The Customer Care 11.6 solution was released 2 weeks ago and DevNet already has a UCCX 11.6 sandbox available for you to play with!


In this sandbox, you will find the following products:


All of the APIs and SDKs from each product in this sandbox are available to be used and played with. They also have a premium license so the features are endless!

So whats new in 11.6?

  • UCCX
    • Enhanced digital channel capabilities with new functionality on email and web chat
    • Monitoring of non-ACD calls
    • Scripting enhancements
    • New supervisor functionality including monitoring outbound calls and access to historical reports
  • Finesse
    • State and call history gadgets
    • Integrated System generated Not Ready Reason Codes
    • Direct Transfer
    • Ability to make a call from READY state
    • Ability to monitor Outbound calls on ACD line
  • CUIC
    • Improved reporting capabilities, including multichannel agent state and wrap-up reports
    • New Dashboards
    • New Charts and view updates
    • Wrap-up reason reports for chat and email
    • Multichannel Agent Summary Report
  • Enhanced security with TLS 1.2 support

Please see the 11.6 announcement for more details.


Just like the 11.5 sandbox, the system is already preconfigured with:

  • Pre-registered agent and standard user phones
  • Three Windows VMs with the Jabber client already installed
  • IVR numbers
  • Teams & CSQs
  • Chat with an agent via SocialMiner
  • Email with an agent via SocialMiner
  • Record calls via MediaSense
  • and much more!


From the agent & supervisor side, the Finesse desktop has been pre-configured to have the following gadgets:

1.      CUIC LiveData gadgets

2.      Chat & Email Control Gadgets

3.      Manage Chat & Email Gadget (SocialMiner)

4.      MediaSense Search & Play Gadget

So, come and play with the UCCX 11.6 sandbox today! DevNet sandboxes are always FREE!

As always, tell us what you think! What else would you like to see in this sandbox? Please let us know in the comments below!

Have fun!