• How do I download Nexus 1000v Essential?

    This seems really basic, but I'm not getting anywhere.  Trying to download 1000v Essential which is supposed to be free, but I'm sent to the software page and it claims I need "additional entitlement".  &nb...
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  • Sharing the same VSG compute firewall for multiple tenants

    Hi,   Is it possible to share the same compute firewall (a VSG virtual machine)  for multiple tenants in Prime VSC ?   Or should I install one virtual machine runing VSG for each tenant I create in my...
  • RHEV / Proxmox

    Hello,   ¿It's possible to deploy Nexus 1000V in Redhat virtualization environment without OpenStack or Proxomox?.   Regards.
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  • " show switch edition " not valid on 5.2(1)SV3(1.4)

    Hi All,   I have Nexus 1000v running on 5.2(1)SV3(1.4) and "show switch edition" is not valid. In fact, the only option available is show switch-profile | switchname. Has anyone seen this before?   Thanks ...
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  • Nexus 1000v - Unable to ping VM's on separate VLAN

    Hi,   I currently setup a Nexus 1000v lab with vCenter and ESXI host.  I've added the VSM with 2 VEM's.  I am able to reach the management VLAN (VLAN192) and any VM added to that same VLAN, but when I ...
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  • PSOD with ESXi 6.0 and Nexus 1000V

    We're using the Cisco Nexus 1000V distributed vSwitch with a cluster of 13 hosts. We're on the latest VSM version [5.2(1)SV3(1.15)], but if I try to update the VEMs beyond 5.2(1)SV3(1.4), my hosts crash under high net...
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  • Failover configuration on UCSM with N1k

    Hi Experts,   i just want to know what failover mode should i use on ucsm when i have VIC 1280 with N1k on site. can i use UCSM vNIC failover without NIC Teaming On vswitch.
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  • Can we VLAN tag mgmt0 / control0 in Nexus 1000v L3 deployment

    Hello,   for a deployment in a test environment I am looking for a way to VLAN tag the mgmt0 interface.   I will only be able to connect the VSM to trunk port-groups on the ESXi host (All (4095)) So theref...
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  • can anyone tell me what is the resolution to VEM SYSLOG ALERT: L2 TABLE from a 1000V

    The syslog in a 1000V keeps getting repeated messages with the following syslog event: VEM SYSLOG ALERT: L2 TABLE A cisco or google search comes up empty.  Appreciate any help.   -C
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  • Secondary VSM doesn't connect with Primary

    Environment: I'm currently using a dcloud lab for setting up a 1000v.  I want to build the implementation 'from the ground up' or as close to it as I can. dCloud Lab Name: Cisco Nexus 1000V: Installing Cisco VS...
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  • N1k interface & configuration information lost for a Test environment

    Change Plan Background:     1.       This change ask engineer update network configuration on Cisco N6K -> HUAWEI E9000 Blade Chassis_CX911 Embedded Switch-> Cisco N1K so...
  • VSUM and N1Kv for vSphere 6.0.0 Issue

    Hi all,   I just got a hold of the newest version of VSUM 1.5.5 to our vSphere 6.0.0 environment. This all seemed great until I tried adding a physical host to the DVS. The issue experienced is the following: &nb...
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  • nexus 1000V design help

    Hi,   I have 5 UCS chassis with 4 uplink from each chassis to 2 FI,and i want to deploy nexus 1000V ,need some help for design -   1. one dedicated physical uplink interface for management. 2. 2 dedicated...
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  • nexus 1Kv on multiple Hypervisor at the same time???

    Can i install a single istance of VSM to connect to VMware VEM and KVM VEM at the same time? or can i use KVM Hypervisor and VMware, in the same Openstack enviroment using nexus 1Kv? How many VSM i need?   than...
    created by luca351987
  • Cisco 1000V - vDS/vSS Security Policies equivelant - Promiscuous, MAC Address Changes, Forged Transmits

    I'm having difficulty finding documentation that would help me further understand deployments of the Cisco 1000V with the ASAv.  The ASAv recommends that the security policies be set to accept for the the securit...
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  • Nexus 1000v version does not display correctly in the vSphere client

    The vSphere client displays the Nexus 1000v version 5.0.0 00000 or 4.0 00000, instead of the actual version installed.   Actual installed versions are 5.2(1)SV3(1.2) 4.2(1)SV2(2.1a)   Is this normal? Bu...
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  • Unable to ping Gateway from VM hosts

    Friend,      I have an VM setup , in which an blade is connected to Nexus 7K switch.   VM1 and VM2 are in the same subnet. VM1 and VM2 are able to ping each other, but unable to ping from VM1 &...
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  • Nexus 1000v L3 design question

    I have the following:   VSM - mgmt0 as SVS L3 control interface mgmt IP - mgmt vlan = 99   ESXi: VMware ESXi host/VEM using separate Layer3 VMkernel interface for L3 control communication wi...
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  • VEM not showing up in VSM in L3 mode

    I am trying to setup a nexus 1000v in L3 mode. My VLAN assignments: VLAN 99: for vmknic 10.85.99.x/25 VLAN 14: for VSM managemen 5.14.x.x/16 VLAN 100: for vMotion 10.0.100.x/24 VLAN 101: for VM-Guest 10.0.101.x/24...
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  • Shutdown Nexus 1000V VM

    Hello, is it possible to shutdown Nexus 1000V with a sw command or the only way is to power off the VM ?
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