• How to find MAC address of Siemens OpenStage 15 HFA?

    HI,   We have got a lot of Siemens OpenStage 15 HFA from a closed office.  These are supposed to be VoIP telephone sets.   I was trying to configure them to use with Cisco because I'm unable to find o...
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  • UCS-E160S-M3 Co-residency Support vCUCM and vCUC

    Hello Team.   Providing the UCSE (UCS-E160S-M3 - TRC#1) blade is sized correctly as per TRCs. everything i've read regarding co-residency indicates that providing the TRC is followed.   is the below "Co-...
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  • How to configure Siemens OpenStage 15 HFA?

    Hi,   We have just changed our old Philips digital telephone system to Cisco's VoIP system.  So we don't know much about this thing.   From another office, we got a lot of telephones -- Siemens OpenSt...
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  • I want to use (Unity Express) IVR on ISR4321. What do I need to add on (hardware module or just licensing) ?

    Can anyone help me to clarify for using the Unity Express on ISR4321 ?   I will buy CME (License) for ISR4321 to use for Branches only. Then I want to use IVR (Unity Express).   My question is what do I ne...
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  • Call Transfer

    hi, i cann't transfer external call from internationnal to internal number,so  i have checket the "Media termination point requierd" in the trunk (cucm to gateway). there is other solution to ensure a call tran...
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  • Presence servers user assignment and Service Profile configuration correlation

    Hello,   What are recommendations about Service Profile assignments for users in multisubclusters IM&P deployment? For example, we have 3 IM&P subclusters with balanced user distribution. UserA assigned...
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  • License Issue after Esxi Host 5.5 password recovery

    Hi Experts,   So we had a situation where we had to password recover ESXI 5.5. This meant that we had to delete the host and reinstall.   This lead to the fact that the VM's that were running on the Host h...
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  • UCM customization provisioning CE-9.3.0

    Hi, I was reading release note for Collaboration Endpoint 9.x https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/td/docs/telepresence/endpoint/software/ce9/release-notes/ce-software-release-notes-ce9.pdf in the new feature of versi...
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  • DTMF to an analog modem device not working

    Hi everyone, I am currently troubleshooting an analog modem device (KRMIF) which does not respond to DTMF digits that are sent to it. The modem is connected to a VG310 through a FXS port which is registered to CU...
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  • Cisco UC on VMware Cloud on AWS

    Hi   Does Cisco now support deployment of UC (CUCM, Unity Connection, IM Presence, Expressway MRA, Meeting Server, CUAC) on the VMware Cloud on AWS service? https://aws.amazon.com/vmware/   Many thanks &nb...
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  • Automatic contacts importation from abandoned reports to campaign

    Hi     Could You help me with the following? : We would like to configure direct preview campaign, how can we automatically import contacts from UCCX abandoned calls reports?I mean we need to make outbound ...
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  • NFR-R-CSR11.X-K9-DLT

    Hello,   I purchased earlier this year NFR-R-CSR11.X-K9-DLT and on the product page https://ciscosoftware.mediuscorp.com/collaboration/partner-demo-lab-and-training-bundle-11-x-now-includes-cisco-software&hellip...
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  • Cisco Discovery Protocol Documentation

    Hi,   We are in need of the API documentation for the Cisco Discovery Protocol Version 2. We are specifically interested in the frame format of the TLVs for PoE negotiation and specific steps for negotiating. I ...
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  • CUWL license transfer from one cluster to another

    Hi Experts, My customer wants to transfer their existing CUWL license from one CUCM cluster to another, they do not use smart licensing.  They are currently on 10.5 version.  Is it possible?  and what ...
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  • Jabber and 911 options in Canada

    Hi,   We have begun rolling out on premise Jabber with Voice capabilities to users and start wondering what other administrators do for 911 calls.   We looked at options such as RedSky and West.   Fr...
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  • Unity Connection: Multi language Greetings, Limit to user language

    Hi,   We have an Unity Connection installation with multiple languages installed.   Now when the user records greetings via the Phone Interface the interface presents a list of languages to record in. We'd...
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  • 7940 SIP Config - Keepalive/Option Message

    Hi! I would like to ask if there's any way to force a 7940 SIP converted phone(Non-CUCM) to send a Keep-alive or SIP OPTION Message? As we've monitored it only sends REGISTER then, that's all, no OPTIONS/Keepalives f...
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  • +1 being added on "Incoming Calling Party Unknown" leaf clusters impact to SIP URIs

    We currently have 2 Leaf North America Clusters and 1 International Leaf Cluster connected via SIP Trunks to a SME Cluster for inter-cluster call routing.. Also we have Expressway C + E connected via SIP trunk to SME ...
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  • Cisco Call Manager 12.0(1.22007.1)

    Hi Guys,   We want to upgrade our Call Manager 11.0.x to Call Manager 12 to use the Skype Integration, Cisco Meeting Bridge, ... . The Bug CSCvg43550 will crash our 3rd Party Contact Center. Are there informati...
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  • Jabber 12 and CUCM Target Cluster Selection

    hi folks, new to this Community. Just started using Jabber 12 in the lab environment and plan to push it as a new Global Standard. However feel we are missing the option to select the target CUCM cluster. We have ar...
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