• Blind transfer function using REST API

    Is it possible to transfer after consulting blind transfer using REST API instead of singlesteptransfer?
    created by pegasus1501
  • CTIOS realtime data status similarity with Finesse

    We would like to get the similar information with FINESSE that we had with CTIOS as follow:   CLASS: Win32_PerfFormattedData_CiscoICMCTIOS_CiscoICMCTIOS   CTIOSActiveClientConnections CTIOSActiveCalls CT...
    created by NICNGUYEN
  • Finesse - Receiving a Call

    I'm new to Finesse. I'm trying to create a custom UI for the Finesse desktop. I would like to know how a ringing event(A call arriving at the agent desktop) is monitored and being captured. Also about how the on call...
  • About blind transfer...

    Hi All, Finesse is blind transfer support? If so, What version doing support?
    created by pegasus1501
  • Assistance on gadgets

    Its me again...I might need your expert knowledge in something we are currently working on regarding finesse gadgets...we are trying to create a finesse desktop feature where we should be able to open new tabs within ...
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  • Integrating JabberSdk with Finesse

    I am very much new to JabberSdk and Finesse. Would integrating Jabbersdk Voice and Video with Finesse be a right choice to be used by call center agents for voice calling purpose?
    last modified by harshitbisht99@gmail.com
  • How to enable pop up for Cisco Finesse 10.6 Wrap up Codes

    Hi Finesse DevNet Team   I am just wondering if you can please help me with the below query We have recently started to use  Cisco Finesse Supervisor Desktop 10.6. Could you please advise me how I can acti...
    last modified by tsivaruban1
  • Hiding the password field in UCCE Finesse v11.6.1

    Team,  My customer has UCCE v10.5 with CTIOS toolkit desktop and is moving to UCCE v11.6.1 with Finesse.  Currently in the CTIOS registry, they can hide the password box when an agent launches and logs into ...
    last modified by pgastell
  • Cisco Finesse- Not ready reason codes 2,3,4

    Hi,   I have this situation where from the CUIC reports, agent not ready code is 4. There is also not ready reason code 3 and 2. Upon checking from the cisco documentation, there is no such not ready reason code ...
    last modified by giodias01
  • how to remove one fake "signed in" device from Finesse

    Hi,   one of agent stuck on the phone for signing out Finesse, he always got error " Cisco Finesse service error, if the problem persists, contact your administrator" when he tried to sign out  Finesse from...
    last modified by jianjiang
  • Finesse - Pinging server

    I'm new to Finesse development. It would be great if someone could explain the questions below. 1. How the finesse desktop checks whether the finesse server is reachable? Will it ping the server at regular intervals ...
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  • Finesse - Dialogs

    I was going through the documentation on Finesse Desktop APIs. For dialogs, the REST URI's formed had a dialog id parameter.(/finesse/api/Dialog/<DialogId>) 1. Is this DialogId a random number generated? 2. Is...
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  • Finesse CORS enabling

    I am developing a custom UI for the finesse agent desktop. When I try to hit the finesse server from my domain(eg. localhost), the request does not happen and I receive No Transport error. I believe this is a CORS iss...
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  • Way to get the Client IP Address from Finesse

    Hi,   I am running a Finesse gadget which needs to send a request to the localhost (client PC). Unfortunately, since the request is made by the gadget hosted on the Finesse server, the localhost is the Finesse s...
    last modified by mahramak
  • Finesse Gadgets initiateDirectTransfer and makeConsultCall

    Hi, I am currently working on implementing a couple of gadgets, and more specifically, Implementing a CallTransfer and CallConsult feature, I have read the docs from the site on how to use the interfaces from the fine...
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  • Cisco Finesse Live data gadget for supervisors

    Hello all,   I have 3 supervisors in the same team. How can each supervisor sees all the agents live data in a gadget except the data of the 2 other supervisors ? Is there a way to filter only agents and not su...
    last modified by eliegerges
  • Finesse Container Timer/TIMER_TICK_EVENT in a 3rd Party Gadget

    Hello, all!   I'm having a difficult time using the TimerTickEvent service, explained here: https://developer.cisco.com/docs/finesse/#!finesse-container-timer/finesse-container-timer   We've created a 3rd ...
    last modified by cparks13@liberty.edu
  • How to start with c# .NET

    Hi All   I am .NET developer. Recently started working on Oracle Cloud media bar integrations with Cisco Finesse. I am using RestSharp library to do REST API call to Finesse server (successfully). Now, someth...
  • OpenSocial Gadget Container in Finesse 12.0

    Hey All, I couldn't find any information about the upcoming Finesse Version 12.0. I've seen a couple of screenshots of the new Finext client and no I wonder, if the GUI is still based on OpenSocial Gadget Container F...
    last modified by thomc
  • why is finesse is process CORS calls (HTTP Options)

    We have built custom app using Finesse Rest APIs and it is deployed in AWS. we are observing 200/202 response for CORS (HTTP Options) Calls from Finesse Rest API (GET/POST/PUT HTTP Methods). But in Finesse server logs...
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