• Now Available: New & improved Context Service customer journey gadget for Cisco Finesse

    Hello All,   Announcing the general availability of the new and improved Context Service gadget for Finesse!   The new journey gadget can be deployed in a phased manner starting with one pilot team and expan...
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  • Local Measure Now on the Cisco GPL

    Local Measure is on Cisco's Global Price List and available for transactions by any Cisco sellers/resellers. Local Measure provides a retail and hospitality service that connects the front line staff to customers a...
    Francis Geck
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  • DNA Center Plug and Play (PnP)– Part 1

    Background  I have written a number of blogs on Network Plug and Play (PnP) on APIC-EM and wanted to provide an update of the new improved PnP in DNA Center.   This new series covers the changes and enhanc...
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  • Script an ASDM Session Part II

    In part I of "Script an ASDM Session", we looked at how to MiTM an ASDM session in order to understand how to leverage the ASDM web interface for our own automation needs. In this article, I will disect a small python...
    created by aaron.hackney
  • A Cisco Live Retrospective

    Cisco Live 2018 was a spectacular, deep-dive into technology, innovation, networking, and fun. The Bucher + Suter team made it a priority to contribute to that spirit of convivial sharing and connection by hosting a c...
    Bruno Gruenig
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  • Oblong Takes Cisco Hollywood

    It's not often that Cisco can claim Hollywood credit, but we can claim something better - we are bringing Hollywood to life. Oblong Industries, a Cisco solution partner, was founded by the man that Hollywood turns ...
    Francis Geck
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  • Interactive Demo: Salesforce CTI & Omnichannel Integration

    Discover how easy it is to have a complete blended agent utilizing Salesforce's omni-channel framework, Cisco Contact Center, and Bucher + Suter Connects.   Showcasing: Real Time Displays Inbound Call Call Lo...
    Bruno Gruenig
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  • Release of b+s Connects for Microsoft Dynamics 4.0

    We are delighted to announce the release of b+s Connects for Microsoft Dynamics 4.0. A total visual refresh beautifully accents the connector’s broadened functionality, so that the connector will appear totally ...
    Bruno Gruenig
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  • Check out Cisco's Vulnerability Database (VDB) library with links to the Cisco Firepower Application Detector Reference

    The Cisco vulnerability database (VDB) is a database of known vulnerabilities to which hosts may be susceptible, as well as fingerprints for operating systems, clients, and applications. The system uses the VDB to hel...
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  • Firepower Application Detectors and AppID Updates

    If ever wondered where i may find latest information about Firepower Application Detectors now you have it all in our updated documentation:   https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/security/firepower/Applicatio...
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  • Changes to Admin and Compliance Scopes

    As a Webex developer, we want to give you advance notice of a key functionality change with spark-admin and spark-compliance scopes.   The following authorization scopes are now deprecated and will no longer wor...
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  • We humbly accept the SALESFORCE TRUST AWARD 2018

    There is lots of news out there, some better than others. Today’s news is pretty great: Salesforce has honored Bucher + Suter with the Salesforce TRUST Award for our b+s Connects for Salesforce products—de...
    Bruno Gruenig
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  • Hello, Cisco Community

    Say goodbye to Cisco Communities as you know it today. Say hello to Cisco Community. This July we will complete the migration of content from Cisco Communities, consolidate the content with Cisco Support Community and...
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  • Using PubNub for Enterprise Bots Behind the Firewall

    Building Cisco Webex Teams bots and integrations that need access to behind-the-firewall resources is a challenge that regularly faces developers building Webex applications for internal use. Webex API events are deli...
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  • Learn How to Automate with Intersight on DevNet and at Cisco Live!

    With Cisco Live! happening soon, the developers at Cisco have been working hard to showcase a few of the possibilities in automating with Cisco Intersight.  The Cisco Intersight platform provides cloud-based infr...
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  • Now Available: Context Service SDK version 2.0.5

    Hello,   We are excited to announce that the 2.0.5 version of the Context Service SDK is now available. This version of the Context Service SDK features an updated object model. You can download the 2.0.5 versio...
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  • Turn Your Logged Calls into Reporting Gold

    Not only can computer telephony integration, or "CTI", improve customer satisfaction, increase productivity and reduce costs, it can actually influence many parts of your company.   When you integrate calls into...
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  • Cisco Webex Cloud API Development Partners at Cisco Live! Orlando

    We are excited to have such an amazing group of development partners showcasing their solutions and platforms at Cisco Live! Orlando from June 11th through June 14th.  We are including a snapshot of our Webex Tea...
    Francis Geck
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  • Reset ISE host OS config with a single CLI?

    This feature has been around for quite some time, but every time I describe it to ISE sellers and customers, I get surprised looks. Did you know that in ISE 2.1 and newer, you can reset the networking configuration of...
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  • Live #CiscoChat May 31st — Cisco Aironet 4800 and DNA Center Assurance

    Wireless network complexity is on the rise, increasing with each new device that’s added. IT teams need solutions that streamline their maintenance and troubleshooting processes, and that’s exactly the top...
    Gregory Rose
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