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This November we announced a number of partners that joined the Cisco Security Technical Alliance (CSTA). From that list, we had five new partners that are adopting pxGridCloudPost Networks, DB Networks, Securonix, TriagingX and WireX Systems are adopting pxGrid to gain network contextual awareness and network threat response capabilities with pxGrid Adaptive Network Control (ANC).

For more details visit the blog post here:

Additionally, in October this year, we announced a joint integration between McAfee's OpenDXL and pxGrid to enable interoperability between the two Security Product Integration Frameworks (SPIFs).

Read our blog post on this integration here:


The pxGrid development team launched a series of video tutorials that you can use to learn how to integrate your application into pxGrid.  This 8-part tutorial series helps kickstart your development effort by starting with the basics of pxGrid and moving through developing an integration with a sample application. 

Please visit the Discover > Videos section on the pxGrid site on Cisco DevNet

Alternatively, you can access these tutorials on the Cisco DevNet Youtube channel. While you are there please subscribe so you can updates on newer videos as they are released.



On January 24th also brought on board a mix of 8 new technology partners to expand the diversity of the pxGrid ecosystem. Visit the blog post here to learn more about these integrations.


pxGrid keeps growing

Posted by bgonsalv Oct 24, 2016

Cisco pxGrid has come a long way since it was launched as part of Cisco ISE 1.3. As of today, we have over 40 vendors adopting pxGrid with more joining in our next launch targeted for January 2017. Our last launch in June this year saw UBA, CASB and Network Visibility players in addition to Threat Defense partner adopt pxGrid. These partners leverage the rich network & user identity context provided in the ISE Session Directory topic and also the ability to take a remediation action using pxGrid ANC mitigation actions. 


See the blog post here:


With ISE 2.0 we introduced a new feature in pxGrid called Dynamic Topics. This feature allows our partners to create their own topics within pxGrid for all other pxGrid-enabled partners to consume information. The pxGrid server will maintain these partner created topics in its Topic Directory so that other vendors can subscribe to. Infoblox is the first vendor adopting dynamic topics by publishing a topic with DDI information for partners like ISE and Rapid7 Nexposé to consume. This enables a true bi-directional multi-vendor contextual sharing fabric that allows mutual customers to benefit from these integrations.


To learn more about Dynamic Topics visit the pxGrid DevNet pages which have more information and a tutorial on Dynamic Topics:

In November 2015 we announced more partners adopting pxGrid. See our blog post below.


Cisco pxGrid Caps First Year in Market with Nine New Ecosystem Partners and More Security Standards Work


These partners are working to complete their integration with pxGrid and we are expecting to certify them in Q1 this year.

pxGrid had a great showing at the DevNet Zone during Cisco Live Milan 2015. Thanks for all that visited us at the demo booth and attended the theater presentation.


We had demonstrations running at the DevNet zone showcasing various partner integrations like NetIQ, Splunk, Tenable, Ping Identity, etc. We were visited by prospective developers, mutual customers of Cisco ISE and our technology partners. We were also visited by ISE customers who wanted their 3rd Party IT platforms not in the ecosystem to integrate with ISE.


Our theater presentation on pxGrid was co-presented by one of its chief architects - Distinguished Engineer Nancy Cam-Winget and myself. We talked out the value proposition of pxGrid, why we developed it and how our partners could get started on integrating their products using the resources available on DevNet.


DevNet pod.jpeg




pxGrid @ DevNet

Posted by bgonsalv Jan 12, 2015

Welcome to the Cisco Platform Exchange Grid (pxGrid) Developer experience on Cisco DevNet. Our portal provides you help on how to integrate your product into the Cisco ISE Ecosystem using pxGrid. Here you will find developer resources like how-to-guides, integration guides, SDK libraries, sample code and more to help you expand your products reach by synergizing with Cisco ISE.


Cisco pxGrid provides a unified framework that enables partners like you to integrate into the 'grid' once and then share context bidirectionally with many platforms. This is done without the need for you to adopt other platform-specific APIs. This is especially helpful when you have to integrate with numerous systems.


pxGrid permits sharing ISE information with other technologies as well as leveraging ISE as a security enforcement tool. For example, a SIEM can add context to identified devices (aka turn a IP address into user John Doe using device iPhone 6) as well as its location ( port 10 of switch123 or Access Point 458). The SIEM admin can also choose take corrective action based on an security event by signaling ISE to quarantine user John from the network if there is a risk for example.



The Cisco pxGrid team


Welcome to pxGrid!

Posted by asroach Jan 12, 2015

We're excited to announce pxGrid!  The Cisco Platform Exchange Grid (pxGrid) allows you to integrate your application into the pxGrid, a multivendor, cross-platform network system that pulls together different parts of an IT infrastructure such as security monitoring and detection systems, network policy platforms, asset and configuration management, identity and access management platforms, to name a few.  Look for more posts about pxGrid soon!

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