• 2 ideas for community

    Hi,   I want to  share two ideas with you. Hopefully one of them will be selected as the best out of all great contents.   Visibility to customer : Most of the time if not never enterprise customers ...
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  • Dynamic multip-hop Topology Discovery

    The idea is to feed the onePk application with a short seedfile of network elements and their credentials. Starting from those entry points, the application will recursively discover neighbors based on CDP or routing ...
    created by tstoeber
  • intelligent decision maker for QoS

    hi More often than not,we find traffic streams changing dynamically.Every traffic type needs  a specific QoS treatment.So what i feel is...that there should be some intelligent controller that dynamically trigge...
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  • Alerts for BGP AS path changes

    Network admins would like a means to be alerted if the BGP AS path changes for the default route. They have several hub sites globally which advertise a default route into the 'cloud'. The service provider is using tr...
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  • Self-provisioning for server admins

    Create a web portal for system administrators to turn up ports on ToR switches (or FEXes) with the specific (sanity checked) network environment (LACP, VLANs, routing) that they need for their particular workload.
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  • BYOP - CDP Enhancement + Auto CDP Mapping

    Hi We all know how useful CDP can be when we are asked to troubleshoot a network. When you aren’t familiar with a network it can be frustrating when CDP has been disabled due to security concerns. I’d lik...
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  • BYOP -- pollypass

    There is a new password "mechanism" on the market that requires multiple users to authenticate before anyone can log in.  At first glance you may think this is a pain BUT it is highly configurable and would be he...
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  • BYOP -- btsync

    I'd like to see the ability to "sync" the filesystem and configs on a router via btsync.  This is similar to dropbox but is more private.  Obviously there are security concerns here but they could be dealt w...
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  • BYOP (Bring Your Own Project) PVSTP+ MAP

    I read your submit Idea for a free pass to Cisco Live so here goes....     I was up the other night doing some reading on Spanning tree and started thinking about cases where I went into a large sized switc...
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  • OnePK Idea

    I would like to be able to insert network tap points in my network to follow and troubleshoot packets. I would like to extract as much information as possible at any given inserted point including real packets(port sp...
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  • onePK Idea

    I would like programmable dynamic bundles. The problem is that we bundle our links and today there is no way to monitor performance across all physical links to be able to withdraw circuits that suffer from latency, B...
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  • SDN "what if" application for a Data Center

    My idea for an application is as follows:   1. Leverage Cisco NAM (or vNAM) technology to capture specific application traffic / flow from the existing environment (this could be a well known application or pro...
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  • Dynamic ACL for Administrative Access to Infrastructure

    I would like to see an OnePK solution where an authorized admin could be identified by the fact that they are logged in (AD) to a PC and that their PC would then be added into a dynamic ACL for restrictions to SSH acc...
    Benjamin Story
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  • roaming user with 802.1x, SSO, AD

    allow a user to be at any site have a single user credential log on from any device:, thick client, web portal, thin client or zero client single need to sign on only once regardless of what they access: ie , email...
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  • Splunk Forwarder

    Forwarders are lightweight Splunk instances, whose main purpose is to consume data and forward it on to Splunk indexers for further processing.1   Supporting a Splunk Forwarder as a OnePK application, allows a ...
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  • onePK Idea: Dynamic ACL configuration from Whitelist / Blacklist / Greylist

    We have 3 different kinds of list to either permit or deny IP traffic. We have a whitelist which contains all of the allowed traffics through our network. Next we have a blacklist which contains all of the blocked tra...
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  • Bring Your Own Project and Win a Free Cisco Live Conference Pass

    Open Your Network to a New World of Possibilities and Win a Full Conference Pass to Cisco Live US 2014   BYOP (Bring Your Own Project) - You Bring It, We Code It!   We want to hear from you! What network pr...
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  • onePK Idea: Dynamic DNS-based ACLs

    I'd like to be able to create ACLs with FQDNs instead of IP addresses.  Please write me an application that will let me enter FQDNs (like "permit ip any cisco.com")  and then dynamically look up the IP addre...
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