I want to share some of my experiences in general on Cisco Knowledge.

I have more than 15 years of experiences in the Information Technology.

Spending 10 years in a Data Center so far my best experience.


I was great in the DC because I learn mostly on the job and gain my practical

savvy on technologies, particularly networking and telecommunications.


With and associate degree in Computer Science, I am always interested in STEM.

One of the great way for me to realize this passion of technologies was to learn on

the job.


I don't know if you have ever visited a Data Center?

The technical place where you can find millions of devices working together.

Among those devices: Servers, Routers and Switches.


I had several roles in the DC... Lot to say!


One of my many roles was to interconnect those devices, other was to build servers

by customizing them according to the client needs.


During the interconnection of equipment, I had thousands and thousands hands on

experiences. Hands on different switches and routers:

Juniper, Ciena, Foundry and Cisco...


During the interconnections, I was always interested in Cisco devices, I don't know

if it was the special green color they had.

I wanted to know more about the Cisco devices and the company. Then I stared to

get more and more curious on how those devices work.


How the switches work? How the routers work?

How do they send information in the network?


Today I am far away from knowing exactly the way there are working but those basic

curiosity questions put me on a lifelong experiences with Cisco and Cisco Technologies.


Agbetoho Silete