• Trends in Wireless Network Densification

    One of the main trends in radio access network (RAN) is the bifurcation of systems that enable network densification. Today, mobile network operators have more options than ever before for the means of providing servi...
    Frank Rayal
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  • Looking for customers to engage early in development process for MediaSense

    The Cisco MediaSense product Management team is looking for customers who would be interested in reviewing features that are currently in development. The customer will have an opportunity to talk to the team of deve...
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  • DevNet Zone

    To support the DevNet Zone at Cisco Live! we've set up a new community at DevNet Zone.   Come check it out and let us know if you have any questions or want to provide feedback.  We look forward to hearing ...
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  • LTE Deployment Dilemma

    With so many different possibilities and options available to the operators for deployments it is necessary that the planning is done in such a way as to keep the interference to minimum and throughput to maximum. Let...
    Zahid Ghadialy
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  • Cisco Activities at PONC 2014, San Jose: May 13-15

    Cisco's annual Packet Optical Network Conference (PONC) brings the intelligence, innovation and leadership of the network provider industry together, to discuss trends, share expertise and learn and see the latest net...
    Kellie Wong
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  • Design Excellence Delivers Uncompromising Experience…And Coveted Red Dot Award 2014

    My mission since joining Cisco Collaboration is to deliver unparalleled experiences across all of our products -- in every pocket, office and conference room. And, we are delivering on that mission. March 2014 has bee...
    Rowan Trollope
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  • Clouds Are Everywhere, But Which Cloud for Collaboration?

    Which cloud is best for Collaboration?  Simple -- the one that fits your needs. With so many cloud options out there offering a variety of different services, it’s easy to get confused. When making a decisi...
    Marcus Gallo
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  • Surviving the Conference Call: There is a Better Way

    Wall Street Journal writer Sue Shellenbarger makes some great points in her recent article “Surviving the Conference Call.” She points out many of the downsides of not collaborating in person — peopl...
    Angela Mistretta
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  • ‘If You Build It, They Will Come’ – NOT!

    There are three types of baseball players: Those who make it happen, those who watch it happen and those who wonder what happens. - Tommy Lasorda Kevin Costner’s character in “Field of Dreams” hears ...
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  • Convergence Dreams Disturbed by Turbulent Content Market

    When it comes to finding out which way an industry is headed there is one sure way to get it right: Follow the money. You won’t often go far wrong. That being the case then the recent news that UK-based glob...
    Tony Brown
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  • found 514 bugs!  **** yea time to learn about voice now

    **** yea time to learn about voice now
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  • My Cisco Journey through CCBN 2014 in Beijing

    By Lian Chang Hou, Senior Manager, Market Management Spring in Beijing is usually very short, just as it is this year. And spring in Beijing usually brings with it much wind and along with that, sand, but this yea...
    Kellie Wong
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  • Bring Your Own Project and Win a Free Cisco Live Conference Pass

    Open Your Network to a New World of Possibilities and Win a Full Conference Pass to Cisco Live US 2014   BYOP (Bring Your Own Project) - You Bring It, We Code It!    We want to hear from you! What ne...
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  • Bring Your Own Project and Win a Free Cisco Live Conference Pass

    Open Your Network to a New World of Possibilities and Win a Full Conference Pass to Cisco Live US 2014   BYOP (Bring Your Own Project) - You Bring It, We Code It!   We want to hear from you! What network pr...
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  • Forget 5G for Now, LTE Still Has a Long Ways to Go

    It has been over four years since Telia Sonera Sweden and Finland launched the world’s first commercial LTE networks and ushered in the age of true mobile broadband services.  By the end of 2014 we expect t...
    Chris Nicoll
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  • Software Defined Network: 8 BIG Benefits

    Are you looking to get up to speed on the benefits of a Software Defined Network? This post will save you some time by providing 8 areas where SDNs promise to deliver.   It will also provide you with a few l...
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  • Jabber and PSTN SIP carriers/ITSP

    Figured I would share my thoughts on this.   I was recently doing some testing with an ITSP (SIP PSTN provider), and was having trouble getting Jabber to connect.    CUCM would pass back "488 Not Acc...
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  • Enterprise Connect Was Great, Wish I Had Made It

    Last week was Enterprise Connect and I was slated to go.  Unfortunately, I fell ill and couldn't go.  Total bummer.  My recommendation is if you're going to get sick, don't get sick during a show you wa...
    John Gaudin
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  • Now Available: CUCC 10.0 makes BE6000/7000 deployments faster!

    CUCC 10.0 (Cisco Unified Configurator for Collaboration) is now available and it will Make BE6000/7000 deployments much faster Help configure Dial-Tone, Voicemail and SNR in under 15 minutes (best case) Help Cisc...
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