• Uccx 11.5 - Pause&Resume audio prompt

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if there is a way using UCCX 11.5 to pause and resume via DTMF interaction the playback of an audio Prompt. I cannot see anything like that on docs, but since I think it is a relatively c...
    created by filippotostipg
  • No AV conditions on ISE 2.2

    We're configuring AV policy for guest users and created posture condition for AV however when we are using it in the posture policy it does not show any AV conditions even the Cisco defined are not there. Please let u...
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  • ISE Web Agent

    We have ISE 2.2 version and using web agent for guest posture check however we can't get thru because we encounter below error.     We already enabled activex and java applet but we encountered th...
    created by mblasquite
  • ACS Certificate Renewal

    When changing CA and local certificates for users performing EAP authentication would wireless clients that have existing sessions be forced to re-authenticate or would their existing sessions continue to persist? &nb...
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  • Sponsor Group Merge

    Hi Experts, I know that when a sponsor user maps to multiple sponsor groups access rights get merged from all the matching groups. However, I'm running into an issue with Self-Registration approval. I have one Spon...
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  • Enhancing Google Form capabilities

    Hi Community !   I’ve used Google forms before for basic surveys and recently learned a few new tricks with Google Apps Script (JavaScript based) thanks to a colleague - Cory Guynn. You can really enhance a...
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  • CRL or OCSP to check certificate revocation

    ISE has the ability to check certificate revocation status of certificates presented to it (e.g. a client's cert in a EAP-TLS setup).   I am keen to know what you all use in your real-world deployments? CRL or...
    Arne Bier
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  • How does my customer get access to the Support APIs?

    Several customers have asked how they can get access to the Support APIs; what is the process?   Thank you!
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  • Purge/Inactive Days Idea of Purging

    All,   The attached picture is of an endpoint in my customer's system.  You can see that the endpoint has been in there for 600+ days but the inactive days is 0.  There is no selected authorization pro...
    created by paul@berbee
  • Recovering VIRL License

    My VIRL asked for an update of the software. In the process I believe, Ubuntu also got upgraded. Now the VM is completely messed up. I saw a thread stating that if you upgrade Ubuntu, everything will stop working. So ...
    created by xovercable
  • iFrame src path has "/gadgets/" added to it??

    I have entered a very unfriendly alternate universe.  Can someone tell me why this is happening?   I have a gadget in which I'm trying to get inter-frame messaging (using postMessage()) working, but the pat...
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  • New MPLS OAM sample apps

    Hi everyone,   I just commit my first four boilerplate and four custom apps to configure MPLS OAM: nc-create-xr-mpls-oam-cfg-20-ydk.py - Enable MPLS OAM nc-create-xr-mpls-oam-cfg-22-ydk.py - Disable vendor e...
    created by djsmith
  • UCCE 11.5 REST API - How to permanently delete objects?

    Some objects available via the UCCE 11.5 REST API are not permanently deleted after issuing an HTTP DELETE request. This can result in invalidInput.duplicateName.deleted error if an attempt is made to recreate an obj...
    created by rchaddock
  • How to get notification of RTP streams

    I have added address/call/terminal observers successfully to monitor calls and I receive RTP started/stopped events successfully for audio streams. However, when I use a phone with video capabilities which has booth...
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  • ISE IPv6 Profiling

    Hi,   Does ISE support IPv6 profiling ? If yes, which probe/attribute does ISE support ?   Regards, Itaru
    created by iurikura
  • C4507 Supervisora 6

    Hi, I have a chasis Catalyst 4507  (WS-C4507R-E with running software version cat4500e-entservicesk9-mz.151-2.SG6.bin  and two WS-X45-SUP6-E. Can the same supervisor always be started as active? For example...
  • PAR v7+ REST API Examples

    Are there any examples of using the REST API for PAR v7+?  Specifically I am looking for information on the User APIs as documented in Table D-3 in the End User Guide:   AddUser http://<hostname>:8080...
    created by brettkugler
  • Telefonverzeichnis CUCM 11.5 - german/english

    GERMAN:   Hallo,   wie kann ich ein Telefonverzeichnis erstellen, dass alle DNs umfasst und für alle User verfügbar ist. Wir haben zwar das Unternehmensverzeichnis ( LDAP Anbindung an AD ), hier ...
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  • Open video

    created by Nick_Huang
  • Admin's approval message

    Hello,   Is there any way to access admin's approve/reject message? I would like to send an email to a user with a reason of rejection, provided by the admin.   Best regards, Krzysztof
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