• BE6K running applications how to tell?

    Dear All,   I have a customer that is remote and I need them to send me the details of their BE6K server: all installed apps, BE6K hardware specs, licenses installed, etc. We are looking at turning on CCX and I ...
  • Voice Mail Time Stamp

    Hello   We have Cisco CP-8841 phones.  When we forward a message from voice mail - it loses the original time stamp of the message and makes the time the message is forwarded the new time stamp.   Is ...
  • Can we order Informacast Fusion via Cisco Ordering ?(CCW)

    Hi Team   Can we order Informacast Fusion with CCW ? I noticed that Informacast Advanced in only option in CCW..   Also is that Informacast Advance is supporting SMS ?   Regds Sasith
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  • Intersite Dial Plan: Prefixing Calling Number

    Hi All   I'm looking at rolling out site codes in my CUCM cluster, and have a question about prefxing the calling number.   Currently, in my sandbox, I have multiple translation patterns that prefix the si...
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  • Unity Connection 11.5 Unified Messaging logs

    I have a Connection 11.5 server that has Unified Messaging/Single Inbox configured, and I have a single user that I can't get connected.  I run the test and I get a timeout, even though everything seems to be con...
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  • How to Configure Cisco Meeting Server with Expressway E & Expressway C

    Hi,   I am deploying Cisco meeting server with Expressway E & C, Can anybody know how to configure step by step ..
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    Hi Team   My customer is using 10 x CME Routers with local CUE modules per site however they would like to move to central CUCM model but interested to keep the CUE modules as it is. I understand that to registe...
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  • LDAP integration CUCM 11.5 with Extension mobility

    Hi All,   Is there any way that you can use the extension number as the user-id when logging into the phone when using an LDAP integration because users don’t want to type alphabetical letters from the key...
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  • Iversal Device Template (UDT) self provision deleting new lines

    Voice newbie tearing his hair out here, what's left of it.   So I have setup CUCM 11.5 to self provision new phones. I have completed the ULT, UDT, phone button template, user profile, CTI point, & all that....
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  • cisco prime infrastructure AVC WAN link

    Hi I have been looking for how to have visibility of all types of connection both at the application and url level from my network to the WAN. I know that this is possible in wireless with the application of an AVC ...
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  • Cisco ISR 4331 with NIM-1MFT-T1/E1 and PVDM

    Hi folks   We want to replace our Cisco 2921/2951 with Cisco 4331 routers. I have seen that the NIM-1MFT-T1/E1 modul requires a dedicated PVDM4 module.   How i have to calculate the right amount of PVDM's...
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  • BE6000S and Voice VLAN100

    I am in the process of converting from a UC560 to a BE6000S.  The issue I have run into is that in the UC560 deployment I handed the UC560 a trunk port.  When I try to feed the BE6000S a trunk port on Gig 0/...
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  • Clear call history report on CUCME 10.5

    My call history report native to the CME is "Stuck".  I cannot clear it and it hasn't been updating call records since April 6th, 2016.   Does anyone have any ideas on how to clear these records?  This...
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  • CUEAC BD Purge issue

    After starting a DB purge from the WEB interface for a lot of record   The report DB purge list , show In progress still from march  2017 when i start it   How can i kill this process ?   How can i...
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  • CUCM Demo Licencing

    Hello everyone, first time poster here   I've recently completed training for the CCNA Collaboration track - CICD and CIVND1/2.   In order to aid my revision before I attempt the exams I'm looking to set ...
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  • Question to all

    Hi everyone, I'm interested in this forum a lot. How can I get much knowledge as you guys? :D. Hope to get more knowledge from you all! Tks.
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  • Redhat version by Application Release

    Is there a document anywhere that shows what Redhat version each UC application release is using?  The closest I have come is looking at each app's OVA readme (CER there is none).  This would be a very usefu...
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  • anyone able to remotely clear call history on 3905 Cisco phones using AXL access

    anyone able to remotely clear call history on 3905 Cisco phones using AXL access?   We are running xml script which clears history on 79XX series phones but so far not able to clear the call history on the Cisco...
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  • Best practices for securing Expressway B2B traffic against in/out toll fraud

    Hi folks, We have a cluster of Expressway C's and E's and are using them not only for MRA but also as our B2B agent for SIP.  We have on several occasions experienced toll fraud by people sending in SIP requests...
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  • BE6Ks

    Anyone out there have information on the availability of the BE6Ks?  We know it was announced End of sale June 9 2017, but is orderable until December 2017.  Our Disti says the soonest ship date is August 27...
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