• Welcome to the Network as a Sensor / Enforcer Space

    Welcome to the new Network as a Sensor / Enforcer Space in the Cisco Customer Connection Security Community.   We've divided this space up as follows:   The 'Stealthwatch' subspace will be basic questions ...
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  • AMP Threat Grid Chrome plugin available - empowering more effective searches

    From members from the Cisco Advanced Threats Security Solution Architecture team, specifically Michael Auger and Nicholas Frangia, a set of Chrome plugins have been developed that allows a user to search the AMP Threa...
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  • Built.io Bot Webinar part 2

    It was awesome to see experts come together in a special webinar to teach us all about making a bot in Cisco Spark using Built.io! On August 10th, Steve Greenburg from our team and Kurt Collins from Built.io joined up...
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  • Kudos to the entire Bucher + Suter crew!

    We are proud to announce that we have been awarded   Cisco’s Premier Partner certification in both Switzerland and Germany.   For years, we have enjoyed Cisco partner certification status for our con...
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  • Introduction

    Hello and Thank You for taking the time to read this!    I have never written a blog post, but I have to say it has always been in the back of my mind.  To me, a blog should contain a fresh idea, or a...
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  • Record Breaking Hackathon at IETF 96 in Berlin

    The IETF Hackathon in Berlin, held July 16-17, was the biggest and most impactful IETF Hackathon to date. A record 158 participants registered, and even more showed up over the course of the weekend to work on more th...
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  • “No-Ops” for Developers and “No-Dev” for IT Ops

    Cisco ACI and Apprenda PaaS Integration Goes to Production   Analysts agree that IT is in the midst of a major transformation. Based on the results of latest Gartner enterprise IT buying behavior survey, the maj...
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  • DevNet Adds 'Live' Question and Answer Support Via Spark

    Have a quick question about DevNet or need a small pointer on coding with the APIC-EM API..?  Stop by and chat with us via DevNet's new Spark-based Q&A support option!  Hang out with the DevNet team and ...
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  • Running a CSR1Kv with Ubuntu and Qemu/KVM

    Introduction  This blog describes how to install and run a CSR1Kv on Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS. It is based on the CSR1Kv 16.03.01 release.   My goal was to test the NETCONF and RESTCONF management interfaces on ...
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  • CascadiaJS : An Amazing JavaScript Event

    What is CascadiaJS?  CascadiaJS is a three-day, community-driven conference on the cutting edge of JavaScript and other front-end tools that takes place in Semiahmoo Resort, a beautiful ocean front resort in Bla...
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  • Using Let's Encrypt to provision valid certs on nginx

    I recently needed to create certificates for the webserver the data files behind cisco.github.io.  I decided I should try Let's Encrypt.  If you don't know about the service Let's Encrypt, keep reading! &nbs...
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  • IRC to Spark and Back Again

    With the recent release of bot functionality for Cisco Spark’s API, we’ve explored methods to integrate Spark rooms with older legacy technology, to bring them into the next generation. With this in mind, ...
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  • Rate Limiting with Spark API

    To protect the Spark environment, the API has rate limits in place for the different resources available for use, such as /messages and /rooms.  These limits will vary depending on the calls being made, how resou...
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  • Engineering Deathmatch && Cisco? Yes!

    This year at Cisco Live, DevNet actually hosted an event called a Deathmatch! As a twenty-year veteran of Cisco, this was a pretty big deal for me. This year at Cisco Live, Engineering Deathmatch pitted the coding tal...
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  • Downloading a File from a Spark Room

    If you’ve ever wondered, “How do I retrieve a file using the API – it’s just a URL with an encrypted ID!”, this example should hold the answer.  It uses a bot to download a file sent...
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  • Three Great Security Reads

    When I'm not trying to make one of the products that I work with do something new, or spending time with my family, or playing Call of Duty on the XBox; you can often find me reading.  My family thinks I read a l...
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  • Jabber Web SDK v11.7 Released

    Cisco Unified Communications Voice and Video Version 11.7.0 for Web, System Release 11.7Release date: August 4, 2016SDK enhancements and significant changes in this release BFCP Video Screen Share Extend and Connect...
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  • Cisco PSIRT Python openVulnQuery

    Parash Ghimire and Bradley Korabik have been working with the Cisco Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) for the last few months, as part of a summer internship. During this time they created a new tool to ...
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  • APIC-EM Demo PnP Deployment Certificate Issue

    Hello,   I've been trying to deploy PnP Project for 2960-X series switch with APIC-EM 1.2 Demo version. However, it fails to deploy configuration file, ans showing error of Self signed certificate error in alert ...
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  • Creating A Cisco Spark Membership via Google Forms

    If you've ever needed to enable users to self-provision to a Cisco Spark room, you have a few options.  You could build a little webapp to capture the email address, and submit the email address to the Spark API....
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