• Managing your Metacloud Instances with AWS EC2 Systems Manager

    Recently at AWS Re:Invent, Amazon announced the EC2 Systems Manager, a management service that helps you automatically collect software inventory, apply Windows OS patches, create system images, and configure Windows ...
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  • Growth of Data Centers

    The latest Cisco Global Cloud Index forecasts tripling of global data center traffic from 4.7 zettabytes annually in 2015 to 15.3 ZBs by 2020.  The increasing digital footprint of the global population, growth in...
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  • Hack-o-Life Event Highlights

    Hack-O-Life 2016 Event Summary  What a great event, check out everyone that was there!     We were very delighted to have around 50 undergraduates and graduate students from Hong Kong and Mainl...
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  • Wow. ZendCon is FUN! Here's some thoughts :)

    What is ZendCon?   ZendCon is a web developer conference aiming towards PHP Developers, ZenD Framework developers, and the general web developer community, with an average of 400-450 attendees. The conference ru...
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    Guest post by Vikramjeet Singh   For the last 5 years, Cisco has been empowering your branch IT networks with DC-class servers. 3000+ customers and growing. Our UCS E-series servers slim down your branch hardwar...
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  • The Big Cisco Spark for Developers Fall Events Wrap-up

    We have had a pretty busy couple of months around here at Spark for Devs. We've been spreading the good word about Cisco Spark to events around the world. I just wanted to take a minute here in this blog post to wrap ...
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  • Cisco Spark Ignites Collaboration In the Cloud

    When project teams are empowered to collaborate, costs go down, client interaction and productivity go up, and efficiency improves. Cisco Spark delivers on its promise to boost team performance, jump-start collaborati...
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  • Stop What You Were Doing and Collaborate Now

    Collaboration helps your business reduce costs, enhance client interaction, increase productivity, and improve efficiency. By Tony Cuevas, Principal Lead – Unified Communications, CDI Southeast When I was asked...
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  • Social Media for Sales

    Let me start by clarifying that this has nothing to do with buying or selling on social media. I am not a fan of the phrase “social selling”. This is a summary of what I have learned in my decade as a Mark...
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  • How to stack DevStack Newton on CentOS-7 in VirtualBox on Mac

    This blog has the steps to stack DevStack Newton on CentOS-7 in VirtualBox on Mac laptop.   Below are the versions used. OpenStack DevStack stable Newton (GitHub - openstack-dev/devstack at stable/newton) Cent...
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  • Your DevNet Holiday Gift Giving Guide

      Since we always appreciate a bit of help trying to come up with gift ideas around the holiday season, the DevNet team has assembled some of our favorite items for your friends and family. So from our family to...
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  • Welcome to our new CMX Mobility Services website on Cisco DevNet!

    Welcome to our new CMX Mobility Services website on Cisco DevNet!  We are proud to announce the release of our newly redesigned website.   We have improved the structure of our content, so you’ll...
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  • Under Armour & Adobe: What do they have in common?

    One is a sport apparel retailer while the other is a software company. “What can they possibly have in common?” you may ask. Both have a common IT goal, and that is to extend their enterprise network to AW...
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  • Make the switch... to the openstack CLI

    Just like waiting on a cake to bake to perfection, I got a little impatient sometimes for the OpenStack client to have enough features to switch over all the documentation. Well, I'm here to say, that cake is baked an...
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  • Notice: Cisco Spark Depot Replaces the Cisco Spark for Web Integrations

    With the recent launch of the Cisco Spark Depot, the Cisco Spark Depot replaces the Cisco Spark for web integrations. So you will no longer see the Add Integrations option in Cisco Spark for Web. In each room, you wil...
    Alice Cho
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  • APIC-EM 1.3 Update – Part 2 - EasyQoS

    Background This blog series covers some of the new API released as part of the APIC-EM 1.3 release of code.   This particular blog covers a the EasyQoS application.  EasyQoS is a policy based approach to de...
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  • Pointers from my first trip to Cisco Live #clus

    I attended Live in Vegas #clus this year for the first time and I have to say there is a lot going on.    Here are some tips that I learned.   1. If at all possible, attend a pre-conference class in a ...
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  • b+s' Salesforce Omni-Channel Federation

    Because providing seamless and optimized customer service must be a priority! Aha-experience - Omni-Channel Federation gives agents the ability to utilize a single gadget interface for phone and Omni-Channel cont...
    Bruno Gruenig
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  • Prime Infrastructure 3.1 API Tutorial with Postman

    Hey folks.  We've been striving to make the API easier to learn and adopt.  One of the ideas we've come up with is publishing a Postman collection of requests that follow the Prime Infrastructure 3.1 API tut...
    Spencer Zier
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  • Top 5 Wi-Fi Optimisation Tips

    Hello and welcome to my blog where I will be covering common topics and scenarios that I get asked about on a regular basis. Where appropriate, there will be a specific focus on the Australia and New Zealand market wh...
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