• Living on The Edge - The Road to Rapid Deployment in IoT Edge Computing

    As Cisco IOx continues to bring in more developer-friendly features, DevNet is there to support your needs in Edge computing.  Today we are releasing the first in a series of Learning Labs for getting started wit...
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  • lxc - increase filesystem space

    How do I increase the filesystem space allocated to my application in an LxC container? I am looking for a config file / IoX SDK tool to do so.
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  • ISR 8xx Communication and Flash

    Hello,   I'm very new to IOx and have been reading around, but I have some questions pertaining to my application.   I'd like to learn more about edge computing, especially data compression at the edge usin...
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  • Different Status in Local Mgr. & ioxclient

    Hi expert,   In sandbox local manager of CAF-1, I clicked to start the application 'RESTSense', and checked the status via ioxclient.   Why are the 2 status in ioxclient & Local manager different? FYI ...
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  • No IP after installing one app

    Hi expert,   After installing & activating the application in sandbox CFA-1, I have checked IP is not in the networkInfo...   Is it required to assign IP for application? If it required, could you plea...
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  • ioxclient could not run on Win10

    Hi expert,   After downloading the ioxclient_1.2.1.0_windows_amd64 for Windows 10 and click for running, the client always quickly quit in 1 second.   My OS & ioxclient version are as below. Could you...
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  • GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope info via SNMP

    So far, the only way to access GPS/accelerometer/gyroscope data from GOS is creating a small script that retrieves the data via telnet/CLI, and then parsing it. I guess SNMP would be more elegant, but no idea if it's...
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  • Cisco IOx in the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live EMEA 2017

    If you are interested in developing against the latest Internet of Things technologies, please consider joining us in the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live EMEA 2017 in Berlin from February 20-24, 2017.  We will have new...
    created by mikemaas
  • Cisco IOx 1.2

    Cisco IOx continues to expand its capabilities for Fog Computing with the 1.2 release.  For developers, this is an exciting release because one of the biggest features is the release of the Docker tooling support...
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  • LoRa iU880B-usb data sending on IOx

    Hello, I'm trying to simulate data sending over iU880B LoRa device (https://wireless-solutions.de/products/gateways/iu880b-usb.html) from IOx. Can someone help me on how can I do that? Thanks!
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  • IOx Downloads Links from CCO

    Please see below links for the IOx downloads from CCO. To download them, you must have a CCO account. If you have no CCO account, and are Cisco partner, please send mail to iox-support@@@cisco.com and ipg-partner-eng-...
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  • Problem with iox firmware

    Hello, I just installed c800-universalk9_iox-mz.SPA.156-2.T.bin to support iox on my 819 4G router. Everything seems fine but I find some strange information in iox show commands, see under "Network Information" ->...
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  • Hybrid style supported by Iox?

    Hi experts,   I just have learned several types of apps could be supported by Iox, such as Paas, container, docker, VM..And the types should be decided in step1 of developing.   However, my question is: co...
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  • Other language supported by IOx?

    Hi experts,   May I know if the programs have been developed by C/C++, could it supported by IOx?   If not, how could I do to migrate current C/C++ program instead of re-development in java/python/Ruby...?...
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  • Can ir829 work as a web server?

    I have a question about ir829. Can ir829 work as a web server? I already bought the product but the version of the yocto does not let me install apache or toaster
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  • ioxclient : error packaging docker style apps when tag is omitted.

    Hello all   With IOx 1.2 and ioxclient, you will be able to use a docker image and create an iox application from it. To do that, you will be using the "ioxclient docker package" command (https://develop...
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  • How to set Static IP address to PaaS/LXC

    Make sure the version of IOx is or later, which is latest IOx version in CCO.     1, Install the PaaS style application/LXC as usual   "ioxclient app install test out/test.tar” 2, when ac...
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  • LXC type application on IR809

    Hi,   I am using IR809 router with "IOx bundle image of ir800-universalk9-bundle.SPA.156-2.T1" and the Guest OS installed by default with the bundle.   I am using the  SDK 1.1.0 for application develo...
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  • 829 - Run an application available through gdebi install

    So... there is a certain application available for 64 bit ubuntu that I'd like to attempt to run on the 829.   Does this mean I need to create a yocto distro which includes some package management, like apt-get,...
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  • Is this a supported Configuration ?

    Hi Guys,   I am trying to use a bridge group for interface gig 5 so the can obtain an ip address. The OS seems to get an ip address and I can ping it but I see this message come up once I add gig 5 to the bridge...
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