP) sandbox to version 3.1.1.   S+CDP is an IoT solution targeting public sector cities and provides automation of...
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  • Network Programmability Foundations in DEVNET Zone at Cisco Live

    In Vegas at Cisco Live we are introducing a new DevNet Learning Path called “Network Programmability Foundations” and I’m pretty excited to see it come together.  The idea behind the path came f...
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  • Introducing Python and Guest Shell on IOS-XE 16.5

    Introduction  I’ve been long waiting for the latest version of IOS-XE to ship, and on April 13th IOS-XE 16.5 “Everest” posted to https://cisco.com/go/software for the ISR, ASR, and CSR routing ...
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  • Spark Up your On-Premises Contact Center, Setup

    The need for Device Independent Solutions Controlling and monitoring your Contact Center via a simple and device free interface has been a big challenge for supervisors and system administrators. The Agents themsel...
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  • Updates from DevNet Create!

    While we are quickly working to fine-tune every detail to bring you #DevNetCreate, here's what you need to know!   What is DevNet Create? IoT and Cloud Developer Conference May 23-24 in San Francisco 2 days ful...
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  • DevNet Create: the IoT and Cloud Developer Conference

    Have you heard about DevNet Create? We are launching a hands-on, inaugural industry conference for IoT, cloud, enterprise developers, and DevOps engineers. The conference is focused on bringing industry experts togeth...
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  • Hacking for the NYC Ports!

    You know what’s so great about hackathons? It’s always solving a problem in this world and making it a better place to live in. NYC Ports and Logistics is a 48 hour hackathon located in, of course, the...
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  • DevNet 1040 -1042 Sessions Network Programmability; Some Python code from yesterday's discussions

    ...great session at CiscoLive Berlin on Python Network programming yesterday!  I promised to post the Python snippit that launches a browser that points to the DevNet Python repository that I've been building - i...
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  • Don't Miss Expert Panels on Cloud Collab, Network Programmability and more at Cisco Live Berlin

    The DevNet Zone at Cisco Live is perhaps best known for its hands-on learning labs, workshops, and coding classes.  But it would be a mistake to overlook the expert panel sessions.    Next week at #CLE...
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  • The rise of containers - How are companies responding in the cloud

      We are now less than a week away from Cisco Live Berlin and I’m eagerly looking forward to sharing what’s happening in OpenStack around containers and hearing from our customers and partners on wher...
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  • Keeping Us Relevant- Part II #CLEUR Women in Tech and Innovation Showcase

    “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” - Mahatma Gandhi As humans we are always evolving with each experience and learning. In our modern world, this evolution al...
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  • NetDevOps, Python and Cisco DNA at CLEUR, CLANZ

    It seems everyone is talking about the modern network engineer and the transition we all will have to undergo.  I am here to say it should not be scary or intimidating. It should be a fun opportunity to learn and...
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  • Python Cryptography Background for CiscoLive DevNet Sessions 1040, 1041 and 1042

    Python Cryptography Background for CiscoLive DevNet Sessions 1040, 1041 and 1042     Greetings DevNet 1040,1041 and 1042 session participants!     I wanted to provide some additional background ...
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