• “dropping to debug shell sh can't access tty”. while upgrading firmware for M220 M4S

    Hi I have cisco new c-series server (M220 M4S) and while upgrading firmware from 3.0(3a) to 3.0(3c),I m getting below error message   “dropping to debug shell sh can't access tty”.   So plea...
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  • Cisco Unified Communications version 12 changes

    Just curious how many people are following the changes for version 12 AND have CUCM’s that do not have access to the internet. I have not seen anything from Cisco on a solution for customers that do not want or ...
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  • CUC Call handler conflict wuth voicemail recording

    Hi All , I installed CUC and configured voicemail for users and system call handler but when i call call handler number i heard voicemail message i configured CTI RP that forward all to voicemail
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  • UC Deployment with two Expressway deployments

    Hello everyone,   I was looking if someone knows if it is possible to have a UC deployments with two main sites. One with a node of UCM (normal design). Then each side will have a EXP-C and a EXP-E, but this ser...
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  • Need to upload license in CUCM 10.5 version

    Hello Team,   I need to upload the licnese in CUCM 10.5 version. I wanted to know Is there any impact if i will upload the license in Cisco Prime Manager (CUCM 10.5). 1) Did reboot require for the reflecting th...
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  • Delete Persistent Chat Room API

    Hello,   Is there a way to programmatically delete IM&P persistent chat rooms? Docs for CAXL only seem to refer to creating rooms...   I've tried in the lab deleting them from the External DB directly...
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  • Troubleshooting makeSoapCall

    Hello Community,   I have having an -up to now - insoluble issue.   I have a simple PHP script that is able to target on 3 differents call managers the makeCallSoap API. Only the target URL differs... &nb...
  • Cisco Unity 11.5 - Shadow recycle bin for delete users ?

    Hello,   On Cisco Unity 11.5, I deleted a mailbox for an LDAP user.   When I tried to import again this user, I can't find him. I can find any user on my LDAP who don't have Unity mailbox but not this. &n...
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  • BE6K running applications how to tell?

    Dear All,   I have a customer that is remote and I need them to send me the details of their BE6K server: all installed apps, BE6K hardware specs, licenses installed, etc. We are looking at turning on CCX and I ...
  • Voice Mail Time Stamp

    Hello   We have Cisco CP-8841 phones.  When we forward a message from voice mail - it loses the original time stamp of the message and makes the time the message is forwarded the new time stamp.   Is ...
  • Can we order Informacast Fusion via Cisco Ordering ?(CCW)

    Hi Team   Can we order Informacast Fusion with CCW ? I noticed that Informacast Advanced in only option in CCW..   Also is that Informacast Advance is supporting SMS ?   Regds Sasith
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  • Intersite Dial Plan: Prefixing Calling Number

    Hi All   I'm looking at rolling out site codes in my CUCM cluster, and have a question about prefxing the calling number.   Currently, in my sandbox, I have multiple translation patterns that prefix the si...
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  • Unity Connection 11.5 Unified Messaging logs

    I have a Connection 11.5 server that has Unified Messaging/Single Inbox configured, and I have a single user that I can't get connected.  I run the test and I get a timeout, even though everything seems to be con...
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  • How to Configure Cisco Meeting Server with Expressway E & Expressway C

    Hi,   I am deploying Cisco meeting server with Expressway E & C, Can anybody know how to configure step by step ..
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    Hi Team   My customer is using 10 x CME Routers with local CUE modules per site however they would like to move to central CUCM model but interested to keep the CUE modules as it is. I understand that to registe...
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  • LDAP integration CUCM 11.5 with Extension mobility

    Hi All,   Is there any way that you can use the extension number as the user-id when logging into the phone when using an LDAP integration because users don’t want to type alphabetical letters from the key...
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  • Iversal Device Template (UDT) self provision deleting new lines

    Voice newbie tearing his hair out here, what's left of it.   So I have setup CUCM 11.5 to self provision new phones. I have completed the ULT, UDT, phone button template, user profile, CTI point, & all that....
    created by simmons-chris
  • cisco prime infrastructure AVC WAN link

    Hi I have been looking for how to have visibility of all types of connection both at the application and url level from my network to the WAN. I know that this is possible in wireless with the application of an AVC ...
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  • Cisco ISR 4331 with NIM-1MFT-T1/E1 and PVDM

    Hi folks   We want to replace our Cisco 2921/2951 with Cisco 4331 routers. I have seen that the NIM-1MFT-T1/E1 modul requires a dedicated PVDM4 module.   How i have to calculate the right amount of PVDM's...
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  • BE6000S and Voice VLAN100

    I am in the process of converting from a UC560 to a BE6000S.  The issue I have run into is that in the UC560 deployment I handed the UC560 a trunk port.  When I try to feed the BE6000S a trunk port on Gig 0/...
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