• on-prem Jabber federated adhoc group chat with Lync/Skype

    Hello,   I know federated 1 to 1 chat  with lync/skype is now supported with Direct SIP federation on expressway. Are there any plans to add support for federated adhoc group chat with Lync/Skype in the nea...
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  • Cisco Meeting Management first impression

    I'v recently installed and configured Cisco Meeting Management CMM. This first drop include a very small feature set but as a first step is not so bad.   at this moment of this post CMM is dowloadable under Ci...
    Sandro Nardi
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  • Microsoft Gateway (Interop) License for VCS question...

    Greetings all,   We have a customer that wants to route Microsoft S4B video calls through their VCS C/E out to a third party video system that uses standards based video endpoint i.e they use H.264 AVC. But Micr...
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  • test

    10/31/2017 11:00 AM
    testing creating an event
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  • Just Announced - Cisco Predictive Services

    If you haven't heard, Cisco has announced the addition of a suite of predictive services with these two new Cisco Services portfolios: Business Critical Services, and High-value Services. These new offerings allow Cis...
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  • beta / pre-release CSR 12.0

    Hi,   When, where, how starts beta / pre-release CSR 12.0?   rg Remco
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  • UCCX 8.5.1 & CUCM 11.5.1 Compatibility

    Hi All,   Can someone please confirm UCCX 8.5.1 compatibility with CUCM 11.5.1. Link will be appreciated.
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  • 500-052 UCCXD

    I passed the 500-052 certification on September 25. However when checking in cisco.com/go/certifications/login the exam does not appear, but it appears in the history. I do not know if I will receive the digital or ph...
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  • CCIE Collaboration Lab

    Is the CUCM version for LAB still v9.1? If so, I guess this wont be changed for the rest of this year, right?   BTW, where is the document for Extension mobility feature for CUCM version 11 or 12? Mainly I used ...
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  • Cisco Collaboration Systems Compatibility 12.0

    When could we expect Cisco Collaboration Systems Compatibility Matrix 12.0 will be released? (see Cisco Collaboration Systems Release Compatibility Matrix - Cisco)
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  • Partner with us to improve the Cisco community experience!

    Hello! We’re embarking on a new initiative to improve your experiences across Cisco communities and would like your feedback. We’re looking for both casual and “power-users” of communities, so ...
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  • FAX over E1 Pr1 line problem

    Hello:   I have the next diagram implemented.......     PSTN ---------- E1/PRI--------GW1--------CUCM----------GW1--------FXS-------Fax   I have a fax phone connected to a FXS port in my gateway...
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  • European customers - we need your help!

    Hello there!   We’re working on a new initiative and we’re looking for help.  We would like to speak with people in Europe who are considering purchasing Cisco with an employee size of around 5...
    Heather Caldwell
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  • Free Collaboration Webinar Tomorrow!

    Open video

  • InfoComm 2017 : Free Expo Passes and More

      If you haven't heard, you can register for a complimentary InfoComm 2017 exhibit hall pass ($299 value) with Cisco invitation code CIS460.   Cisco booth 2129 will feature: Whisper Suite NDA sessions, pri...
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  • Collaboration Made Easy!!!  - Free Webinars

    Microsoft to Jabber Migration In this web seminar you will learn how to plan and execute a migration from a Microsoft environment to a Cisco On Premise Collaboration Solution. You will walk through the steps required ...
  • Collaboration Made Easy!!! Training and Services that Bridge the Gap

    As a collaboration professional with a commitment to Cisco products and solutions you need a quicker and more effective way to meet your certification and product training goals. Fast Lane Training and Consulting as d...
  • Cisco technology on the Ellen Show starts today!

    Hi, today during a very special Mother’s Day episode, we will unveil Cisco Video Technology Solutions on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.    If you get a chance to see this, and after seeing the magic of Ci...
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  • Resources and Best Practices to Securing IP Phones and Cisco Collaboration Infrastructure

    Securing the various components in a Cisco Collaboration Solution is necessary for protecting the integrity and confidentiality of voice and video calls. The following is a list of documents and other resources that i...
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  • BE6K interface de usuarios

    Estimados,   el BE6K tiene una interface de los usuarios (endpoints) que muestre cual esta utilizando la linea, con quien esta hablando, o información del estado de su interno?   Saludos,
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