Finesse Toaster Notification is another coolest feature provided by Finesse. Finesse Toaster notification is used by Call Control and Chat gadget to alert/prompt the agent to bring into notice that there is an incoming call/chat. Toaster is displayed on top of all the application windows even browser is minimized or user is in other than Finesse browser tab. Once user clicks on toaster, Finesse Browser tab get activated.


Finesse Toaster Notification API is a handy wrapper for using the Web Notifications API. Finesse Toaster Notification aims to simplify requesting user permission and associated Web Notification API events, as well as providing a few extra callbacks and convenience methods.

Finesse Toaster Notification API also leverage Page Visibility API to detect if User is already in Finesse tab or not. If User is already working on Finesse Tab, Toaster Notification will not be triggered(this is configurable).


Finesse Toaster Notification api is part of Finesse Java Script Library. So any gadget can leverage this api to implement Toaster Notification.


Sample Code:


//Instantiate FinesseToaster

var FinesseToaster = finesse.containerservices.FinesseToaster, toasterTitle, toasterBody;


            toasterTitle = ‘Toaster Title’;


            toasterBody = 'Toaster Message';


            FinesseToaster.showToaster(toasterTitle, {

                  body : toasterBody,

                  icon : FinesseToaster.TOASTER_DEFAULT_ICONS.INCOMING_CALL_ICON, //icon url

                  showWhenVisible: false, //do you want to see the notification if finesse desktop is active

                  tag: 'IncomingCall', //any unique name

                  onclick:onClickHandler // callback method on click of toaster



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