• how to identify if the call has completely ended or not using Termination_Call_Detail (hds historical data store)

    I understand that Cisco generates an entry in Termination_Call_Detail record for each call that arrives at the peripheral and a Route_Call_Detail record for every routing request it processes.  How do we identify...
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  • “dropping to debug shell sh can't access tty”. while upgrading firmware for M220 M4S

    Hi I have cisco new c-series server (M220 M4S) and while upgrading firmware from 3.0(3a) to 3.0(3c),I m getting below error message   “dropping to debug shell sh can't access tty”.   So plea...
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  • LDAP integration CUCM 11.5 with Extension mobility

    Hi All,   Is there any way that you can use the extension number as the user-id when logging into the phone when using an LDAP integration because users don’t want to type alphabetical letters from the key...
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  • CUEAC BD Purge issue

    After starting a DB purge from the WEB interface for a lot of record   The report DB purge list , show In progress still from march  2017 when i start it   How can i kill this process ?   How can i...
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  • Caller ID Phone number Mask, 911 calls

        We are in the process of correcting E911 for all the floors in our buildings. We have over 1500 phones and some of the phone numbers don't have the Phone number mask area blank. When a user dial 911...
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  • SME or CUBE for sip normalization

    Hello, I am migrating 12k users from Avaya 6.3 to CUCM 10.5. There are number of sites with old SCC/MCC with PRI.   I am hoping to follow these steps for migration. 1. Add a cube for central dialplan. I am to...
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  • Writing own Headset Plug-In

    Hi together, I am new in the world of Cisco DevNet and have a question relating to headset plug-ins for Cisco Jabber. Can anybody tell me what requrements shall I fulfill in order to write an own plug-in for a heads...
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  • BE6K

    Is BE6K and ISR4331 running SRST in same site supported configuration for fail back of IP phones within the site?. A situation whereby should the BE6K fails the IP phones will fail back to the ISR 4331 SRST
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  • Windows server license TCS

    Hello, I have to install a TCS (BE6K-VMTCS-1R-1L) in a BE6K. Could someone tell me if I need a Windows 2012 server license or is it delivered with the BE6K.   Usually I install TCS servers and the license is p...
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  • DX80 is not registering with CUCM.

    Hi,   DX80 device, when i am trying to register it with CUCM, is showing Failed: 485 Ambiguous / Device type mismatch. If i register it with VCS, it gets registered. Is there any compatibility issue with CUCM....
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  • BE6S-PRI-M2-K9 IP phone door Bell Integration

    Hello Team,   I need to know what options are available with BE6S-PRI-M2-K9 for IP phone door bell integration. Any document explaining this would be very helpful ?     Regards Inderpal Singh
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  • BE6K UWL or CUCM Enterprise (CUWL )

    Hi,   Is there a way to find out whether cu is running BE6K UWL or CUCM Enterprise (CUWL ) licensing ?   I need to quote CUWL licenses but not sure about the above. Moreover, the part no's for both CUWL ar...
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  • Anyone installed Algo paging and integrated with InformaCast?

    I have Algo 8188 overhead paging and I want to create three zones for two building (one network); one zone for each building and one zone broadcasting both buildings. I lalso have InformaCast advance and utilize integ...
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  • CUCM Version / Cisco MCS 7800 Series Media Convergence Server.

    Hello,   Whilst working in Cisco Unity Connection Administration - There is an extension number I am trying to recreate after it was deleted, but it keeps telling me the extension number is already assigned to a...
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  • Multiple AD with CUCM and authentiation

    Hello, We have a deployment that has multiple ADs <5, each with a different domain. CUCM supports LDAP sync from 5 sources. Can we use this so that CUCM synchronizes with the ADs and authentication uses SSO. Cus...
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  • BE6000S

    Hello everyone,          We are deploying a BE6000S for our office (less than 30 users), and currently we are using internet service provider router as our DNS, and don't have ...
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  • Ask the expert - Nov 17th - Intro Arun Ragunathan

    Hello Everyone!   I am a product manager in UC technology group. I primarily focus on commercial mid-market offers and specifically cover BE6000. I have been product managing BE6000 since its inception back in 2...
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