• How to access serial bi-directionally through a container?

    We have followed the following guide, in order to set up our serial ports to communicate with the container. https://communities.cisco.com/docs/DOC-63003   However, we are unable to get serial communications f...
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  • CAF not running but Guest OS/Linux working

    I am out of resources. I have IR809 with 156-2.T3 with ioxvm 1.3.0-T.bin for the Guestos. I have tried with the same issue. I can access the Guest OS but CAF is not working.   root@IR800-GOS-1:~#...
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  • Cisco IOx Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    You may refer to FAQ in DevNet site. Here it highlights some of them and add some more from IOx community.   What devices run IOx? Find up to date information at Platform Support Matrix   What configurati...
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  • How to use numpy module for Python on IR829(IOx)?

    Is there a way to use the numpy module for Python in the IR829? Please teach me how to use numpy module on IOx. I make the following PaaS App and deploy it. Deployment successfully complete, but App Status: STOP...
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  • error message using ioxclient app activate app_id --payload dev_map.json

    Hello,   I'm trying to use the USB port as serial. And this error message I receive when trying to activate the application with the JSON file :   ioxclient app activate lxcusbread --payload dev_map.json ...
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  • Does the C819HG-LTE-MNA-K9 support guest OSs?

    I have tried to boot the latest IOx image that I could find (c800-universalk9_iox-mz.SPA.156-1.T1.bin), but the router refuses to load it.   Does the latest hardened 819 with LTE (4G) support IOx?   Many t...
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  • USB access from IOX container

    Hello,   I have installed IOS version 15.7 on my IR809. I thought I coud get access to the USB port from container application console, but it's not the case : I do have the same output even I'm connecting or...
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  • Application Deployment Failed:Package signature file not found in package

    Hi All,   Just wondering, has anyone ever come across this message? Application Deployment Failed: Package signature file package.cert or package.sign not found in package   Trying to deploy a C Based A...
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  • Is there a way to direct an app's disk storage to a location other than flash?

    The storage for an app is flash by default. A new platform has a separate SATA hard disk for app storage. Is there a way to redirect storage explicitly?
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  • "Error while changing app state: Container doesn't seem to have a pid!?"

    Hi all, I'm trying to run a python script in a docker container on the IR829 and whenever I try to start the application I get this error: $ioxclient application start main Currently active profile :  defau...
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  • IoX support considerations for 89x

    Hi Experts,   We would like to run IoX on 891FJ but the resource requirement is challenging for our use cases. Is there anyone could confirm those considerations?   1. For the storage: Do we support USB s...
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  • package_config.ini - Parameters/Documentation

    HI All,   Not sure if my search mojo is broken or not...   I've been going through the IOx documentation and I can't seem to find any section that talks in detail or gives and example of what can be plac...
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  • IOx Application Starts and Then Immediately stops

    Hi All,   I think I've angered the IOx Gnomes.   I had a docker application deployed on an IR829. It fired up, life was great but the Application wasn't getting an IP from the Bridge Network DHCP.  ...
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  • Can't Connect to IOx Local Manager - 15.6.3M2 - IR829

    Team, I'm all out of ideas on this one. Really not sure where to go, I've got IOx working on another IR829 no problems but this one is fighting me.   I followed this guide to setup the environment: https://comm...
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  • How to convert ModbusTCP to ModbusRTU on IR809

    Hi guys I have Cisco IR809 and would like to set modbus gateway to convert ModbusTCP packet to ModbusRTU that direct attached on interface async 0.   MODBUS/RTU(Slave)------------(rs485)----------IR809---------...
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  • How to make USB recognize CGR 1120

    We installed CGM - SRV in CGR 1120 and moved Ubuntu with GuestOS. Even if a USB device is connected to CGM - SRV 's USBPort, it will not be recognized as a device. Message is not displayed in lsusb / var / log / sys...
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  • CGM-SRV上のUbuntuにてUSBデバイスを認識させる方法

    CGR1120のCGM-SRVに搭載されているUbuntuにUSBのデジタル加速度計を接続してデータを取得しようとしております。 しかし、CGM-SRVのUBSPortにデジタル加速度計を接続しても認識されていない状況です。 接続しようとしているUSBの加速度計については、他のUbuntuですと以下のように認識されます。   syslog ======= May 11 18:18:25 ubunote kern...
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  • No IP from bridge network on IOx

    Hi, i'm having trouble getting an IP for an IOx application using bridge network while it works correctly on the NAT interface.   DHCP pool is correctly configured but only the Local manager is getting the IP fr...
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  • Is there any way that can run java app in a LXC container?

    I try the demo apps provided by the sdk, but those are not java apps, now I have a java app needed to run in a LXC container, anyone how could I do to make it success? thank you.
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  • Static IP on Container pushed from Fog Director?

    For some reason I can't post a reply to thread How to set Static IP address to PaaS/LXC ; starting a new discussion.   Is is possible to package the activation payload data for push from Fog Director?   Than...
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