• Sort column in 3rd party gadget

    Hi Team,   I have created a 3rd party gadget that displays the agent name , state and id. I need to sort each column in ascending and descending order. Please help.   Thanks, Poonam
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  • Scroll for 3rd party gadget

    Hi Team,   I want a scroller to the 3rd party gadget developed using javascript apis.   I have fixed the size of the gadget using gadgets.window.adjustHeight(200); . I am trying to adjust the height using...
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  • Finesse make a call

    When making an outbound call (make a call) from Finesse (or Finesse API) where does that call go to get routed? Call routes differently when dialed from inside of Finesse than if they were dialed from the phone direc...
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  • Agent Credentials on SSO

    Hi, I am trying to hit Finesse API for transferring the call and getting error "HTTP authentication required". I am logged in with SSO. Can anyone help how to get user credentials on gadget while he/she logged in wi...
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  • UCCX - XMPP service Need information

    Just need one information,   While consuming XMPP service the UCCX agent's username case is important ? I mean username - "test" and "Test" will be treated equally or it is case sensitive ?  
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  • UCCX - Unable to use XMPP/REST service after user name change

    Hi, I have a UCCX agent with username "abc", I was able to log in to Finesse Agent Desktop, XMPP and RestFull service as well (via java code). Later on, I have changed username to "ABC". What happened now is, I can l...
  • Get the team name of agent from a supervisor's view

    Hi,   I want to list the team name of the team members of a supervisor.I am able to find the first name, last name , state of the agents.But not able to find the team name of the agent.I am using javascript apis...
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  • UpdateCallVarible Sample Gadget

    This new gadget is great in concept and the whole reason we went from 10.6 to 11.6. Our Agents need to fill in missing, new, or additional information to pass along to the next agent that they transfer the call to. &...
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  • Http API other request

    Hi All,   We have a custom CRM that allows users to take calls, match customers, enter notes etc. For two years the Cisco Finesse was working just fine and then stopped. I have been really challenged to determin...
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  • configuring the finesse server

    If you configure four finesse servers in a duplex mode PG server, the two finesse servers are in-service and the rest two out of service? How many finesse servers can be configured as In Service in one ctiserver?
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  • Finesse events for ECE web chat?

    Does the Finesse Notification Service provide any events to gadgets for ECE actions - namely the starting and stopping of a web chat? A customer is converting to ECE from an older, customized WIM install. The customiz...
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  • Make a REST call to CUIC from Finnesse Desktop - UCCX

    Hi Experts   I'm having some requirement to show some statistics in Finesse Desktop, So what I thought to make a REST call to CUIC and get some statictiscs (including callvariable data) and filter from the call...
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  • Ready Status

    I am attempting to get and set the ready status using a finesse gadget., but the sample gadget doesn't work and I can't find any details that are sufficient enough to explain how to do this.   Is there anyone ou...
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  • Finesse API login using Remote Agent

    Creating an external gadgets using the Finesse API (Not using the Finesse interface). Can I use the APIs to login as mobile agent ?
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  • HTTP Post using Cisco WorkFlow UCCE 11.5(1)

    Hi,   I am trying to use the Cisco Workfllow to make HTTP post request to local machine(In which Finesse agent desktop is running) during answer call . But the request is not triggered.   Below is the Work...
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  • End the call during outbound dialing after accepting preview call -finesse 11.6

    Hello All, We have a client requirement where agent need an custom button to end/drop the call once agent accepted outbound preview call and is dialing the customer.  We need to provide this option for agent to ...
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  • Screenpop Sample Gadget modification

    Screenpop Sample Gadget modification    It is known that not all the URL you wish to open in a frame in the Screenpop Sample Gadget. In our case, I want to open an http utl CRM system. But it's not working....
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  • Finesse Get user API throws 404 not found

    Hi Team   whenever we call get agent state from Finesse API it is giving 404 not found. but agent id exists in ICM. can you please let us know what would be issue? URL: htts://server/finesse/api/User/agentId.
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  • Server-based Client----Cisco Finesse Notification service

    Hi, We are in need to monitor an inbound skill and to read agent availability, etc.... Q1: Is Server-based client integrate with Cisco Finesse Notification service is best option OR to read agent availability from D...
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  • monitoring inbound skill

    Hi, would like to know what is the best/recommended way to monitor an inbound skill. The intention is to collect details like -how many agents are ready/not-ready, agents-talking-inbound,agents-talking-outbound,ag...
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