• Finesse - How do you create a "Panic Button" for agents to notify supervisors that help is needed?

    How do you create a "Panic Button" for agents to notify supervisors that help is needed?   is there a way to do this, without getting a 3rd application involved like 2Ring?      ~ Tony ...
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  • Finesse - Supervisor recording of agent calls

    On our current version of UCCX/UCM, supervisors are able to initiate a recording of agent calls remotely.  Has anyone found a way to accomplish this in Finesse?
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  • Does the Finesse require a mutual certificate authentication when the Client tries to use https for sending its Rest API requests to the Finesse?

    Two questions with regards with the HTTPS: 1) We are implementing the https access for sending the Rest API requests to the Finesse Does the Finesse in UCCE 11.6 require or may require the mutual certificate authen...
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  • Runing UCCX 10.6(1).  Lost previously custom programmed Finesse Layout XML

    Is there a way to get the previously programmed Finesse Layout XML, that was custom programmed about two weeks ago, before the Finesse Layout XML was destroyed, then replaced by the Default Finesse Layout XML.  I...
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  • Finesse Gadget drop down List to populate call variables

    Good afternoon all   Is there anyone that has created a drop down list as part of a gadget that can then be use to populate call variables?  I have been able to use a text box and then populate with an exis...
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  • Finesse Phone Book Limitation

    Regarding the finesse phone book limitation below:   The system supports a total of 50,000 contacts. The total number of contacts per agent across all phone books is limited to 1500. Is the 1500 restriction...
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  • call history gadget time zone

    The call history gadget in finesse shows the history in server time (confusing to those on East Coast to add 2 hours from the Mountain Time servers). Is there any way to align this to the timezone the agent is working...
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  • Finesse - Call Variable Layout

    Dear,   I'm trying to set up new variable on the agent layout, but after of configured on Administrator Finesse, was configured the router script calling the new layout, but don't show the new layout after the e...
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  • ECC call variables not persisted into HDS database

    Environment: 10.5(1) for Finesse and UCCE   I've written a Finesse gadget that updates call variables, including ECC ones. This is using the code widely available on the forums. This works fine, and I can see th...
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  • Example webserver Gadget

    Hi I am trying to request a xml permalink report data via the example Finesse 11 Web Service Example. I have simply edited the JS file and added my own URL however the script is appending a nocache=XXXXXX on the end o...
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  • How to get CallVariables in ECE gadget

    Hi, I am using ECE gadget on finesse for chat and email. I want to popup CRM page on starting of a chat passing customer's number and email address. Can anyone please guide me how we can get the CallVariable informa...
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  • Finesse CTI Events

    Hi,   I'm going through the Finesse Developer doc and analyzing the CTI Events. So what I'm gathering based on specific combinations of Dialog state and Participant state it will correspond to a specific CTI Even...
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  • Finesse Gadget on Windows 7 64bit gets 401 error

    Hi, We have created a Recording control gadget which interfaces to a third party recording platform. We have no issues running this in our lab on Windows 10 clients running Finesse against UCCX 11.6(1). When we try...
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  • Error on Rest API make call request

    I have problem with sending request to Cisco Finesse REST API. I have small application which in first step get all users (this request works fine), nest step is send request to make call for choosen agent and at this...
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  • Get all agents dialogs event

    Hello I Develop windows service the need to get all agents dialogs events. How can i achieve that ?
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  • Question re participants on inbound calls

    Hi there, I've been developing and testing a gadget in a lab environment, finesse v 11.5.1.  When in that environment I get all the relevant (I thought) participant information in published events (XMPP) which I...
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  • UCCX 11.6, 11.5 labs - cannot connect to the hq-uccx.abc.inc

    Finesse experts - please help - we cannot access Finesse in the UCCX 11.6, 11.5 labs Starting yesterday , at ~ 6 pm I am not able to access the  hq-uccx.abc.inc (REST API port 8082)  via the Cisco VPN pr...
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  • reason code "not ready"  by defaut (finesse 10.5)

    hello, I use finesse 10.5 to develop my site. I want to know if we don't create the reason code for not ready, which reason code id I can use for a not ready by defaut?   I see in the finesse desktop, if we don...
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  • Sending Call Variables with other Action instead of UPDATE_CALL_DATA

    Hello I want to use the PUT method request for TRANSFER.  The xml has the main elements toAddress and targetMediaAdress.  I was wondering if I can also add mediaProperties element with call variables and sub...
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  • Agents stuck in reserved state and inbound calls are waiting in queue / getting abandoned.

      Problem Statement Dialer keeps agents in reserved state even if there is an inbound call waiting in the queue. Business Expectation Agent should be released from reserved state after each outbound dial ...
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