• UPDATE_CALL_DATA on ECE email or chat dialog

    Hi,   is there a way how to set value for CallVariable on ECE chat or email dialog? In the event about new chat or email, there is list of available actions for this dialog, where I see also UPDATE_CALL_DATA: &...
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  • Finesse 11.6 CallType Changes

    Recently we have seen changes in how CallTypes are presented in Finesse 11.6 (the UCCX variant so far). I am just wondering if these changes were intended or are a newly introduced bug. I also understand that Finesse ...
  • Finesse XMPP Openfire Certificate

    Hi,   How can I get UCCX Finesse openfire certificates to connect over TLS 5223? I tried all the certificate from "UCCX OS Administration" option but unable to connect on 5223. I have successfully connected to 5...
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  • Performing REST API Login and BOSH Connection with SSO

    We have a customer that is wanting to use SSO with a custom thick client Finesse desktop client that will consume the REST API and BOSH interfaces directly.   I understand that 11.6+ of Finesse now supports send...
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  • How to capture full dialled number using dialog API in finesse

    Hello All,   We have implemented finesse call history gadget in our UCCE 11.5 setup. We have set a translation pattern in cucm 11.5 for few DID numbers. When we dial those DID numbers through finesse we get thos...
  • Finesse Workflow Screen Pop and IE Session Features

    Hi All,   Internet Explorer has the feature of opening a new Session (File -> New Session) that basically partitions browser sessions/cookies.   I've run into a scenario where I have a need to launch sc...
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  • Integrate CISCO Finesse with HPSM

    Hello,   We need to integrate cisco finesse with HPSM so that once a call received finesse will send an event to HPSM to display new interaction form.   HPSM can be called from other applications to open n...
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  • Finesse Gadget - Send Email

    Hello, I am writing a Finesse gadget that is required to send an email using Microsoft Exchange as the mail server. I've looked at two options:   Option 1- Use Exchange Web Services: Issue - requires NTLM authe...
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  • Latency issue with Finesse Rest API for phone web app

    Hi We have built softphone web app using finesse Rest api. we have used below APIs. Our partners compiling about latency issue while doing changeState and other call control APIs. We did observe 10 to 15 secs taking ...
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  • system reason codes in Not ready and singout in UCCE  11.6

    Hi We have built phone app using Finesse Rest API. We have used changeState API with FinesseReasonID. we have never pass reasonCode for Signout. Please find same code logic below. We have observed system reason code...
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  • Finesse not throwing valid http response error codes

    Hi We have developed voice phone web app using Finesse Rest API. We are seeing http error message detail={_body={}, status=0, ok=false, statusText=, headers={}, type=3, url=null}  from Finesse Rest API Calls, s...
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  • Finesse 11.6 REST API with SSO

    Hi all, is it possible to use REST API when SSO is enabled on the Finesse or this is not currently supported?I tried this on dcloud. I had one agent without SSO and API calls were working as expected from postman but...
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  • MakeCall" Method in Ready state is not working in 11.6

    Hi All - In 11.6 Agent able to make call using "Makecall" option in Finesse while he is in ready state, however when we call "MakeCall"API Method during ready state from my gadgets it is not working. is there any othe...
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  • About finesse 11.5 ES05 patch

    Does Finesse 11.5 ES05 include ES 01-04?
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  • how can we validate the length of mobile agent dial number in finesse Login page

    how can we validate the length of mobile agent dial number in finesse Login page.currently we have a scenario where agents are entering incorrect/invalid dial number so taught of doing front end validation and display...
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  • Using Finesse 10.5 WrapupData in TCD table has invalid characters

    Using Finesse 10.5 when we query report or table name "Termination_Call_Detail" the column name "WrapupData" most of the data has invalid characters.
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  • Duplicate Logins...

    How to prevent Duplicate Logins to the Same AgentID?
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  • in UCCX, SUPERVISOR_BARGE_IN Event Receive Issue.

    Hi.   My question of point would not have received the SUPERVISOR_BARGE_IN event from the second BARGE_IN request. Therefore, if there is no CCX patch on the content, please tell me how to distinguish it from g...
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  • UCCX Finesse error The user specified in the authentication credentials and the uri don't match

    this happens on 11.5 with updateWrapUpReason on the dialog after a call is transferred but during wrapup time it works fine on 11.6  
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  • Upgrade to 11.6(1) ES02 breaks relative path gadget

    I have a TAC case (684122397) for this, but let me ask here too.   After upgrading UCCX/Finess from 11.5(1) to 11.6(1) ES02 loading 3rd party gadgets configured in "relative path mode" fails with the designated ...
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