We are pleased to announce the release of Cisco UCS Director 4.1. This release is now available for download on Cisco.com.

Links to download this release are as follows:


Relevant documentation for Cisco UCSD 4.1 release can be accessed as follows:

Refer to this link for all documentation: Cisco UCS Director Documentation

The Cisco UCS Director 4.1 release delivers new scalable architecture/deployment model, several key features, major enhancements, Open Automation, SDK and bug fixes.  The following is a complete listing of the features in UCSD 4.1 release:


Platform Enhancements Include:


New architecture/deployment model for increased scalability

  • Multi-Node architecture with one Primary node, one or more service nodes to offload system tasks, one node for Remote Inventory DB, one node for Remote monitoring DB.
  • Increased scalability to support up to 50,000 VMs and 5000 physical devices
  • VM Parameter Monitoring Policies
  • System tasks remote execution, enhancements, Service Node policies


Custom Workflow Orchestration tasks

  • Provides ability to add new Workflow Tasks with well-defined inputs & outputs
  • Implementation of the logic is done through a script
  • Custom Tasks can be managed through
  • Once a custom task is properly created, there is a no inherent difference in behavior for ‘Built-In Tasks’ and ‘Custom Tasks’.
    • In 4.1, Cloupia Script (JavaScript + UCSD Libraries) is supported.
    • Future releases will support PowerShell

  o Custom Tasks are exportable & importable among systems

    • Policies -> Orchestration -> Custom Tasks


Orchestration Enhancements

  • Display all Workflow inputs/outputs in Service Request to admin user
  • Display/Edit Workflow input/outputs at the time of Service Request approval for admin user.
  • Ability to set Workflow user inputs as mandatory or optional.
  • Ability to resubmit a failed or cancelled Service Request with inputs changed (Workflow user inputs and Workflow tasks input/outputs)
  • Ability to create/cross launch workflow inputs while adding/modifying tasks.


UCSD Components for Customization and Integration


  • Open Automation supports following features
    • Register Feature Controller 
    • Add Tasks to System Scheduler
    • Register Connectors
    • Converged Stack Builder
    • Resource Computers (Group Resource Limits)
    • Stack View Provider
    • CloudSense™
    • CMDB
    • Open Automation Developer Guide

    • Examples for all supported features

    • Java docs

  • REST API Browser Enhancements
    • Improved API coverage – Over 700+ new APIs added.

    • REST API Browser Enhancements

      • Support for the 700+ newly added APIs.

      • Legacy (JSON) APIs supported.

      • Java sample code generation ‘Tab’ added.

      • URL generation added

    • Java SDK Enhancements
      • Support for the newly added APIs.
        • Examples to showcase the usage.
        • How to Create, Update, Delete objects
        • How to retrieve data, submit/cancel Workflows etc.
    • Java docs for all the supported API’s
    • Reformatted and improved Developer Guide for REST API
  • CloupiaScript & Custom Tasks
    • CloupiaScript Guide with Examples
    • Custom Tasks Guide
    • Example Custom Tasks
    • Examples for Accessing and Creating Reports
    • Javadocs

Support for VSG based Application Container Support

  • PNSC Management
    • Add PNSC account, Collect PNSC inventory,  provide inventory reports
    • Support for Firewall Policy with Zones, ACLs


  • VSG based Application Container support
    • Support for new VSG Applications Container
    • Deploy VSG in HA/Standalone mode
    • Register VSG with PNSC


Device Connector Enhancements Include:


UCS Manager Integration – Enhancements

  • Provisioning of Local Disk Configuration Policy, Maintenance Policy
  • Workflow task to add/remove VLAN from vNIC Templates, 
  • Workflow tasks to add VLAN to a vNIC of a Service Profile,
  • Workflow tasks for Server Pool Management
  • Allows to assign a Blade or Server Pool to a Group
  • Workflow task for cloning Service Profile and Service Profile Template
  • Associate Service Profile Template to Server Pool through task and action


Support for UCS Central Integration

  • Inventory Collection for UCS Central account discovers Domains, Domain Groups, Domain Group Policies, and Registration Policies.
  • In addition, for every UCS Domain, discovers inventory for UCSM including Fabric Interconnects, Chassis, and Servers.
  • Provisioning of Local/Global Service Profiles and Service Profile Templates
  • UCSM account can register/unregister from UCS Central
  • UCSM Policies can be set as local/global policies


Support for CIMC 1.5 (Double Peak)

  • UCS-D now uses XML API to communicate with C Server.
  • Enhanced Inventory Collection using XML API.
  • Added reports for Storage Adapter, VIC Adapter, Network Adapter
  • Added support to launch KVM Console of C Server through UCS-D
  • Support for Bare Metal Provisioning with Local Boot and FC SAN Boot.


EMC VMAX Integration – Enhancements

  • Fast Policy – CRUD operations,  Associate/Disassociate  Storage Group from Fast Policy
  • Storage Tier – CRUD operations, Add/Remove Disk Group to Storage Tier, Add/Remove Thin Pool to Storage Tier
  • FAST Controller – Display Status, Display/Update parameters/settings, Enable/Disable Fast Controller
  • Data Dev – CRUD Operations


EMC VNX, VNX2 Integration – Enhancements

  • Support for EMC VNX2 Series Storage
  • New Models supported: 5400, 5600, 5800,7600
  • Asset Discovery and Inventory Reports, Orchestration Tasks & Actions
  • CRUD Operations on
  • CIFS Server
  • CIFS Share
  • File System Quota
  • SnapView


NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP (C-Mode) – Enhancements

  • CRUD operations on:
    • Aggregate
    • CIFS Servers, Shares, ACL
    • Snapshot policy, schedule, Restoring files
    • Licensing
    • iSCSI initiators
    • Quota on Volume, Qtrees
    • FCP
    • iGroup
    • Clone LUN
    • DNS, NFS, LIF, Cluster Node configuration
    • Provisioning VM through VSC CMODE storage
    • SIS
    • SnapMirror
    • Vserver Peering
    • Cluster Peering
    • New Context Mappers


Hyper-V Support – Enhancements

  • Support for SMB 3.0 and SMIS(LUN) based storage providers.
  • Tasks for add/remove SMB 3.0/LUNs from Host/Cluster
  • Support for SCVMM 2012 R2.
  • SMT for SCVMM 2012 SP1 and SCVMM 2012 R2.
  • Support for Host Power Actions.
  • Web and RDP Access for VMs.
  • Stack View Support for Advanced Networking features in SCVMM 2012 SP1 and SCVMM R2


Network Provisioning  - Enhancements

  • New Device Support
    • Nexus 1110
    • Nexus 6K
    • Nexus 9K
    • MDS 9250i
    • N1K HA inventory
    • Enhancements in SAN Zone tasks  
      • A new task to create San Zone/Delete San Zone.
      • A new task to create San Zone Set / Delete San Zone Set.
      • A new task to Add/Remove San Zone members.
      • A new task to Add/Remove San Zone Set members
      • A new task to Add/Remove the Device Alias.
      • Ability to provide Device Alias and Zone Set names
    • Enhancements in SSH Task
      • Support for handling error scenarios
      • Support to return command output


VMware Integration – Enhancements

  • Report Enhancements:
    • Data Store Monitoring reports: Disk latency, IO throughput and IOPs, Total capacity, Used Capacity, Provisioned capacity and Over commitment ratio, Virtual Machine's .vmdk Disk Latency report
    • vSphere 5.5 support
    • Apply target vDC policies when moving a VM across VDCs
    • Policy Enhancements:
      • vDC System Policy Time zone options list and support all regions
      • vDC Storage policy for VMware with thin provisioning option (Flexibility)
      • IP Pool policy for defining Static IPs
      • Flexible vDC Network policy for different set of VM network requirements
    • New VMware tasks/actions Enhancements:
      • Create VMKernel port group on a standard VMware vSwitch.
      • Removing an ESXi host from Distributed vSwitch
      • VM Cloning task + Guest OS Customization
      • VM Select Task
      • Ability to hot add more CPU & Memory to VMs.