• pxGrid for VPN users

    Hi Team,   Could somehow ISE pxGrid share the IP address of the authenticated VPN users's using ASA as a VPN concentrator? ISE does the authentication and authorization and it works for wired users. RADIUS acc...
    created by gacs
  • Finesse 11.5

    In our Call Center, we are using Finesse 11.5 with Jabber 11.9 softphones. Sometimes, agents will log out of one computer to move to another desk for part of their shift. We are finding that, sometimes, Finesse gives ...
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  • create pass-through in call manager to allow user-to-user field pass to ip phone

    Good afternoon, I hope someone can help me with what I will explain below. I have an integration from my Call manager via SIPtrunk through cube gateway with a Telefonica Avaya exchange. Through this integration, in th...
    created by andresgarciah
  • Error: Unable to find host with enough capacity. Rejecting grow request for service=apic-em-network-programmer-service

    Trying to work out why it is saying this and where i'm getting it from. Can't find any troubleshooting docs on this. Has any one else experienced this?
    created by ed_nunez1
  • DevNet at NetAcad GIPD event September 2017

    Recently I had the good fortune to present to NetAcad instructors for Global Instructional Professional Development week and was able to cover network programmability with a hands-on demo. I demoed network programmabi...
    created by ailiesiu
  • ¿como se ordena webex?

    Soy ingeniero de Preventa y no conozco como generar un BOM para un cliente que solicita Cisco Webex... Revisando, existen distintos tipos: Meeting Center, Training Center, Event Center y Support Center...   &iqu...
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  • UCSD - DV Port group 3 setting changes (PromiscuousMode, MacAddressChanges, ForgedTransmits)

    Task Name change dvport group settings Description Prerequisites Tested on 6.5 Category Workflow Components User Inputs Output Instructions for Regular Workflow Use: Download the attached .ZIP file belo...
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  • Can the default Endpoint Certificate be changed to another one when requesting endpoint certificate with the API?

    The default Endpoint System Certificate in the ISE is a 4096-bit key. I need it to be 2048-bit. Can I replace that certificate with another one for use in the get certificate API call?
    created by kpeters011
  • Frequency of NMAP triggers for Unknown Endpoints

    If an endpoint is profiled as Unknown ISE tries to do an NMAP query. If an endpoint is still profiled as Unknown how frequently does ISE tries to query that endpoint again ?
    created by umahar
  • CWS vs Umbrella

    Is there a page/document that shows a comparison of these products and features side by side?   Seems like there is some overlap and some features that are unique to each.
    created by fmaisano
  • Cos vs DSCP

    Hello,   I've been searching the web and forums for awhile and cannot seem to find the answer to my questions regarding this topic. It seems there is a wide variety of opinions out there and was hoping someone c...
    created by dcanady55
  • Invalid certificate for URL https://sandboxapicdc.cisco.com/

    Anyone else getting this error? Untrusted SSL Server Certificate (ssl_server_cert_untrusted_issuer) Your request contacted a host which presented a certificate signed by an untrusted issuer. This is typically c...
    created by blong
  • NAM/CCP and Credential Guard in Windows 10 ?

    Hi all,   Is the Custom Credential Provider used by  the Network Access Manager compatible with Credential Guard in Windows 10 and are the credentials given to this provider fully protected by Credential Gu...
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  • Central Florida Partner Announcements

    Subscribe to this Blog - Unsubscribe from this Blog   All relevant partner content will be continuously updated in the official Partner Community for Enterprise Networks here: Enterprise Networks Partner Commun...
    David Fernandez
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  • ISE Guest Portal

    Hello, I have a client who wants to deploy Cisco ISE with a self-registered portal requiring sponsor approval. They want the guests to have network access for configurable lengths of time. Is this possible? I found ...
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  • Maximum SGT per Device.

    Hello everyone In Admin guide says that even ISE supports 65,535 SGTs the maximum recommended is 4,000. The question is: when the devices (switches, routers, ASA, etc) download the environment data from ISE is t...
    created by ecanogut
  • ISE setup using a Load balancer

    We want to setup ISE PSNs behind a loadbalancer( Netscaler or F5). For COA, do we need to add default route on PSNs towards loadbalancer IP? How should we route traffic from PSNs if we are using SNAT, i.e. default rou...
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  • Assign client to blocked policy via API

    Hi,   Currently we block clients who we suspect of being malicious by adding them to the built-in 'blocked' policy. I'm looking for a way to do this via the API. I see you can update a client's group policy but ...
    created by dave_lewis1
  • UCSD - Create ESXi Host and create vCenter (XML auto answer install file) and combine vCenter into new ESXi host

    Task Name 1) Build ESXi server 2) Create new vCenter from ISO 3) Add vCenter to new ESXi host 4) register with UCSD Description Prerequisites Tested on 6.5 Category Workflow Components User Inputs Outp...
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  • APIC-EM Discovery issue

    Hello   I have a problem with discovering netwrok devices. Some devices are failed with "CLI validation failed" message. However during next run for this discovery, previously failed devices are discovered propa...
    created by lukaszdewera