• how to identify if the call has completely ended or not using Termination_Call_Detail (hds historical data store)

    I understand that Cisco generates an entry in Termination_Call_Detail record for each call that arrives at the peripheral and a Route_Call_Detail record for every routing request it processes.  How do we identify...
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  • Cisco Unity Connection Cannot transfer Calls to SIP phones

    we are running under cisco CUCM and Csico Unity Connection version 10.5. Calls landing to board line number. Unity server call Handler will receives the call and tranfer to desire extensions. but we have notice that U...
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  • Caller ID Phone number Mask, 911 calls

        We are in the process of correcting E911 for all the floors in our buildings. We have over 1500 phones and some of the phone numbers don't have the Phone number mask area blank. When a user dial 911...
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  • Upgrade Loop CP-8945 SIP 9-4-2SR2-2

    I have a problem with four CP-8945 which does not seem to support the SIP protocol, they do a bug with updgrade loop though the other phones of same type sound operational with the SIP version 9-4-2SR2-2 and even If I...
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  • Writing own Headset Plug-In

    Hi together, I am new in the world of Cisco DevNet and have a question relating to headset plug-ins for Cisco Jabber. Can anybody tell me what requrements shall I fulfill in order to write an own plug-in for a heads...
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  • Can update callmanger end user's telephone number to AD?

    Good day all,      Our callmanger 11.x end users has already configured the telephone number for everyone,but our microsoft AD hasn't configured it,so is there possible that CCM end users telephon...
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  • BE6K

    Is BE6K and ISR4331 running SRST in same site supported configuration for fail back of IP phones within the site?. A situation whereby should the BE6K fails the IP phones will fail back to the ISR 4331 SRST
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  • regex to filter 2 and 4 digit extensions

    I am trying to modify internal DN presentation using a fairly well documented process with different partitions and CSS's, and all that is working great at the moment. The hitch I ran into is that we have 2-digit endp...
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  • DX80 is not registering with CUCM.

    Hi,   DX80 device, when i am trying to register it with CUCM, is showing Failed: 485 Ambiguous / Device type mismatch. If i register it with VCS, it gets registered. Is there any compatibility issue with CUCM....
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  • Aastra Mxone (formerly Ericsson) is it possible to use Cisco SIP handsets?

    Guys,   Appreciate your advice, we have a Aastra Mxone voice system installed in our company. We are trying to reduce the handset cost, and was wondering if Cisco SIP phones would work on the system rather than ...
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  • Creating a new user CUCM 10.5.2

    Okay so this is pretty basic I agree but can anyone advise me or point me in the right direction on how to add a new end point user in Call Manager 10.5? Telephone extension, staff name, device profile that sort of th...
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  • First time with Prime Collaboration - not all endpoints showing after device update

    In a heavy learning phase here and trying to sort out some issues.   I'm trying to add a user to the system. When selecting 'user provisioning' and adding some details for the user and starting I'm asked to sele...
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  • Manager Assistant feature configure in CUCM 9.1.2 but not working

    It would be great if  somebody can help me; I am configured manager assistant feature 9951 IP phone in CUCM 9.1.2 but soft key redirect, divert all, DND intercept etc not showing phone display as like below in t...
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  • CUCM Version / Cisco MCS 7800 Series Media Convergence Server.

    Hello,   Whilst working in Cisco Unity Connection Administration - There is an extension number I am trying to recreate after it was deleted, but it keeps telling me the extension number is already assigned to a...
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  • Upgrade from CUCM 7.1(5) to CUCM 11.x

    Dear All,   I want to upgrade from CUCM 7.1(5) to CUCM 11.x using MCS 7816-I4? Is it enough hardware specs to upgrade? Help please. I have to add more ext. licenses on existing scenario.   Regards,  ...
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  • 78xx works with srst

    Hi , I read allot to fine the proper configuring for 78xx register in srst mode . I have srst ver10.0 trying to configure to work properly with 7821 .  no luck ... My 7821 firmware : sip78xx.10-1-1SR1-4 my ...
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  • 802.1X IPphone and ISE

    Hi, Do somebody has experience witch configuring ISE and IPphone 802.1X. Configuration MAB and Multi-Domain Authentication. We are using CUCM 10.5, IPphone 7942, certificate base on MSC. We have MAB working the n...
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  • CISCO CHAMPIONS 2016: Applications Now Open

    Are you recognized by your peers as a thought leader based on your strong technical knowledge of Cisco products and technologies? Do you maintain an active online or social presence to interact with others and share w...
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  • CUCM 9.x End of sales - addon

    Hello,   I've a customer whonis runnning CUCM 9.x. As this versions will be end-of-sales the 29rd of December 2015, when will be the last date to add licenses on this cluster ? the adjunct licenses will also be ...
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  • Case Study: Trinity Leeds Shopping Center

    The shopping experience of the future is here today! Trinity Leeds uses smart network to delight shoppers, help tenants succeed, and simplify building management with the Internet of Things. Read Trinity Leeds...
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