• Post a question. Get a solution. Mark it correct. Say Thank You!

    Marking replies to questions as helpful or correct will be very important in the new Cisco Community. Doing this helps everyone find the most helpful answers and earn the opportunity to move up in ranks.   Pract...
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  • Communities Consolidation FAQs

      Login Disabled July 18 – 23 Cisco Communities in Public View-Only Mode     Our move to Cisco Community has begun.  Forums requiring login authentication will not be accessible July 18 ̵...
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  • How to Subscribe or Unsubscribe to Community Email Notifications

    How to follow (subscribe) or un-follow (unsubscribe) a community forum or specific community content:   Step 1: Visit the community forum you want to follow or un-follow. You can be on any of the tabs on the pag...
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  • Replacements

    Replacements   There are few reasons when replacements & RMA's are required to be processed, the team mainly handles: DOA / Upgrades Resolution DOA Validation, Processing & Management – Review ...
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  • Earn Virtual Badges: Social Rewards Gamification on Cisco Communities

    Q: What is Cisco Social Rewards? A: Cisco Social Rewards is a gamification program that recognizes and rewards members for their contributions, activities and achievements using game mechanics such as points, virtual...
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  • Upgrade Guide for WCS 7.0 to Prime 3.0

    Hello,    After many long days dealing with different people in TAC, Licensing, Management, etc. our upgrade from WCS 7.0 to Prime 3.0 is completed. Note that this doc explains the process including licensi...
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  • Communities_NEW_Upgraded_Platform_FAQ_111313.docx

    FAQs and user guide for the new upgraded Cisco Communities - 11/13/2013.
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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Getting Started Profile Discussions Blogs Documents Groups Browser Optimization General Other Questions? Getting StartedHow do I register? To register, please go to Cisco.com and h...
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