• Exclusive Cisco Live sessions for Customer Connection Program members!

    Are you headed to Orlando between June 10-14 for Cisco LIve? Are you looking for exclusive roadmap sessions to get some insight into what Cisco has coming down the line? If so then look no further, as the Cisco Custom...
    Gregory Rose
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  • Survey CLOSED: Partner Locator Tool

    There's a new survey available where we’re looking for customers who meet one of the two criteria below to participate.   Part of an organization of fewer than 1000 employees      ...
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  • KUBAM - Let your Data Center Dance!

    Over the last few months I've been writing posts about a simplified manner in which we can automate solutions on UCS called KUBAM.  Everything we've done has been open and available on Github to solicit feedback ...
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  • FlexPod Datacenter for the Hybrid Cloud

    The FlexPod team has been working hard to enable customers to temporarily break free from the physical confines of the Datacenter when the workload requirements exceed the available resources. The team is currently in...
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  • Cisco UCS PowerTool configuration of FlashStack

    We have released a white paper that covers the configuration of the Cisco UCS resources of a FlashStack converged infrastructure using the Cisco UCS PowerTool Suite, as an addendum to the FlashStack Virtual Server Inf...
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  • My CISCO Journey. #1

    I want to share some of my experiences in general on Cisco Knowledge. I have more than 15 years of experiences in the Information Technology. Spending 10 years in a Data Center so far my best experience.   I ...
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  • Private vs. Public vs. Hybrid Cloud: Which One to Choose?

    Private vs. Public vs. Hybrid Cloud: Which One to Choose? What cloud is right for you?   Most enterprise IT departments now manage applications across multiple environments in a dizzyingly complex overall IT arch...
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  • Including Privacy in Human Interaction by Design

    The Paradigm Shift in Technology and InteractionThe amount of time we interact with screens in our daily life is at an all time high. Already the gross of our on-screen time is spent on mobile devices instead of deskt...
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  • There’s Never Been A Better Time

    We are technology optimists.   Billions of people and things are being connected globally. Digitization is forcing organizations and even countries to reimagine business models, products and services. Every ind...
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  • It is virtually impossible to virtualize everything

    This blog is in the OpenStack area at Un-virtualizing the soft cloud - software vs hardware
    Vikram Hosakote
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  • OpenStack minus Python

    As a developer who worked on Cisco's operating systems (IOS, IOS-XE, IOS-XR, NXOS), routing protocols, kernel programming, virtual memory, device drivers and SDN, I needed a lot of time to understand how cloud computi...
    Vikram Hosakote
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  • CISCO CHAMPIONS 2016: Applications Now Open

    Are you recognized by your peers as a thought leader based on your strong technical knowledge of Cisco products and technologies? Do you maintain an active online or social presence to interact with others and share w...
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  • Cisco's scalable, enterprise-class DHCP and DNS solution for OpenStack Neutron

    OpenStack deployments have encountered significant weaknesses with the default implementation of DHCP and DNS provided by neutron (OpenStack's networking service). One such weakness has been the availability of DHCP a...
    Vikram Hosakote
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  • ITD: Load Balancing, Traffic Steering and Clustering using Nexus 5k/6k/7k/9k

    Cisco Intelligent Traffic Director (ITD) is an innovative solution to bridge the performance gap between a multi-terabit switch and gigabit servers and appliances. It is a hardware based multi-terabit layer 4 load-bal...
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  • Pssst, IT Operations Analytics Is Actually Cool

    To address that lack of awareness, on September 9th, we’re hosting a virtual conference on the topic of Operational Analytics together with Intel and some key Big Data and Analytics partners.     Whe...
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  • ITD and RISE: New Innovations at Cisco Live San Diego

    ITD (Intelligent Traffic Director) and RISE (Remote Integrated Services Engine) have been helping Cisco partners and customers save massively on CAPEX and OPEX, while providing unprecedented scalability, high availabi...
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  • Cisco’s First Transparency Report on Law Enforcement Requests for Customer Data

    As Cisco’s products and services evolve to new models, we find ourselves coming in contact with our customer’s data more regularly. We approach this role as stewards of this data with our customers interes...
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  • Cisco ITD is Best of Interop 2015 Finalist

    Transforming Cisco switches into highly scalable zero latency load balancers! Cisco Intelligent Traffic Director (ITD) does exactly that and much more! Cisco ITD  has been selected as Best of Interop 2015 finali...
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  • Test: 1 2 3 EngineersUnplugged S8|E1

    What Is So Special About Splunk? #EngineersUnplugged S8|E1 - YouTube httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vpCXklqkLA
    Lauren Friedman
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  • More Productive, Services-Centric Operations

    Netcloud has been bringing innovation to the Swiss market since the turn of the millennium. They were the first partner worldwide to achieve Cisco ACI accreditation. Upgrading their data centers to the Nexus 9000 with...
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