• How to install OpenJDK and JRE into Yocto ?

    Hi,   Could you tell me how to install OpenJDK into Yocto VM SDK ?  And, could you tell me how to install JRE into Yocto of CGR1K ? I have tried to use the internal repository, but it doesn't seem to be ea...
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  • Cisco IOx Nodes (ISR819/CGR1120/1240/IR829/809/IR910) Hardware and Software Specification

    For Cisco IOx Industrial Routers, mainly there are ISR 819(C819), CGR1120/1240, IR829/809, and IR910. Here list the main OS and hardware(CPU, Memory, Flash storage) information for them. Please see the below table for...
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  • Virtual service connect (Unable to send request)

    Hi, We have a CPOC up and running with the 819-IOX and are having a problem accessing the app via "virtual-service connect name 1 console".  After entering once - the connection I assume stays active and it is i...
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  • Restart GOS application by itself

    I'm developing the application for GOS. What is the best way to restart it by itself? There is the start/stop scripts which are written by the development guide. It is possible to restart the application from IOS. I'm...
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  • Cisco Fog Director and DMo platform for sensors??

    Where can I find more info on the Cisco Fog Director and DMo platform for sensors??   I need a technical spec for the Fog Director and how it works. I'm very interested in utilizing this application.
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  • how do I start local manager (LM) on my local host?

    I have CAF running succesffuly on my localhost. I am also able to use the ioxclient tool to connect with the CAF instance running and perform app actions on it.   I'm able to connect to fr...
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  • ioxclient-xc

    These are iox_client_old_packaging_format for linux x86, x64 and arm.
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  • Where to get the ioxclient tool?

    Hi,   I am following the guide "IR829 PaaS and Container Style Applications Deployment Guide". There is a link to download the ioxclient tool there (http://bgl-ads-1313.cisco.com:9000/iox/ioxclient-xc_old_packag...
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  • how do we set up a local sandbox for dev test purposes? Is it a separate download?

    I have ioxclient running on my local system. I would like to test an iox app using the sandbox environment. However, I'm unable to figure out a way to have the sandbox setup installed on my local system.   Is it...
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  • Cisco 819 IOX - 4G

    Hi, We are running the Cisco 819 with the image "c800-universalk9_iox-mz.SPA.155-2.T.bin" and are now trying to configure a 4G WAN connection.  The router does not recognise the SIM card and I receive a log when...
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  • MQTT and CoAP, IoT Protocols

    Two of the most promising IoT protocols for small devices are MQTT and CoAP. Here is the description and comparison of MQTT and CoAP. See the link of MQTT and CoAP, IoT Protocols.   Here is the some useful open s...
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  • !!! GETTING STARTED with Cisco IOx

    In this document, it provides the getting started of Cisco IOx. It covers the IOx installation, configuration, application development and deployment for ISR 819(C819), CGR1120/1240, and IR829/809. And some troublesho...
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  • Cisco 819-4g - install python modules

    Hi,   I'm trying to install some python modules, but i don't know how to access to the linux by ssh (i can just open the "Cisco Application Management)   Any advice ?   Thanks, Orel
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  • TEMPer USB Thermometer and IOX on CGR1120

    Hello   I am trying to measure the temperatue with TEMPer USB Thermometer, using 1 USB port on my CGR1120. This port is mapped to the GOS and device is correctly discovered with dmesg. As a next step, I have fou...
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  • Running .ova files on Oracle VM virtual box

    Hi,   I am trying to run the .ova file on oracle's VM virtual box, which i got as a result of following c819 cookbook. But am encountering error saying   Failed to import appliance /tmp/myiox-app/test.ova....
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  • Error while executing a makefile named as "makefile"

    Hi,   1.Have written the code factorial.c as said in the document 819-IOx-SDK-cookbook. 2.Have created the make file named "makefile".   Path of SDK- /opt/ciscoiox/cisco_iox_sdk-x86_64-v0.1/ path of my e...
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  • Download link for IOX SDK on 819 routers

    Hello,   Where can i find the link to IOX SDK for 819 routers.   we recently purchased the router and are looking to install IOX on it     thanks Darshan
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  • Question -- https and SAML from IOX?

    Experts: We have a requirement to connect our customer's machine networks to the GE Predix cloud using C819s as gateways. Predix only accepts https connections and they also require SAML 2.0 authentication for RE...
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  • How can I install Node.js on CGR1120?

    Hello,   I would like to deploy application on CGR 1120 ( anthonyray/IoE · GitHub ), but I am struggling with installing dependencies. I was successful with transferring source code of Node.js into GOS, h...
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  • QEMU Domain error

    Gentlemen,   First I want to say thanks for letting me in!   So, I've gotten my IOx App Manager running on my 819.  I've went through the cookbook, and used the simple factorial example, just working ...
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