• IETF 93 Hackathon

    The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is holding a Hackathon at IETF 93 to encourage developers to discuss, collaborate and develop utilities, ideas, sample code and solutions that show practical implementations ...
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  • ¿Qué recursos debemos considerar para lograr conexiones a Internet en espacios públicos con la facilidad que lo hacemos en casa?

    Para un estudiante de 18 años lo normal es tener acceso Wi-Fi en cualquier espacio público como en su casa. La Universidad de Brunel de Londres evolucionó su red para hacer esto posible al centrarse e...
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  • ¿Qué retos enfrentamos los países latinoamericanos para disminuir la brecha digital?

    La región de latinoamérica tiene muchas oportunidades para disminuir la brecha tecnológica; uno de sus grandes activos son los jóvenes y uno de sus mayores retos es conjuntar gobiernos y merc...
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  • "Snack Sized Learning" - DevNet Zone Mini-Workshops

    Introducing "Snack Sized Learning" - DevNet Zone Mini-Workshops  I am excited to announce that we are offering a new activity in the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live US in San Diego -  the DevNet Zone Mini- Worksh...
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  • The Collaboration Zone (or Communication Manager Grows Up)

    Imagine if you will, a company hosting its first-ever global sales meeting – online. Virtually connecting 140 salespeople in 12 countries and as many time zones. It could have been a nightmare, but the meeting w...
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  • VXLAN/EVPN Configuration Example (N9k)

    VXLAN/EVPN has been release on Nexus 9000 series in early February 2015, followed by Nexus 7000/7700 (F3 Linecard) in Summer and Nexus 5600 later in 2015. Other Cisco components like the ASR 9000 and Nexus 1000v will ...
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  • DevNet APIC-EM learning lab and DevNet Sandbox

    Do you know you can run APIC-EM learning lab 24x7 ? Just go tohttps://learninglabs.cisco.com/lab/apic-em/step/1 follow the instruction. When you are ready to run sample codes just change APIC-EM IP address in apice...
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  • Learn how to run your code against hosted, live infrastructure.  Visit the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live.

    The DevNet Sandbox provides FREE 24x7 hosted labs for integrating and working with Cisco Technologies.  Many of the labs offer dedicated hardware that you can use for building proof of concept projects and testin...
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  • Learn How to Easily Consume Cisco Solutions – Cisco ONE Software Webinar

    We launched Cisco ONE Software to give our customers a more valuable and flexible way to purchase and consume Cisco infrastructure software. Since the launch, more than 300 customers have switched to this more valuabl...
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  • Cisco Intelligent WAN Delivers on SD-WAN Business Requirements

    I was excited to attend the Open Networking User Group Conference last week at Columbia University in New York. The Open Networking User Group is a community of IT business leaders who exchange ideas and best practice...
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  • Stretched Active-Active ACI Fabric

    This white paper illustrates how the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) can be implemented as a single fabric stretched between two data centers, with the ability to optimally route traffic to and out of t...
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  • Cellular IoT Connectivity: Threats and Opportunities

    There has been a flurry of activities related to wide-area Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity. The market recognizes that existing technologies, and more importantly business models and cost structures do not scale...
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  • Five Lessons Service Providers Learned From Deploying IoT Solutions

    Service Providers are realizing that do-it-yourself horizontal IoT platform solutions are hard to implement and manage. To truly reach the full potential of serving their mulitvertical customer base, Service Providers...
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  • Analyze Global Broadband Growth and Trends

      Event Summary Event Type: Online Event Date: 27-May-2015, 9:00 a.m. PST / 12:00 p.m. EST Duration: 40 minutes Register Now   Executive Communication Director of Service Provider Thought Leadershi...
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  • Cisco Live is Coming! Will you Join Us?

    Cisco Live in San Diego is fast approaching. Are you planning on attending? If you are, come visit us in the DevNet Zone, where we'll be holding a full developer conference during Cisco Live. If you have a Cisco Live ...
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  • Under the UCS Kimono

    If you have ever wanted a sneaky peak under the UCS Kimono (GUI) then this posts for you.   The goal of this post is to clarify the end-to-end path from a Cisco UCS vNIC through the UCS Infrastructure to the poin...
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  • The DevNet Base VM

    Welcome to the Cisco DevNet Developer Base machine! See Introducing DevNet DEV VMs for a general overview of these VMs.   An OVA for this VM (3.83GB) is available at this link:   https://developer.cisco.co...
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  • Using Python to Work with UCS Director

    I recently updated my Python library and utilities for interfacing with CECS to add some additional capabilities for UCS Director (it was originally focused on UCSD).  All the code is available on GitHub at https...
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  • Part 2: Continuous Integration with DevNet Sandbox

    In part 1, we showed you we enabled our coding skills Learning Lab sample code to be testable.  The next step is to show you how we enabled that code to be tested whenever we check in our code.  To do this, ...
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  • How Vulnerable Are Your Enterprise Conference Rooms?

    I’ve written past blogs about how today’s collaboration needs require an “any-to-any” mindset, and about how the look of enterprise conference rooms is changing. In the first blog I explained t...
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