• ISE update URL's

    I am looking to find some information on ISE update URL's:   From ISE 2.2 Release Notes:    Client Provisioning portal — https://www.cisco.com/web/secure/pmbu/provisioning-update.xml Posture po...
    created by ryshaffe
  • Comprehensive report of all endpoints on the network

    Looking for some advice on how to best extract a list of all of the endpoints on my network (or at least on ISE 802.1x authenticated ports!) We are in monitor mode at several sites, and trying to give a comprehensive ...
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  • [Q] Increase scale in Guest Portals in 2.3/2.4

    Hi Guys   Is there any increase in scale for the number of guest portal in ISE past the 600 in ISE 2.2 https://communities.cisco.com/docs/DOC-68347   Have a 1400 site deployment that wants a unique porta...
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  • IP of Endpoint Not Showing Up in Context Visibility

    I have an odd issue that I am seeing.  In my context visibility screen I am not seeing the IP address of a device show up: I have verified with debugs on the switch and TCP dumps on the PSN that the Frame IP A...
    created by paul@berbee
  • Certificate Check Workflow in ISE

    Hello,   I have a question regarding what exactly ISE checks against when doing certificate authentication.  In particular, does ISE check key usage on trusted certificates.  Does anyone have a proces...
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  • Guests Auto-Enrolment via SMTP : Mail sent... Then What ?

    Hi, I am working on ISE V2.3. We implemented SMTP on ISE in order for Guests to create an account: Then, Access-Code generated is sent by mail to the Guest's E-Mail address : This works fine !   My question is ...
  • What attributes can we send from ISE to an external radius authentication servers

    I have a customer that is integrating ISE with an external radius provider (onelogin) for authentication. This radius instance also provides risk based (adaptive) authentication, where it will challenge based off of c...
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  • ISE authentication User in HEX

    Hi,   as i am from Germany and we are having the non-extended-ASCII character "ß" as an equal of double-S quit often in names appearing, i came across this speciality in ISE Logs:   e.g.: tesst.te&...
    Alexander Fritzsche
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  • VM license error when importing

    Hello,   I have upgraded my lab from 2.3 to 2.4, and the system is asking for the VM license. I have imported the license for the primary PAN, and all went fine, but when on the primary PAN, I try to add the li...
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  • ISE + ASA not upgrading an older Anyconnect client over Wifi or VPN

    Hello ISE+ASA VPN experts,   (1)   Got an use case where existing Windows AC 4.4 clients(no Posture) connects to the Wifi and the ISE 2.x VPN client profile in ISE is configured with AC 4.5.  Upon ...
    created by jelin
  • ISE Profiling Logic - Need confirmation

    Hi It would be great if someone could please confirm the logic of ISE profiling. My customer runs ISE 2.3 Patch 2. DHCP helper address is enabled for Voice VLANs and Device Sensor (only included DHCP protocol, excl...
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  • Plus license consumption in 2.3

    Did plus licensing consumption change for 2.3? I 'am seeing that Cisco IP phones don't increase the count against plus license even after they get profiled as the specific model and match the Cisco IP phone AuthZ rule...
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  • ISE API Calls

    Hi all,   I am trying to make an API call to ISE 2.2 on port 443. The server from where I am making the call uses TLS1.0 for sending the Hello during the TLS handshake. ISE rejects the request and does not respo...
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  • Maximum Scale Limits

    Multiple organizations are looking to combine their network architecture in the future. They want to understand if they do a joint dot1x solution, can ISE scale to the limits. There would be over 1M endpoints after in...
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  • Server Sizing Question

    We are needing to rebuild one of our policy nodes in our deployment(2 Admin, 2 Monitoring and 5 Policy Service Nodes) which raised the question about hardware requirements and OVA versions.  When examining this d...
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  • ISE 2.3 to 2.4 restore failure

    Hello,   I am helping a customer perform a restore from ISE 2.3 to ISE 2.4.  I have the customer's 2.3 backup, and in my lab environment, I am seeing the following:   ise/admin# restore backup.tar.gpg ...
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  • ISE 2.2 AnyConnect Posturing without using redirect

    Hello, I have a challenge. I have AnyConnect posture for Antivirus. My computers go to hibernate and after returning from hibernation my Office 365 connection sends me a certificate warning. I assume this is due to th...
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  • Visibility into Devices not Authenticated via ISE

    I have a customer that would like to inventory their device that connect to a PSK WLAN not tied to ISE in any way. The WLC is connected to ISE for other WLANs.  Is there a way to identify the devices without auth...
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  • AD Diag Question

    When I run AD test by "run all tests" button, "DNS A record low level AP Query" failed with message " DNS response is invalid." and "DNS SRV record query" Warning with message " SRV record found. Not all SRV records h...
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  • ISE MDM Intune - Apple

    Hello,   We are working on a POV where we are facing an issue. All Apple phone when they authenticate to ISE using VPN do not have the same username than what is in the MDM. (seems the username is different for ...
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