Hello,   I purchased earlier this year NFR-R-CSR11.X-K9-DLT and on the product page https://ciscosoftware.mediuscorp.com/collaboration/partner-demo-lab-and-training-bundle-11-x-now-includes-cisco-software&hellip...
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  • VM's network connections on UCS Host

    Hi, Just curious how most people deploy their collaboration VM's on a UCS host. Do most of you use a dedicated port for each VM or do you just use the virtual switch on ESXi?   We have been using a virtual swit...
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  • ISR4321 CME licensing.

    We have an isr4321-v/k9 to be installed with CUCME. I came to know that we need separate license for CME features. Can someone let me know about the licenses required or, where I can find the necessary details.
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  • Call Manager 10.5 Virtual

    I'm in need of assistance in obtaining a part number to get software support for 2 virtual instances of Call Manager 10.5.  There are about 500 users at the company. We have some configuration issues and we need ...
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  • SRST Incoming is not working getting issue destination out of order

    We have configured SRST at Remote branch.     Please find configuration.   Please let me know if is there any changes in this configuration.   I have one question should i create dial-peer for ...
  • Cisco Unified Communications version 12 changes

    Just curious how many people are following the changes for version 12 AND have CUCM’s that do not have access to the internet. I have not seen anything from Cisco on a solution for customers that do not want or ...
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  • Need to upload license in CUCM 10.5 version

    Hello Team,   I need to upload the licnese in CUCM 10.5 version. I wanted to know Is there any impact if i will upload the license in Cisco Prime Manager (CUCM 10.5). 1) Did reboot require for the reflecting th...
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    Hi Team   My customer is using 10 x CME Routers with local CUE modules per site however they would like to move to central CUCM model but interested to keep the CUE modules as it is. I understand that to registe...
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  • LDAP integration CUCM 11.5 with Extension mobility

    Hi All,   Is there any way that you can use the extension number as the user-id when logging into the phone when using an LDAP integration because users don’t want to type alphabetical letters from the key...
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  • CUCM Demo Licencing

    Hello everyone, first time poster here   I've recently completed training for the CCNA Collaboration track - CICD and CIVND1/2.   In order to aid my revision before I attempt the exams I'm looking to set ...
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  • Can Messages sent to 7925 be sent to Jabber or Spark, via XMPP/CUCM

    If my hospital can send messages to a 7925G Cisco Phone, can we send the same message to jabber or spark on a smart phone via XMPP/CUCM?
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  • BE6K / CWMS Lic Question

    Hello, we plan to use a CWMS System. The cust have no CUCM, but we need a CUCM to connect the CWMS via CUCM to the Customer IP PBX via SIP. What LIC need we on the CUCM? SIP need no LIC but without LIC we can not buy...
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  • CUCM and Unity Licensing help

    I am renewing the Smartnet for my company but when i looked at my quote from my vendor, it raised a few flags.  To me it looks as though they are quoting both old SKU's and the new replacement SKU's for my licens...
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  • Writing own Headset Plug-In

    Hi together, I am new in the world of Cisco DevNet and have a question relating to headset plug-ins for Cisco Jabber. Can anybody tell me what requrements shall I fulfill in order to write an own plug-in for a heads...
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  • Best product for collaboration meetings

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  • Cannot register Avaya 9650 to CUCM 6.1.5

    Hello all,   We have received a request from one of the account that they 'Cannot register Avaya 9650 to CUCM 6.1.5, stuck in Discover xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx'.\   We have suggested to manually enter the IP and TF...
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  • License Count Utility Tool - Protocol Used?

    All,   Does the UCM License Utility tool use AXL/SOAP for its queries?  A customer says he cannot get the utility to work.   Thanks,   John
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  • BE6000 Meeting Licence : BE6K-START-MTG35

    Hi, I'm asking about the new meeting licence for BE6000 solution . It 's indicated that the meeting licence include Shared muliparty ( that include rich media session ) .   https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/pro...
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  • BE6K-UCL-ENH - PAK or not?

    Hi   ive recently purchased BE6K-UCL-ENH to add some further user to my BE6000 which did come with a starter bundle. The licenses do not seem to have come with any PAK or file to download. Are these honor based ...
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  • Can update callmanger end user's telephone number to AD?

    Good day all,      Our callmanger 11.x end users has already configured the telephone number for everyone,but our microsoft AD hasn't configured it,so is there possible that CCM end users telephon...
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