• CiscoSimple_HyperFLEXyourDataCenterMuscles_CustomerWebinar_Recording_7.11.mp4.mp4

    MP4 Download from the Cisco Simple Customer Webinar, "HyperFLEX your Data Center Muscles" on 7/11/18.   Click here to find the deck from this webinar.
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  • CiscoSimple_HyperFlexYourDataCenterMuscles_CustomerWebinar_7.11.18.pdf

    Slides from Cisco Simple Customer Webinar, "HyperFLEX your Data Center Muscles," July 11, 2018.   The recording will be posted here following the webinar.
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  • UCS RADIUS authentication to ISE 2.4

    Has anyone configured UCS 3.2 with RADIUS authentication to ISE 2.4?  If so, would you mind sharing any material you found helpful in setting this up?  I am trying to migrate away from local authenticated ac...
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  • Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series 16-Port 10 Gigabit Ethernet Module

    Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series 16-Port 10 Gigabit Ethernet Module can I use  WS-C4506-E switch
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  • Datacenter Interconect

    Hi everybody, Please hepl me resolve this case. We have DR distance from DC about 30km. In DC, we have 2 Cisco Nexus 7K devices. In DR, we have 2 Cisco Nexus 9K devices. Between DC and DR, We have 2 DWDM connect...
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  • Survey Open: Cisco Services Survey

    We’re looking for customers who have thought of engaging an external vendor for IT services, who have engaged/purchased IT services from an external IT vendor, OR haven’t thought about/purchased IT service...
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  • Exclusive Cisco Live sessions for Customer Connection Program members!

    Are you headed to Orlando between June 10-14 for Cisco LIve? Are you looking for exclusive roadmap sessions to get some insight into what Cisco has coming down the line? If so then look no further, as the Cisco Custom...
    Gregory Rose
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  • Should I upgrade OS drivers prior to upgrade UCS Firmware?

    Hello,   I am planing to upgrade UCS B200 M2 and M3 servers, Infrastucture Firmware and UCS Manager Software. Most of the systems are RHEL but we also have Windows and some VMware servers. I am thinking of going...
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  • 802.1x Deployment with Nexus 3000 Switches

    I have a customer that manages a highly secure network and they are now being asked to implement dot1x on switches that are providing network access to their servers. The switches that they use are 3100 series Nexus s...
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  • Survey CLOSED: Partner Locator Tool

    There's a new survey available where we’re looking for customers who meet one of the two criteria below to participate.   Part of an organization of fewer than 1000 employees      ...
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  • Cisco_APIC_3-0_with_VMware_v1_Network_Admin_Demo_Guide-JP.pdf

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  • Cisco_APIC_3-0_with_VMware_v1_VMware_Admin_Demo_Guide-JP.pdf

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  • Cisco_APIC_3.0_with_UCS_Director_6.5_Demo_Guide-JP.pdf

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  • DST

    All, It is that time of year again and DST time change is upon us again.  The team has put together a DST doc that covers know issues with the product build these issues were addressed in.   Since the foll...
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  • BGP Troubleshooting

    Hi All,   Please share your experiences on the following question.   There is a remote location  that connects to the DC in Central office via Telstra link. BGP is running between them. Remote locati...
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  • Re-use Server

    Recently, i found a MCS 7825-h3 closely to the garbage. I wonder if can format and install windows for gaming design purposes??   Greetings!!
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  • is it possible to use APIC as a normal C220 standalone server

    I see APIC is a C220, is it possible re-image it or change it to be a normal C220 then to run ESXi?   Thanks,
    created by zhiqiang.yan
  • Cisco KTN

    Hi Team,   Is Cisco KTN expired or out of service ?   I don't find any related configuration document for Cisco KTN   Regards Prashan
    created by prashanma
  • Cisco SFP-H10GB-CU3M= SFP+ Twinax cable compatibility

    I need to know if Cisco SFP-H10GB-CU3M= could be installed between WS-C3850-24XS-S c3850-NM-4-10G Cisco Catalvst 3850 4 x 10GE Network Module and the following      - HP adapter P/N 727054-B21&nb...
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  • I would like some info regarding Meraki APs.

    I have a client who needs to three APs that support 200 simultaneous connections and offer good roaming. I looked at spec sheets of the different Meraki models but they do not offer information regarding simultaneous ...
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