• Profile Picture on Spark Board?

    Hello,   We join meetings from our Spark Board where the board itself is the participant.  When it joins the meeting it is listed as just "video_user1" and its profile picture is a grey silhouette.  Ha...
  • Password Aged

    On my ISE lab, password is aged and when I try to change it in CLI it says : Authentication Manipulation Token Error   Any ideas on what to do? Rémi
    created by rvacher
  • Passive ID log off

    Hi,   how ISE receives notification when users is logged off.   Log on is registered as WMI events from the DC.   Is there a mechanism to notify ISE about log off event and trigger CoA that will kill...
    created by m.markocevic
  • Cisco Spark Device Subscription or Registration without Named user account

    Dear all, I have a question maybe someone knows about it. The customer want to buy just 1 unit Spark room Kit with device subscription. They want to use just the Spark Room Kit over cloud with SIP video address. They ...
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  • Issue with ISE AuthZ Policy

    We have an issue with ISE selecting the appropriate AuthZ policy based on the device NDG name.  A customer has 200+ locations, with each location having a specific code to specify the geographical location / buil...
    created by stojanr
  • PAN Auto-Failover for 2 ISE

    Hi I am working on the ISE part of my DNA SDA customer. There are 2 ISE boxes and each ISE box running PAN, MnT and PSN personas. I would like to know how to enable Auto Failover between PAN. The below URL says, for ...
    last modified by vinvenug
  • ISE posture - supported SCCM versions

    hi team,   do we have any official statement about the supported versions of SCCM client/server for ISE+AnyConnect posture? Also I would like to confirm if SCCM Express updates are supported for the posture flo...
    last modified by anvolkov
  • ISR 4321 Auto Attendant configuration

    Dears,   Could i configure on ISR4321 IVR or Auto Attendant without CUE only on it's IOS?
    created by hamada1973
  • FTD or ASA OS

    Hey All,   It seems Cisco made decision to go with FTD as only image for NGFW. Is anyone here who alrady implemented FTD across company (not pilot, not single firwall) ?
    created by stcnetteam
  • PAN and MnT: move to new DC

    Hello, In a distributed deployment with Standalone PAN and MnT in HA we need to move all of them to new DCs, PSNs will remain as they are. Which is the recommended procedure? 1.- Remove nodes from the system, e.g. ...
    last modified by jsanz
  • Enable APNS via AXL API

    Hello,   We've figured out the process we want to use to enable APNS, and are now trying to figure out how to tool this process.   Are any of the settings in the Advanced Features > Cisco Cloud Onboardi...
    created by jjacobs_adp
  • CUIC Field meanings

    Hello,   Does anyone know where I can look up definitions for "available fields" in CUIC ?   I have a few that I'm not sure of. IE: RedirectCalls, RedirectCallsTime,  AHoldT,
    last modified by mattbrookman@gmail.com
  • Max failed login attempts on Web Portal and AD

    Hi team,   Does the Maximum Failed Login Attempts control work for web portal authentication with Active Directory users? If not would there be another way to prevent AD user account lockout when using the web p...
    created by slevesqu
  • Deleting Discovered Devices

    Helllo,   For devices that were discovered, can I delete those devices without any adverse affect on those devices? I ask this because with a device that was provisioned, when I delete it from the Network Plug-n...
    last modified by tyhill2014
  • Rehost a ASR 1002-HX 1GE 2-port License

    I need to confirm if is possible to do a rehost for a FLSA1-HX-2X1GE ASR1000-HX Built-In 1GE 2-port License in another 1002-HX router
    created by j.guerra
  • Regex for Syslog Username Parsing

    I am trying to get identity from some of my users logging into a Centos 6.  I am able to get the IP address of the machine but am having trouble parsing the username.  I am not able to get the quotes strippe...
    created by scamarda
  • Recordings Not Appearing

    We have nearly hit our 50GB capacity for storage.  Since there isn't a UI for managing this, we are using the APIs.   We have previously used the APIs successfully with the exact same script to retrieve a l...
    last modified by darrenparkinson
  • I need G0/18-20 for vIOS L2

    Hello I have four switches vIOS L2 in my emulator. I try to add 24 ports so I can connect G0/18-20 between two of the same switches and the switch has G0/0-3, G1/0-3, G2/0-3, G3/0-3, G4/0-3, and G5/0-3. How do I get ...
    last modified by mlenco
  • ISE support for Ruckus ZD3050 and R500

    Hello, Could you please confirm if the below Ruckus models are compatible with ISE? have anyone tested the below?   WLC model: ZD3050, version build 24.   Wireless AP model: R500, version: 9.8.2...
    last modified by aalqarta
  • Migrating 2 separate ACS setup to single ISE setup

    Hi,   I have a customer that has 2 sets of ACS on 2 different sites, with 2 sets of policies.   Can we use ACS to ISE migration tool to migrate them over to single ISE node and combine the policies ?  ...
    created by sr2290723