• MakeCall" Method in Ready state is not working in 11.6

    Hi All - In 11.6 Agent able to make call using "Makecall" option in Finesse while he is in ready state, however when we call "MakeCall"API Method during ready state from my gadgets it is not working. is there any othe...
    created by venkadesh54
  • About finesse 11.5 ES05 patch

    Does Finesse 11.5 ES05 include ES 01-04?
    created by pegasus1501
  • Question about sizing Socialminer with email

    We have a client that is installing Socialminer because the use email under UCCX 11.5.   We have have a problem.  We are trying to size the Socialminer server to handle the incoming mail, but there is n...
    created by rodoneal09
  • how can we validate the length of mobile agent dial number in finesse Login page

    how can we validate the length of mobile agent dial number in finesse Login page.currently we have a scenario where agents are entering incorrect/invalid dial number so taught of doing front end validation and display...
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  • Using Finesse 10.5 WrapupData in TCD table has invalid characters

    Using Finesse 10.5 when we query report or table name "Termination_Call_Detail" the column name "WrapupData" most of the data has invalid characters.
    last modified by jkaewprateep
  • Duplicate Logins...

    How to prevent Duplicate Logins to the Same AgentID?
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  • in UCCX, SUPERVISOR_BARGE_IN Event Receive Issue.

    Hi.   My question of point would not have received the SUPERVISOR_BARGE_IN event from the second BARGE_IN request. Therefore, if there is no CCX patch on the content, please tell me how to distinguish it from g...
    last modified by jungylee2015
  • UCCX Finesse error The user specified in the authentication credentials and the uri don't match

    this happens on 11.5 with updateWrapUpReason on the dialog after a call is transferred but during wrapup time it works fine on 11.6  
    last modified by s.monteiro
  • Upgrade to 11.6(1) ES02 breaks relative path gadget

    I have a TAC case (684122397) for this, but let me ask here too.   After upgrading UCCX/Finess from 11.5(1) to 11.6(1) ES02 loading 3rd party gadgets configured in "relative path mode" fails with the designated ...
    last modified by p.bevilacqua
  • API choice - can Finesse be used for that?

    Hello,   We have a client who uses Cisco Voip system (CCX and CUCM), both of which (as well as all components) are at version 10.6.   They want us to create integrated interface which will be able to mana...
  • Finesse: not able login using token in Hybrid mode.

    Hi, I am implementing SSO to connect a third party application with Finesse. The auth mode is HYBRID. SSO works while accessing REST API, however connecting Openfire with BOSH fails and shows 'UnAuthorized'.   ...
    last modified by amresh.rolla@gmail.com
  • Basic User REST API Lab

    I am completely new to Finesse, and seem to have stumbled at the first hurdle. Trying to run the Basic user REST API lab and getting an error in Postman. I am obviously doing something basically wrong, so would apprec...
    last modified by graham@databell.co.uk
  • Finesse Dialog API- From address DNIS and startTime missing

    Hi, I am using finesse restful services, I the following scenario, fromAddress, DNIS and startTime is missing in dialog XML packet. Deployment: UCCX Version: 11.5 Scenario: The agent is logged out. The extens...
  • SystemInfo API using different XMPP Domains

    The SystemInfo API provides different XMPP Domains when requesting the primary and the secondary node (but the primary and secondary are always in the same order). Is it a problem in our configuration? Should the XMPP...
    last modified by eschippe
  • UCCX 10.6 and/or 11.5 Call Recording

    Good afternoon, How can I record all incoming call center calls automatically?  Do I need 3rd party product or can I do it within UCCX?   and also, will it effect any stress load to UCCX server by rec...
    last modified by nkobayashi123
  • How can I see the users (Supervisor & Admin) login logs

    Time to time, I noticed my UCCX 10.6 configurations were changed and have caused problems in call center.(such as skill set or csq names...etc) We have a quit few supervisors and admin users who have access to the s...
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  • How to obtain dialogs from UCCX chat

    Hi, I have a chat hit a finesse agent which comes from UCCX/SocialMiner. I am writing a finesse gadget and I am having trouble getting access to the dialogs, using user.getDialogs. Is there another method I should be...
    last modified by sylvester@altocloud.com
  • SS Transfer Conference Call from Finesse

    Hi, I am trying to transfer a conference call by SS Transfer. I am getting some finesse errors while trying. In my case, original caller successfully transfers to the DN but agent (participants) are still connected ...
    last modified by tauqeer.nasir1
  • finesse 11.6 with UCCE - update call variable issue

    Hi all, we are experiencing issue with CTI call variable issue from Finesse desktop. Updating of standard CallVariables1-10 and custom ECC variables working without any issue BUT we are not able to update customerAcc...
    last modified by cukouncukoun
  • Gadget not triggering button action

    I've got a gadget that I've built that will trigger a call to a set number when the button is clicked by an agent. I'm having issues though with the button push not then triggering any action from the event.The gadget...
    last modified by martyn.rees