• How to ensure device reachable alerts are not sent to Ticketing tools

    Dear All,   We are integrating Cisco Prime with 3rd Party ticketing tool, However, We are getting SNMP traps for device unreachable which is getting new ticket created in ticket tool, Meanwhile, we are also gett...
    created by phaniraj_ttni
  • move devices into groups without deviceID

    Hi, I am relatively new but have been able to use the PI restAPI's for specific use cases. I am trying to move a large number of devices that do not have any discernable order to them into specific groups. I am workin...
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  • how to save backup configurations of switches and routers to an external server from cisco prime

    Can someone assist me in the above question . I am using Cisco Prime 3.1 .I know one can do a config archive for the routers and switches .Is there a way this information or archive can be send to an eternal FTP or T...
    created by lokowinnietyme
  • PI 3.2, Problem with device bulkimport with API

    Hi all,   I'm trying to add devices with the API, with powershell script. With credential profile or not, I alwayse have an error returned : Unable to initialize device PRN Looks like there is something missin...
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  • Slow API response since installing Device Pack 2 on Prime 3.2?

    Has anyone else noticed increased response times with Prime's API since installing Device Pack 2 on PI 3.2?   I'm using several different APIs and have noticed each API now taking up to around 10 seconds to resp...
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  • Deleting a network device group yields errorId=38

    Cisco Prime Infrastructure v3.1.0   I'm cleaning up Cisco Prime; removing inventory and trying to remove network device groups from our former parent company.   When I try to delete a network device group ...
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  • Unable to get a response from Cisco Prime Provisioning API

    Hello all, I'm using Postman to attempt to get a response from Cisco Prime Provisioning, but I'm not having much luck. I'm going along with the below documentation from Cisco, however, it does not clearly state the U...
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  • Prime 3.2 - Job approval for API jobs

    Hi all,   I've created a CLI template and am deploying it via the API: https://prime3-2/webacs/api/v1/op/cliTemplateConfiguration/deployTemplateThroughJob.json This works well and applies the config to the ...
  • speeding up data

    Hello,   We are making sort of self-provisioning Portal for our SP that will offer the customers Cisco APs. Our Portal will use CPI API and customers will be able to do some actions for their own APs and SSIDs -...
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  • Cisco Prime and TACACS

    I have a user where their TACACS accounts is unable to login to the Cisco Prime server after they run our Java client that connects to Cisco Prime using the HTTP REST API calls.   The user showed us that he coul...
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  • Cisco Prime Rate Limit settings

    With my Java Client is there a way to determine the rate limits set on the Cisco Prime server that is described in the documentation via my code?   https://developer.cisco.com/media/prime-infrastructure-api-refe...
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  • SDK for Prime Infrastructure REST API

    Is there any SDK in java to integrate Prime Infrastructure REST API?
  • Cisco Prime 3.0 and 3.1,REST API GET ConfigVersions behavior

    What is the behavior of the GET configVersions API?  When making the HTTP  call for GET ConfigVersions API for my device, the response has a queryResponse count ="0" https://developer.cisco.com/media/prime-...
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  • Cisco Prime 3.1 API: GET BulkUnsanitizedConfigArchives

    We are in the process of getting Cisco Prime 3.1 to upgrade our current install of Cisco Prime 3.0, but had a question regarding the enhanced API in the Configuration Archive Service in Cisco Prime 3.1.   The AP...
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  • REST API sometimes returns 401 Unauthorized

    We have Cisco Prime 3.0.  When my Java client code is making the following REST API calls it sometimes returns 401 from the http request.   Requesting Device data: /webacs/api/v1/data/Devices?productFamily...
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  • Rate Limiting cause response text

    I am getting 503 status code with my API calls on our Cisco Prime 3.0.  The documentation says that there will be text in the response providing info regarding the cause: https://developer.cisco.com/media/prime-...
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  • PI3.1 API - Rogue APs?

    Hello, is there a way to easily get Rogue AP information through the PI API instead of having to go through the "get alarms" call or "get reports" call?  If not, are there plans to do so in the future to help wit...
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  • Help filtering out based on data/Devices manufacturerPartNr list

    I'm trying to gather a list of devices using the data/Devices call, and filtering based on manufacturerPartNrs->manufacturerPartNr(list).    The deviceType is unreliable in the sense that a WS-C2960C...
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  • Help with PI 3.1 REST API

    Hi,   I'm having hard time querying PI 3.1 for the details of a wireless session for a specific username.   I tired this on my server but it didn't work:   curl -k https://PrimeAPI:Password@server_IP...
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  • Powershell example using Invoke-RestMethod for PI NBI Write

    Community,   I am looking for help in developing a method to update a User Defined Field (UDF) in Prime Infrastructure via the API using the PUT devices/bulkImport method.   I have tried putting together s...
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