• Look No Code... learning about APIC-EM API without writing code...

    If you do not have a programming background, it might be a bit daunting to get started with REST API. Fortunately there are tools that allow you to and use REST API without needing to write a line of python.  My ...
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  • VR & AR: The Real Deal!

    A blog discussing the new trend in technology- Augmented and Virtual Reality, the evolution of a new platform ecosystem and its impact on Service Providers.   Read More
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  • The New Digital Deal: How retailers are transforming online shopping experiences and transactions

    A blog describing how retailers are transforming online shopping experiences and transactions using a blend of location-based marketing, mobile technology and data analytics   Read More
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  • IPv6 Enables Global Mobile IoT Innovation and Proliferation

    IPv6 enables global mobile IoT innovation and proliferation. See what Mobile Visual Networking Index (VNI) findings support this assessment. Read More
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  • Are you ready for Cisco Live Berlin?

    Because the DevNet Zone is ready for you! The DevNet Zone is where applications meet infrastructure; where developers and network engineers meet API and programming experts; and where some serious hands-on learning me...
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  • Cisco’s IOS-XE virtualized router grows up

    Cisco CSR1000V, where it's used and how does it perform The Cisco CSR1000V can deliver up to 20Gbps of throughput on a single x86 commercially available server, delivers up to 5Gbps of encrypted traffic inside pub...
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  • Cisco Umbrella WLAN: Your First Line of Enterprise Network Defense

    In the stores of tomorrow, phones will replace cashiers. In the fields of tomorrow, connected crops will solve global food challenges. In the factories of tomorrow, robots will work together autonomously.   Tomo...
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  • Five APIC-EM API to improve network engineer productivity – part 5

    Welcome to part 4 of the "APIC-EM API productivity series" for network engineers getting started in API and scripting. Earlier blogs on APIC-EM covered /network-device – all attributes of network-devices /int...
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  • Virtualize Your Office without Relearning Everything

    In the beginning (circa 2001), mankind lived in caves and lit fires with a flint. We also built towering monuments to the gods of Information Technology. Offices, retail stores, banks, centers of commerce – anyw...
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  • 3.2 Preview: API v3 and DevNet Integration

    Hello again!  We'd like to continue our series of blog posts with another Prime Infrastructure 3.2 preview.  Please leave any feedback or questions you have in the comment section below.  Just like in o...
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  • Welcome to Berlin: Cisco Spark ISV Partners at Cisco Live!

    At Cisco Live Berlin 2017, Cisco Spark ISV Partners will be participating in full force whether that is exhibiting in the Collaboration Partner Village in the World of Solutions or showcasing the technical abilities o...
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  • Living on The Edge - The Road to Rapid Deployment in IoT Edge Computing

    As Cisco IOx continues to bring in more developer-friendly features, DevNet is there to support your needs in Edge computing.  Today we are releasing the first in a series of Learning Labs for getting started wit...
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  • Latest Jabber SDK (IM/CAXL) Demo Available Now

    You can find the latest Jabber SDK (CAXL) demo attached to this blog post.  This is a reasonably feature-complete demo of Jabber SDK. Since it is a pretty massive overhaul of the last version of the Demo, you wil...
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  • Don't Miss Expert Panels on Cloud Collab, Network Programmability and more at Cisco Live Berlin

    The DevNet Zone at Cisco Live is perhaps best known for its hands-on learning labs, workshops, and coding classes.  But it would be a mistake to overlook the expert panel sessions.    Next week at #CLE...
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  • Australian NBN is it a goer

    This my first blog and it was inspired by an email I received earlier in the week about 802.11ax. The Australian Federal Government is currently rolling out the National Broadband Network (NBN). This is the largest i...
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  • The rise of containers - How are companies responding in the cloud

      We are now less than a week away from Cisco Live Berlin and I’m eagerly looking forward to sharing what’s happening in OpenStack around containers and hearing from our customers and partners on wher...
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  • Cisco Conference Now Connects Participants and Accelerates Business Collaboration

    Tony: Hello? Am I the only one on? Automated Attendant: You are the first participant. Please continue to hold until the host has arrived. While I wait for others to join the call, I will enjoy this soothing hold musi...
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  • Enterprise Networks Partner VT - Americas

    Dear Partners,   The Cisco Americas Partner Organization would like to personally invite to the April 2017 Enterprise Networking Partner VT, the premier technology event for Cisco Enterprise Networking focused P...
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  • Keeping Us Relevant- Part II #CLEUR Women in Tech and Innovation Showcase

    “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” - Mahatma Gandhi As humans we are always evolving with each experience and learning. In our modern world, this evolution al...
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  • OnPage Integrates with Cisco Spark to Elevate Critical Messaging February 14, 2017 // Cisco, Industry News, Market News, Messaging, Press Releases, Products & Services, SR 2-19b

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