The engineers and developers of the Sandbox team constantly wear different hats. Of course we're always working to deliver more free labs to the public, we often work in the background to improve  Sandbox operations. I call this the fun work. It's all fun, but I love getting to work on projects in uncharted territory! The latest edition to our platform is Social Login!


If you've logged into the Sandbox today, you've probably noticed this new page:




This new webpage now handles our login to the Sandbox! Simply click the account you'd like to login with and punch in your credentials.


Still want to use your old account? Just select "Login with a Cisco ID" and you'll be presented with the familiar Cisco Login page.


You'll also be able to seamlessly login to the DevNet Learning Labs using Social Login account, and vise-versa!


We hope social login makes registration painless and keeps Sandbox access simple. It's all about making innovation easy, and now going from bright idea to development is faster than ever!


Questions or concerns? Drop a comment below!


Thanks for helping to make the Sandbox what is today--