• Send IT Back - Play Space Photo Winner

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  • Introducing: The Sandbox Blog!

    It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in the technology industry. We’re fruitfully bombarded with names and acronyms weekly. Containerization, Docker, ACI, MailChimp, GitHub, Python, IDEs, VMware, *nix, NGINX, API...
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  • Cisco and Salesforce Announce Global Strategic Alliance

    Cisco and Salesforce, the Customer Success Platform and the world’s #1 CRM company, today announced a strategic alliance to enable business users to be more productive than ever before. The two companies will jo...
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  • Finesse Toaster Notification API to show Web Notification

    Finesse Toaster Notification is another coolest feature provided by Finesse. Finesse Toaster notification is used by Call Control and Chat gadget to alert/prompt the agent to bring into notice that there is an incomin...
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  • OpenDaylight Summit 2016 - See You There!

    Image compliments of http://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/opendaylight-summit   The OpenDaylight Summit is next week, September 26-29. Whether you are new to OpenDaylight, an experienced end user, a develope...
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  • Cisco UCS Director 6.0 is Available Now !!

    Cisco UCS Director 6.0 is Available Now!   We are pleased to announce the general availability (GA) of Cisco UCS Director 6.0 starting Sept 19, 2016.   Following are Cisco UCS Director 6.0 feature highlight...
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  • Ask The Experts: High-Accuracy Location Technology

    In our September 27th webinar, we reveal how the newest Cisco Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) advancements enable you to do more with your existing wireless network.   During the webinar, you’ll see how ...
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  • Cisco IMC Supervisor 2.1 Release Announcement

    September 20th, 2016 Cisco is pleased to announce the release of IMC Supervisor 2.1.   Cisco IMC Supervisor is a management system that enables management of up to 1,000 Standalone C-Series and E-Series Serv...
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  • Building the DevNet API Scavenger Hunt

    At the beginning of each fiscal year, Cisco's global sales organization brings together the vast majority of its sales force and sales engineering teams.  This adds up to roughly 20,000 people from around the glo...
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  • Welcome from DevNet

    Hello Network Academy teachers:   Welcome to DevNet. We are pleased to have you join our community. We look forward to working with you and learning from your expertise in educating networking professionals. As ...
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  • It takes two to tango, three to secure CMX Cloud!

    Cisco CMX Cloud Connector is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product aimed to provide in-venue analytics, which seamlessly integrates with the Cisco wireless infrastructure.   Any retail, hospitality or K-12 Edu...
    Nihar Desai
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  • Why Multichannel Routing?

    Greetings!   We at Cisco Customer Care Business Unit (CCBU) have been on a mission to make Enterprise Contact Center offer a great experience for our customers.   So why enable multichannel routing? We as...
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  • Cisco's scalable CPNR DHCP and DNS neutron plugin for OpenStack

    The blog about Cisco's scalable CPNR DHCP and DNS neutron plugin for OpenStack is at   Cisco's scalable, enterprise-class DHCP and DNS solution for OpenStack Neutron
    Vikram Hosakote
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  • BEST REST in OpenStack

    This is a blog about the best practices to develop, test, debug and scale REST APIs in an OpenStack cloud.   What is a RESTful service?   Representational State Transfer (REST) is a stateless, client-serve...
    Vikram Hosakote
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  • H1N1: Technical analysis reveals new capabilities

    Intro The H1N1 Loader is a malware component that is used to establish persistence on an infected Windows machine.   This malware has evolved over time, as the developer adds new techniques to bypass securit...
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  • The Future of Networking - Digitization is Transforming Networking

    Students working toward careers in IT/Networking, network architecture, and network administration face a rapidly evolving landscape dominated by two significant trends:   First, digitization. Analog information...
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  • Make Your Spark Bot Smart: The New API.AI-Spark Integration

    We’re very excited to announce one of the newest integrations with Cisco Spark: API.AI. With this integration, developers can use Spark and API.AI to configure their Spark bot with customized, nuanced, human lan...
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  • The Gupshup-Spark Integration: Bot-Building for Your Business

    Today’s business world is filled with applications that deliver unprecedented ease, simplicity, and speed to users in the workforce. At least that’s what they’re meant to do. The best apps –&nb...
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  • GSK **** Production Train Pilot Project (using Cisco Spark)

    Pharmaceutical companies spend billions of dollars developing, marketing and distributing drugs to the public. It is a complex, intricate process. Yet for decades, their factories have been manufacturing drugs in ...
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  • Welcome to the DevNet Community!

    Cisco NetAcad instructors and students, welcome to the DevNet program! I am very excited to welcome all of you to our community! As a NetAcad alumni myself, with 10+ years of IT experience in different roles, I want t...
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