• Cisco Stealthwatch Expert Series Webinar: May 10th!

    Be sure to join us for this month's HOT topic! Register Here Today!   Topic: “Cryptomining Detection with Cisco Stealthwatch and Encrypted Traffic Analytics (ETA)” Date: Thursday, May 10, 2018 Time...
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  • Collaboration Summit 2018 - Overview

    Lots and lots happened at Collaboration Summit which took place April 18-19 2018 in Phoenix AZ, USA. If you were there, you know all the cool stuff that was presented. If you were not able to make it this year, fear n...
    Gregory Rose
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  • Cisco Spark is now Webex Teams

    Big news! Cisco Spark is now Webex Teams!   Read more about these exciting new changes and find out more details about Webex Team in Jonathan Rosenberg" blog post titled: Cisco Spark and Webex Platform Convergen...
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  • Don't Miss the Customer Connection Briefing on Firewalls, May 30

    Threats have evolved. So should your firewall. Are you a Cisco customer or partner? Join the Cisco Customer Connection Program - Security Track and register for the upcoming CCP Briefing on Cisco Next Generation Firew...
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  • Cisco IXM 2.0.30 image is released!

    Software Download - Cisco Systems   Upgrade Linux kernel to 4.4.52 SHA256 for the firmware signature and uboot Validation of the firmware image before flashing Launch processes as non-root Password protectio...
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  • InGenius Workflow Integrations

    One of the things that's important to us here at InGenius is that our computer telephony integration (CTI) solution works in a way that's right for you. That's why InGenius Connector Enterprise is highly configurable,...
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  • Join our #CiscoChat April 25th: Kubernetes & Containers: Get on Board

    Questions about containers? Curious about Kubernetes? Join our Twitter Chat April 25th: Kubernetes & Containers: Get on Board! This chat will be moderated by @CiscoCloud, and will feature Senior Director David...
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  • New Stealthwatch 90-day Trail Feature

    Cisco Stealthwatch version 6.10 is now available for download from Cisco dot com and features a new 90-day trail license.  Cisco dot com registered users can download and install the Stealthwatch Flow Sensor, UDP...
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  • The new Cisco Webex for Developers is Here - What Developers Need to Know From Our Rebrand

    New look and feel, same great service? Think again. There's more to our recent rebrand of Cisco Spark than initially meets the eye - in fact, there's quite a lot to like about our makeover, including some key things s...
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  • Discover the Cloud Security Threats in 2018

      Enterprises are continuously investing heavily in cloud computing and so the experts are now accepting the fact that the market is entering a second wave. This is leading to several security threats to cloud wh...
  • Catalyst 9000 Switches Enabling Higher Speeds in Enterprise with Investment Protection

    With advances in wireless connectivity technologies and emerging new use cases such as VR, HD imaging and high performance work-stations that handle high volume data, network-access speeds are increasing from designed...
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  • About the native Semtech Packet Forwarder v5.1.0 binary pre-installed inside the LXC of IXM 2.0.30 Release

    ************************************************************************ IMPORTANT NOTE: This pre-installed native Semtech Packet Forwarder is strictly used for the lab validation only, not for any production or com...
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  • Cisco Catalyst 9500 Series - Industry’s first purpose built 100G and 25G fixed backbone switches optimized for Enterprise

    IT networks are bracing for a digital transformation from within. Digital divide, traditionally speaking, was once a problem of access with sufficient bandwidth. In addition, in recent years, it has also been a matter...
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  • Announcing Change to @mentions in 1-1 Cisco Spark Spaces

    As a Cisco Spark developer, we want to give you a heads up regarding a key functionality change in the Spark Message API endpoint.   Currently, the Message API endpoint accepts @mentions in 1-1 Spark spaces. Soo...
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  • Announcing Cisco Spark License API Changes

    As a Cisco Spark Developer, we want to give you a heads up that the Licenses API endpoint for Cisco Spark will soon be updated to include all hybrid services available for an organization.   Currently, the Licen...
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  • Jabber for iOS Apple Push Notifications (APNs) update

    We recently learned from Apple that Cisco Jabber for iOS will continue to work as today when receiving notifications for IM and calls. The next major iOS release after iOS 11 will not break Jabber notifications for IM...
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  • Resources from CiscoLive 2018 Sessions

    Cisco Live is not just Cisco's annual customer conference, where partners and customers learn new technologies, discuss business trends, share ideas and network. It is also the industry's premier education and trainin...
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  • Cisco Spark Developers can roll out Better and Faster App Experiences with Rollbar

    Back in the day when I was a hard core developer working on 'complex networked multi-threaded cross platform scheduling systems' (yeah, 20 years ago, and yeah, trying to get as many of the old buzz words in…) w...
    Francis Geck
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  • Vbrick Leverages Cisco Spark API's to Help Transform Video Communication and Distribution in the Workplace

    Ever consider that corporate 'town halls' and 'all-hands' meetings create invaluable content your company can leverage in other ways for continued business success?  Ever consider your other various meeting activ...
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  • Cisco Jabber 12.0 Released

    Cisco has launched a new version of Jabber on March 29, 2018. So, what can be said for Jabber 12.0? Quite a bit. Below is an exert from the Cisco Release notes for Jabber 12.0, which can be found at the following link...
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