• Securing the Supply Chain Throughout the Product Lifecycle

    Edna Conway has published a new blog regarding Security the Supply Chain Throughout the Product Lifecycle.    Here's a sneak peek:   To address these exposures, we’re thinking in a three-dimen...
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  • Get Unplugged with Cisco Spark Product Managers

    A few weeks ago, we brought a video crew up to the Cisco Spark office in San Francisco. We asked product managers Taylor, Renaldo, and Eric to show us Cisco Spark and chat about product development. Given Taylor is a ...
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  • ¿Qué prefieres, salir de tu casa sin tu cartera o sin tu teléfono?

    Cada vez más personas utilizan dispositivos móviles como punto de acceso a las empresas para acercarse a sus servicios y/o productos. Para las nuevas generaciones es fundamental indagar en entornos digit...
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  • Using BGP-LS/PCE-P with XRv and ODL (or Cisco OSC)

    First off ensure you have a "new" XRv load (5.3.1 or later) and a "new" ODL (Lithium or later).  Earlier releases will require additional configuration to ensure that you have matching BGP-LS link-state types and...
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  • unable to login to the console for Cisco Sg300 managed switch

    hi i am not able to login to console . I Have Factory rested  but also i am unable to login from the default ip
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  • Network Programmability Users Group: get involved

    NPUG is a Cisco initiative started by Nick Matthews who is passionate about discussing and sharing ideas with others about the new skillsets required for programming networks.   NPUG topics include technology, L...
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  • Inside the world of the DevNet Evangelist: Mike Maas reveals all

    "You know, every question that I have encountered about IoE is really about efficiency: either fiscal efficiency, like we are going to save a lot more money … or energy efficiency … or people efficiency,...
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  • Cisco Live San Diego Slides and Videos now available

    We have posted the slides and videos for the sessions we offered at Cisco Live San Diego. To view them make sure you're logged into your DevNet account and you can browse the sessions here. Here are a few of the...
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  • ¿Crees que el retail latinoamericano esté preparado para brindar experiencias en conectividad más allá del WiFi?

    Cada vez más clientes se acercan al entorno digital para navegar, comparar precios y realizar pedidos de productos en línea. Esta tendencia mantiene preocupada a la industria del retail, pues han visto u...
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  • Using APIC-EM as the single source of truth.

    At World Wide Technology we are working with APIC-EM and recently a conversation with a customer identified a potential use case. This customer is tasked with taking over network operations for a network described as ...
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  • A TOI for CWMS SSL Certificates

    Cisco WebEx Meeting Server (CWMS) is Cisco’s on premise web conferencing platform and evolved from our SaaS based Cloud service, which has a similar look and feel. Architecturally, CWMS has a number of component...
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  • Cisco and IETF 93 in Prague

    Hello from Prague, where the IETF will be next week. Acting on a request, I did some statistical massaging of the Internet Draft directory and the IETF meeting site, to see what Cisco was working on in IETF 93 [http:/...
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  • ¿Qué requisito consideras indispensable para tener un Data Center seguro?

    Atender el tema de seguridad para un Data Center es indispensable, entre los retos se encuentra tener una visibilidad real de la problemática, cumplir las regulaciones o requerimientos específicos de los...
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  • External Collaboration - what if???

    Email is the default/defacto mechanism for asynchronous communication between individuals and organisations - everyone has an email address whether it be business or personal and once I have your email address we can ...
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  • Cisco EPN Manager: Simplified, Converged Multilayer Management

    Cisco Evolved Programmable Network (EPN) Manager is an EMS/NMS solution that provides simplified, converged multilayer management of carrier-grade networks of all sizes. It starts with Carrier Ethernet and optical tra...
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  • OpenDaylight Summit - Cisco DevNet will be there, will you?

    The OpenDaylight Summit is July 27-31, 2015 in Santa Clara, CA. Advertised as being where the industry meets to collaborate on networking’s de facto open SDN platform, it brings together users, developers and th...
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  • Proving the Value of SD-WAN

    In a recent TechTarget survey, it was noted that despite the hypes about numerous benefits of SD-WAN – one of which is the ability to create a hybrid WAN environment (i.e. MPLS and Internet or LTE links), someth...
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  • Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance and Analytics: Grade VoIP Calls for Efficiency and Reliability

    In this month's post, I'll be explaining the new call grading mechanism.  I would really like to hear your thoughts about this as well as encourage you to share this out to others for their input.  Mean opi...
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  • Spark for Windows Phone Beta now available

    Spark for Windows Phone Beta is now available for public download in the Windows Phone Store.  The app features include group and direct messaging, file sharing, and one-tap Webex meeting join.   The in...
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  • Blog: Small Business – Make it Big with Positive Customer Experience

    Nayankumar Vaghela, Cisco Product Line Manager, writes a new blog post address Unified Contact Center Express. Check out the full blog post.   In a technology-enabled world, the features and functionalities of ...
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