• CSR Certificate Generation using DigiCert public certificate.

    UC public Certificate Type from digiCert     for UC applications certificate generation, CUCM, CIMP, CUC, Jabber Guest, and Expressways:     All UC Application use a SAN certificate type which is...
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  • Announcing Admin APIs

    Hello everyone,   We have received feedback from our growing partner community about Admin APIs. We are happy to announce the upcoming availability of Admin APIs. You may tentatively see them on the Spark for De...
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  • Packaged Contact Center Enterprise Lab (PCCE) Now Available in Devnet Sandbox

    Hi Devnet users, I’m Craig and I’ve been working with the Sandbox team creating new labs.  Our newest lab is Packaged Contact Center Enterprise (PCCE) and the first phase of implementation for this...
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  • Changes to the People API

    Hello everyone! This update applies to those using the People API. We are adding additional attributes to the /people resource. New attributes include firstName, lastName, and timeZone information of the people. ...
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  • Setting Up Kubernetes Token Authentication

    I've been experimenting with Kubernetes recently (an instance installed and configured via the Mantl.io project), and one of the more puzzling things that I wanted to figure out is how to use kubectl with a token.&nbs...
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  • Modernizing How The Industry Discloses Security Vulnerabilities

    Today I am joining forces with the OASIS standards body to launch the Common Security Advisory Framework (CSAF) Technical Committee (TC). The purpose of the CSAF Technical Committee is to standardize the practices for...
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  • Network Automation with Plug and Play (PnP) – Part 5

    Continuing the story My initial blogs showed examples of using APIC-EM REST API to upload configuration files and create rules for PnP devices.  More recently, I showed some of the common deployment models for sw...
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  • OpenStack Orchestration Templates: A Primer

    The OpenStack Orchestration service, code named "Heat", is used to deploy all components of your application infrastructure in a managed way. Infrastructure templates can be integrated with configuration management sy...
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  • Looking Forward to a Great OpenStack Summit in Barcelona

    It is nearly here, the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona, October 24-28. As always, the agenda is packed with great sessions, including in depth tutorials and hands on workshops. I have installed the mobile app and starte...
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  • Run an Ansible playbook when starting a cloud instance

    Getting Started with Configuration Management Deployment When you think like a systems engineer, you want to be able to repeat the deployment of your infrastructure over and over again throughout its lifecycle. You wa...
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  • IMC Supervisor Demo Videos

    Cisco IMC Supervisor enables centralized management of Standalone C-Series Rack Servers , Storage Rack Servers and E-Series rack servers .   IMC Supervisor is a light weight virtual appliance supported in VMware...
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  • Network Function Virtualization: Make the cloud work for you

    Virtual Managed Services is Cisco's software platform that uses virtualization, automation, analytics and cloud to help you respond to new markets faster using Network Function Virtualization (NFV).   For servic...
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  • Attending the Largest JavaScript Conference in the World: BrazilJS

    What is BrazilJS?It is the largest JavaScript conference in the world connecting people from all over Latin America and bringing in speakers from all over the world in the heart of Porto Alegre, Brazil. With 1600 peop...
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  • OpenDaylight - It Just Got Real

    “It Just Got Real” was the theme of OpenDaylight Summit 2016, and it rang true throughout the entire summit. A great group of developers and end users came together to celebrate the accomplishments brought...
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  • Import a postman collection for Cisco Spark, or contribute your own!

    Cisco Spark APIs comes with a great companion — its interactive documentation - that lets you quickly experiment with the API. If you have not tested it yet, take a minute to create a room.. and don’t miss...
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  • UCS Manager 3.1(2) with support for C3260 and many operation enhancements

        In September 2016, Cisco released UCS Manager 3.1(2). It is available for download on Cisco’s website. UCS Manager 3.1(2) has a number of key software and hardware support enhancements.   Fro...
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  • Redesigned APIC-EM Developer Portal Released on DevNet

    Visit our redesigned APIC-EM portal which has greatly simplified accessing learning materials for APIs and coding! Starting on page one you’ll have easy access to learning labs as well as sample code.   &...
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  • HSRP with a non standard location Root bridge

    Hello colleagues! Bring to your attention the idea of ​​design Switch block with HSRP. In this design, no span VLANs across multiple access switches and balancing of traffic from the access switch to the distribution ...
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  • Network Automation with Plug and Play (PnP) – Part 4

    Continuing the story My last few blogs showed examples of using APIC-EM REST API to upload configuration files and create rules for PnP devices.   I am often asked about the different deployment models for switc...
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  • Always On Labs and Reservation Based Labs: What’s the Difference?

    Here at DevNet, we are committed to assisting you, the Developer, along your path to discover, use, and build successful solutions using Cisco technologies and associated APIs.  You may come into the process with...
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