• Cisco Stealthwatch 6.8 v1.1 - 한국어

    개요  참고 : 본 랩에 포함되어 있는 트래픽 생성기에서 생성된 트래픽이 충분히 모아지기까지 최대 24시간 가량 소요되므로 고객 데모 최소 24시간 전에 이 랩을 구동시켜 놓는 것이 좋습니다.   Stealthwatch는 네트워크 데이터(플로우 정보)를 수집 및 분석하여 사용자에게 네트워크에 대한 더 나은 가시성과 보안을 제공합니다. Stealthwatch는 시스코 ...
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  • Guest Portal Logout Button and session time end info and Customization sponsor portal

    1. Is there any possibility to display the guest time end info upon authentication success with the script?   2. After guest authentication successful, how the guest logout from the session?  Is there any p...
    created by geeyc5113
  • AMP to end points

    Hello,   The Cisco AMP to end point can remove an ransomware from an infected server?   Regards,   RMC
    created by rene.melendez
  • ISE - VPN profiling with Apple iPhone devices

    Hi,   I got an issue with Apple devices such as iPhone and iPADs when connecting through VPN the ISE is not doing profiling with the Apple devices.   With Android is working well. We create a policy for Andr...
    created by rchockeelopez
  • Software Release Notifications

    Here's how to get notified about Cisco software releases, like the Identity Services Engine.   Go to software.cisco.com - where you download all Cisco software Select Software Download Choose Products > Sec...
    Thomas Howard
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  • DevNet Express: DNA Programmability [Riyadh]

    4/10/2017 5:00 PM
    Read More and Register! What's a DevNet Express event? It's a focused event where you listen, learn, and put what you learn into practice. And this event is all about Digital Network Architecture (DNA). Who is it ...
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    DevNet Express: DNA Programmability [Riyadh]

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  • Bug Status & Notifications

    You can get view and subscribe to Cisco product defect updates for specific bugs that affect you or your deployment.   Bug Status  Go to the Cisco Bug Search Tool (BST) Enter your Bug ID () into the Search...
    Thomas Howard
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  • Upgrading from Medium to Large Deployment

    Hello, Is there a documented process for upgrading a deployment from medium to large for version 2.1? Many thanks
    created by jugdip.virdi
  • Authentication timeout variable?

    Here is the use case...feel free to suggest another approach, you won't hurt my feelings.   Would like a dedicated SSID for employee internet access only (no other networks will be exposed)...there is no concept...
    created by sheff
  • End User Tracking

    Is there any way in the API to extract all the MAC addresses found on a particular switch interface?
    Scott Prigge
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  • Jabber Client for Windows

    Hi,   How can I remove the search for webex in the jabber client. I want to use the local IM&P with SRV _cuplogin.  I have configured an script xml jabber-confing-xml  but it does not work fine unt...
    created by dsobrinho
  • UCCE - Creating a unique login for PG CTI Server

    Hi,   Does anyone know if there is a preferred method to create a unique login to a PG (configured as a CTI Server) that can be used by a 3rd party application to query? The goal is to query the CTI Server usin...
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  • Guest flow and non-uniq guest user's e-mail/phone number

    Hello everybody!   We are implementing guest flow with self-registered guest users on ISE 2.1. Guest users are redirected to our Self-Registered Guest Portal. On the portal users are able to successfully add new ...
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  • Cisco Default Gadgets

    Hello,   Is there anyway to get the Cisco Finesse's defaults gadgets code?   I want to costumize somethings if that is possible!   Thanks Tiago
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  • Open video

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  • CUIC 11.5 Formula Field Functions

    Hi, Where i can look for functions that i can use In Formula Fields?   Or   I need a function that calculates the week of year based on date Field. Also i extract from a Date Field  "22-03-17" &...
    created by etmarcof
  • Cisco ACI App & Add-on for Splunk Enterprise

    Please review our new CVD for ACI-***** integration http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/solutions/collateral/data-center-virtualization/application-centric-infrastructure/white-paper-c11-738275.html
    Asha Hegde
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  • embedded webapp gadget startup with userid

    I would like to start the gadget up passing in the userID. Is this possible? Here is my current script tag. is there a parameter I can use at the end of index.html?FINESSE_USERID  ? Or do I need to make the us...
  • Writing own Headset Plug-In

    Hi together, I am new in the world of Cisco DevNet and have a question relating to headset plug-ins for Cisco Jabber. Can anybody tell me what requrements shall I fulfill in order to write an own plug-in for a headset...
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  • UCS Performance Manager v2.0.3  (Maintenance Release)

    Built with technology from ZENOSS, Cisco UCS Performance Manager (UCSPM) is an agent-less, performance monitoring and capacity planning tool custom built for the UCS Administrator.  UCSPM provides unified visibil...
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