• SRST Incoming is not working getting issue destination out of order

    We have configured SRST at Remote branch.     Please find configuration.   Please let me know if is there any changes in this configuration.   I have one question should i create dial-peer for ...
  • Redhat version by Application Release

    Is there a document anywhere that shows what Redhat version each UC application release is using?  The closest I have come is looking at each app's OVA readme (CER there is none).  This would be a very usefu...
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  • SME or CUBE for sip normalization

    Hello, I am migrating 12k users from Avaya 6.3 to CUCM 10.5. There are number of sites with old SCC/MCC with PRI.   I am hoping to follow these steps for migration. 1. Add a cube for central dialplan. I am to...
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  • BE6K

    Is BE6K and ISR4331 running SRST in same site supported configuration for fail back of IP phones within the site?. A situation whereby should the BE6K fails the IP phones will fail back to the ISR 4331 SRST
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  • Aastra Mxone (formerly Ericsson) is it possible to use Cisco SIP handsets?

    Guys,   Appreciate your advice, we have a Aastra Mxone voice system installed in our company. We are trying to reduce the handset cost, and was wondering if Cisco SIP phones would work on the system rather than ...
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  • CUCM Version: to CUCM Version: Migration

    Good Day... I am not able to find out any specific document  on migration from 7.1.5 to 10.0 Current Existing Environment CUCM Version: CUCM 7.1.5 in Cluster 1  on Cisco MCS 7845-I3&nb...
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  • Top challenges with BE6000 upgrades and migrations

    How many of you are looking at migrating to Collaboration System Release 10.6 or 11.0?   What are you migrating from?   BE6000 8.x/9.x, BE5000 or an older-version UCM environment on MCS 7800?   W...
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  • CISCO CHAMPIONS 2016: Applications Now Open

    Are you recognized by your peers as a thought leader based on your strong technical knowledge of Cisco products and technologies? Do you maintain an active online or social presence to interact with others and share w...
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  • Briefing: Cisco Collaboration Certifications

    Join your IT peers and industry experts in the Customer Connection Program for a member-exclusive technical briefing series expanding on the Collaboration solutions covered in the Collaboration's latest announcements....
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  • Poll: Do you like to read case studies in the community?

    Cisco Collaboration has released many case studies and we try and post them up in the community.  Some get read, some don't.  Which makes us curious... do you like to read case studies? (Don't forget to log ...
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  • Cisco Collaboration Technology Skills - CCNA

    Are you looking to gain Cisco Collaboration technology skills for CCNA Collaboration and need an economical self-study option? Check out the: CCNA Collaboration CICD 210-060 Official Cert Guide Premium Edition and Pra...
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  • UC V11 Orderable?

    V11 seems to be available to D/L. Can it actually be ordered, it doesn't seem to be?
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  • Prime Collaboration Deployment 10.5(2) Capability/Compatibility

    The release notes for PCD 10.5(2) specifically states...  The following are not compatible with Cisco Prime Collaboration Deployment: Cisco UC Virtualization Hypervisor (appears as "Hypervisor Edition" in vSpher...
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  • Consider this before investing in a Collaboration solution

    Take a look at this infographic of considerations before investing in a Collaboration solution.  Like it, share it out, and then download the Collaboration Core Infrastructure: Empower Your Collaboration Experien...
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  • Ask the Experts - Video Endpoints Refresh

    Hi Happy Friday!! We are focusing Video Endpoints Refresh   My name is Oace Dada and I work in the Collaboration Business Development team.  Today we are focused on Refreshing Video Enpoints.   I am s...
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  • Migration Week - Cisco Unified CM Upgrades & Upgrade App

    Hello!   I would like to welcome you to UC Migration Week and Ask the Expert.  I am the Program Lead for our Drive to Collab Upgrade Program where we are looking to assist our partners and customers in migr...
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  • CUC migration 8.6.2 to 10.5

    Hello.  I will be migrating cuc 8.6.2 to 10.5, two separate servers.  Same exchange backend, the 8.6.2 is currently ad integrated.  I plan on utilizing cobras briefcase mode to copy users to the new ser...
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  • Prime Collaboration Assurance 10.5 Login Error

    Hi,   I have Prime collaboration assurance 10.5 It is installed from about 3 weeks Last time login was from about 1-week   Today when trying to login, I got this error Server returned error -> Reques...
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  • CME and CUE upgrade/migration

    I currently have CME v7.x running on a 2851 and want to migrate/upgrade to a 29XX ISR running CME v10. Is it possible to backup the 7.x and do a restore to CME v10 on the new ISR? What about CUE?
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  • communication between Hipath 3800 Siemens and Cisco router 2951

    Hi all, I have a project for with a customer to implement a voip solution in theire comapny, so first i would like to propose hipath3800 siemens as a gatway for ip-phone and i want to know if hipath 3800 able to com...
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