Announcement:Cisco Communities NOT Affected by Heartbleed Vulnerability


Posted by MartyParker9745 Feb 13, 2009

Thanks for the invitation to visit the beta of the new site.



-- Navigation is difficult.  Hard to find my way back to the Collaboration community page.  New Blog is sometimes on left, sometimes on right of page.

-- Editor is OK.  Was able to proceed reasonably easily.

-- Some tools might be more handy. Like Byron Battles, took a bit to figure out to start a new Blog to give feedback (vs. a feedback button).

-- The overall index of communities is daunting.   There are so many of them that it may be hard to find key topics.  Thus, please don't try to use the community for an information communication vehicle.

-- Agree with Byron that it would be preferable to link to some space that I'm already using -- Facebook, Linked In, etc.




Marty Parker