• Trabajar desde casa es una tendencia laboral actual. ¿Qué consejo darías para realizar un teletrabajo adecuadamente?

    Debido al entorno económico y social actual, se presenta un nuevo paradigma laboral donde el trabajo ya no es sólo un lugar físico para realizar una tarea, sino una actividad de diferentes espacio...
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  • Using Dev VMs in VIRL

    The Virtual Internet Routing Laboratory (VIRL) technology allows one to create virtual network environments which are perfect for SDN and network infrastructure development. VIRL itself is based on OpenStack, so one c...
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  • Curation-as-a-Service: OpenStack’s greatest offer is sometimes what it doesn’t offer

    This blog post is written, partly, in response to a post on techreplublic.com titled “Marketing OpenStack’s Progress: Now ‘It actually works’” by Matt Asay Admittedly, I wasn’t at...
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  • Jabber Guest 10.6 Released - New Features: Screen Sharing and More

    The Jabber Guest 10.6 virtual machine, Web client, and iOS mobile app/SDK are now available!  The corresponding Android 10.6 mobile SDK updates are planned to be released in a few weeks.   You can find the...
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  • Dev VMs and Vagrant

    The DevNet Dev VMs are built using Vagrant. The Vagrantfiles and instructions for building the VM may be found in the CiscoDevNet/devnet-dev-vms · GitHub project.
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  • Provide Service at Your Customer's Convenience

    As consumers, we have many options in how we browse, research, and purchase products today.  We expect more freedom and flexibility in how we work with retail companies. Forward-looking companies strive to improv...
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  • F5 and Cisco's Live Q&A -- View the Video

    On June 16th, F5 and Cisco put on a live Q&A on the F5 Synthesis and Cisco ACI integration, featuring technical experts from both companies. If you missed this event live, you can now watch the video with F5&...
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  • PowerShell Deployment Toolkit (PDT) for System Center deployments

    Did you know? It takes over 500 screens to install just the prerequisites and SQL server for a complete System Center Installation. Here is a prerequisite list from Microsoft; Microsoft's PowerShell Deployment Tool...
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  • Cisco Live: We Are Ready. Are You Ready, Service Provider?

    By Igor Dayen, SP Product and Solutions Marketing   Cisco Live San Diego 2015 was a pivotal event for Cisco and its customers, with a heartfelt send off for John Chambers and rousing welcome for Chuck Robbins....
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  • OpenStack Language Bindings – Getting Started with Python

    Using the OpenStack Python APIs is basically using the same methods and objects that the OpenStack CLIs use, which hide the REST layer from the application developer. So what this implies is there is then a different ...
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  • Destination—A Stress-free Flight

    A CMX Partner Ecosystem Blog Ecosystem partners are an important adjunct to Cisco Connected Mobile Experience (CMX). They augment the analytic and customer engagement capabilities of the solution with innovative busin...
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  • ¿Qué servicios de tu ciudad mejorarías con ayuda del IoE?

    La tranformación hacia una ciudad inteligente ocurre un proceso de tres pasos en el que se expanden, mejoran y luego transforman. Países de todo el mundo están transformando su infraestructura tec...
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  • OpenStack Heat Orchestration with User Data

    I wanted to post a simple example of a heat orchestration template where you can use a script to further configure your instance operating system. Before I go into that, I should give a shout out to Hashicorp which h...
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  • Video Endpoints Refresh

    Hi My name is Oace Dada and I work in the Collaboration Business Development team.  Today we are focused on Refreshing Video Enpoints.   I am sure you are already aware of our completely refreshed and awa...
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  • Joined Developer Community to check out the "APIC-EM Application for Intelligent WAN"

    Really interested to see how this product is progressing
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  • Application Visibility Makes Parenting Easier!!!! - Hugo Vliegen

      Continue Reading: http://blogs.cisco.com/enterprise/application-visibility-makes-parenting-easier
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  • Getting started with NX-API using the NX-API Developer Sandbox

    Being able to programmatically interact with network devices and allow you to build very powerful tools, save time by automating repetitive tasks, and help prevent configuration mistakes.   Interacting with netwo...
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  • ¿Cuáles consideras que son los principales riesgos al adoptar una nube?

    Los modelos de negocios han ido cambiando y adaptándose a las necesidades de la empresa y los clientes, por tanto, se está presentando un ambiente de múltiples nubes, tanto públicas como privad...
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  • Austin, TX UCS User Group

    Please join us for one of the next Cisco UCS User Group meetings. Enjoy time with your peers to share, collaborate, and network.   Many IT organizations are bracing themselves for the IT transformation needed to ...
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  • Atlanta, GA UCS User Group

    Please join us for one of the next Cisco UCS User Group meetings. Enjoy time with your peers to share, collaborate, and network.   Many IT organizations are bracing themselves for the IT transformation needed to ...
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