• Free Expo-only Passes for RSA Conference 2018

    April 16–20, 2018, San Francisco, CA   Are you headed to the RSA Conference in April?  If so, you can get a free expo-only pass when you use the following code: X8SCISCOP. Access includes the exh...
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  • Roadmap session - Network Security @ Cisco Live Barcelona

    Hey everyone!  If you are on your way to Cisco Live Barcelona make sure you register for the CCP roadmap session on Tuesday, January 30, 2018.  Topic is Network Security Roadmap (session number CCP-1003). ...
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  • I can't ping inside host computers from ASA5510 firewall

    Bellow you'll see a display of ASA5510 firewall running config. I'm unable to ping inside host computers from ASA5510 CLI. However I can access the internet from a computer connected to the firewall. Please take a loo...
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  • How to add a name server on ASA5510 AND delete wrong name server entry

    The following is the current running config on ASA5510. I would like to configure a name server on ASA5510 and delete a wrong name server entry (name-server Please show me how to delete the wrong name se...
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  • Firewall gateway?

    Does we have something about this requirement?   Firewall Gateway with a capacity of 5000 users, captive internet portal, content filtering, detailed packet inspection, dynamic VLAN administration, inter-site r...
  • Lab setup for CCNA R&S CCNA/CCNP Security

    Good Afternoon All,   New to the Cisco world and looking for advise on setting up home lab to get my CCENT, CCNA R&S and then CCNA/CCNP Security. I have been researching online to find the best equipment to ...
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  • Help us improve your community experience

    We need your input! Please take 5 minutes to tell us how and why you use the community.Community feedback survey
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  • ASA REST API Time Problem

    Hello, I want to change the timerange with REST. My problem is that when I send my JSON via PUT, the time at value. start and value. end is changed. I've entered 16:15 as time, and in the ASA only 04:15 arrives. &n...
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  • vpn konzept

    hallo ...bin nicht sicher ob ich hier richtig bin.......es geht um ein VPN Konzept für die ZUKUNFT   Unser bisheriges VPN Konzept legt fest das der I/O Verkehr über ein Interface geht......also vpn ein...
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  • Which Security Option Do you Prefer?

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  • ACS REST HTTPS PUT request - What is the correct format

    Hi All, I am trying to do a PUT request to ACS 5.6 but the documentation is too poor for a beginner like me and I don't find the correct XML format to use to update a e-mail address for a user.   https://10.42....
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  • TOMORROW: Briefing - Cisco Email Security and AMP Updates

    Based on recent announcements from Cisco Security, we are going to dive into Cisco Email Security and AMP at tomorrow's Customer Connection briefing.  This is your opportunity to join the Customer Connection prog...
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  • content filtering

    "URL filtering" and "content filtering" are the same term?
  • Anthony Grieco Latest Blog Post

    Read Anthony Grieco's latest blog post on Security as a Strategic Imperative. Anthony shares his two cybersecurity fundamentals he thinks ever organization should follow, and dives into ways companies can proactively ...
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  • ANNOUNCEMENT: Cisco Expands Its Multicloud Security Portfolio

    Announcing: An expanded multicloud security portfolio comprised of some existing, enhanced and brand-new components in 4 key areas: SaaS applications, public cloud infrastructure, secure access to the cloud and cloud ...
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  • Anyconnect Premium Peer License Questions

    What are the "Anyconnect Premium Peer" licenses on a ASA5515 and where can I find info to quote it? Can the above licenses be transferred from one ASA to another?  Meaning, if customer buys an ASA at a later da...
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  • Announcing New Cisco Predictive Services

    Cisco announces the addition of a suite of predictive services with these two new Cisco Services portfolios: Business Critical Services, and High-value Services.  With these new offerings, Cisco harnesses the pow...
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  • New Cisco Services: Master Your Digital Domain

    Tuesday, October 17, 2017 at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time / 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time   REGISTER NOW   Discover how new Cisco Services offerings can help you achieve a level of agility and efficiency you’ve...
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  • How to create a report to see the user traffic

    I am new to FMC version 6.2.  I would like to create a report to see the user traffic for each location by the network for example  The report should include the user name and destination I...
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  • October 11 Security Customer Connection briefing: Achieving an Adaptive Network with TrustSec

    Join us on October 11 from 8:00-9:30am PT for our next Security Customer Connection program briefing on the topic of TrustSec.   In this session, you will learn the fundamentals of TrustSec Software Defined Segme...
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