Last week we had a great time at the upstream OpenStack Project Technical Gathering (PTG) in Atlanta, Georgia. I talked to a few of us at Cisco who had the opportunity to participate, asking similar questions of everyone:

What did you work on at the PTG?

What surprised you about the PTG?

What are you looking forward to at the next PTG?

Rob Cresswell, Project Technical Lead (PTL) for the OpenStack Dashboard (horizon), Cisco engineer

Mostly, I spoke with plugin authors about their concerns, and then did a ton of project management as a group. We worked on priorities, working out contributor availability, then a load of blueprint review, so we have a really nicely organised list of targets for Pike. I was surprised by how relaxed it was! I don’t know if it was because there were 5000 less people, or the agendas were more open, but it felt much more like a bunch of programmers solving problems than some tense, crowded environment at the summit. I'm looking forward to improvements in the tooling around scheduling. It wasn’t very transparent or organised. This seems to be a common concern though, so I think it will be addressed. I’d also really like it to be outside the US, but that seems unlikely. : )


Anne Gentle, Technical Product Manager for Cisco Metacloud

For my part, I listened and facilitated at the documentation sessions, met with the interoperability team to figure out why my refstack tests weren't working, got them working (score!), figured out a development environment to work on the Dashboard, started a patch for the Dashboard, and answered any questions I could about the OpenStack API documentation efforts. I I was surprised by the number of attendees who came from overseas, the global community was well-represented! I am looking forward to more relaxed collaboration as it was a distraction-free week.


Britt Houser, Cisco engineer

I split my time between Kolla and Ironic sessions. Between sessions I caught up with a lot of people (even from Cisco) that I don’t get to see face-to-face except at OpenStack events. Making that personal connection is way more important that anything that goes on in the sessions.

I was surprised at how fast the mascot stickers disappeared! I'm looking forward to being able to put faces with IRC handles for people who haven’t yet joined the community.


Nicolas Simonds, Cisco Metacloud engineer

Ostensibly I was there to work on Nova, but I did find a small bug with Glance and submitted a patch while I was there.  So the answer is different based on whether you use "intention" versus "observed output." I was really surprised that the stated intention of "increasing/improving collaboration and communication between teams" was realized so effectively on the first go-round.  It wasn't perfect, as everybody is still "finding their feet", but it was an auspicious start. To that end, I'm looking forward to seeing the refinements around cross-project collaboration, and the kinds of software that such things produces.


If you haven't gotten the cheat sheet for all the project mascots, here you go! These were used for signage and stickers and a lot of fun to see.