• Download link for IOX SDK on 819 routers

    Hello,   Where can i find the link to IOX SDK for 819 routers.   we recently purchased the router and are looking to install IOX on it     thanks Darshan
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  • Question -- https and SAML from IOX?

    Experts: We have a requirement to connect our customer's machine networks to the GE Predix cloud using C819s as gateways. Predix only accepts https connections and they also require SAML 2.0 authentication for RE...
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  • How can I install Node.js on CGR1120?

    Hello,   I would like to deploy application on CGR 1120 ( anthonyray/IoE · GitHub ), but I am struggling with installing dependencies. I was successful with transferring source code of Node.js into GOS, h...
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  • QEMU Domain error

    Gentlemen,   First I want to say thanks for letting me in!   So, I've gotten my IOx App Manager running on my 819.  I've went through the cookbook, and used the simple factorial example, just working ...
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  • What devices support IOx?

    I would like to know what devices support IOx. Right now I don't have any so if someone could suggest which ones are recommended it will be helpful.   Thanks
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  • Is it possible to run custom made Java application in Cisco 3270 ISR?

    Hello,   I am new in the community. I want to run a custom built Java Application in Cisco 3270 Rugged Integrated Services Routers (ISR). Is it possible? If possible, then how to proceed?
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  • IR 910 Python - unknown encoding: idna

    Hi all,   i'm developing a demo for a customer in Python, it looks like there is a missing standard library (or encoding)   Any advice ?   Thanks a lot, Orel
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  • I have deployed the ova with the factorial app. Now how do I test it?

    Hi everyone,   Hey guys, I am having some problems on how to run the factorial application. I have installed the sdk, and I have also built the factorial app as described in the cookbook.   After building...
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  • cgnms-2-1-userguide.pdf

    CG-NMS 2.1 User Guide
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  • Security of IOx application

    Hello,   I'm looking for a proper way how to make a secure communication between my application in CGR and my external web service.   Are there any "best practices" or suggestions what could be done? I'm...
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  • IOx App Manager Installation and Configuration Guide

    IOx App Manager Installation:   0. Prerequisite: prepare for a physical machine or virtual machine with the OS of Ubuntu 14.04 64bit installed.   1. Download the latest App Manager 0.9.14 build from here. ...
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  • IOx SDK Download link for CGR 1000 series

    How can I download the IOx SDK for CGR 1240?
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  • Cisco IOx supported platforms!!

    Hi, Cisco IOx sounds really promising and exciting but doing some researches, I have found a lot of blogs saying that in addition to the Cisco Connected Grid Routers, CGR1120 and CGR1240, Cisco added IOx support to ...
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  • CGRGOSInstallGuide.pdf

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  • How to use use Qt5 with Yocto CGR's GOS ?

    We plan to integrate an application developped on a Debian based distribution and already ported to several embedded ones. Unfortunately, this application requires Qt5 and it seems only Qt4 is yet available on Yocto....
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  • Cross-Compiling Toolchain

    Hello,   I apologize, the Yocto project is a bit new to me but does Cisco provide a cross compiling toolchain for Yocto on IOx? None of the documentation I could find specifically mentions the best way to compil...
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  • Recover IOx when there is no hypvervisor image on flash

    Typical syptom when there is no hypervisor image or ios image is that system fail to boot up although autoboot is configured in system running IOx image, and device will remain in "rommon 1 >" prompt.   To co...
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  • IOX application example

    Our thanks to Patrick Grossetete for bringing this IOX application on the CGR to our attention!   Summary:  IOX code developed by French Telecom school to demonstrate weather station capabilities on CGR 100...
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  • Cisco CGR 1000 - Poor Memory Write Performance

    Hello,   we just joined the cisco dev net. We were kindly advised by cisco to get support in here.   We received a Cisco CGR 1000 a couple of weeks ago and started testing. We tried to port our software st...
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  • Can IOX run on general computer environment?

    Hi, could somebody tell me whether IOX can run on general computer environment, or the IOX must be tied with the Cisco device? And I am survey cisco‘s solution about wireless communication between device? Could...
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