• The Smart Open Lisboa Hackathon

    Austin Hyland – Cisco Developer Evangelist Smart Open Lisboa Hackathon Lisbon Portugal, July 1-2 2016   The Smart Open Lisboa Hackathon brought lots of creative innovation to the city of Lisbon thi...
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  • ISE 2.1 and WSA via pxGrid and CA-Signed Certificates

    Prior to anything, make sure the WSA has basic configs (IP address, licensing, etc).   For ISE, navigate to Administration>System>Certificates>Trusted Certificates and make sure the Root CA certificate ...
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  • System Administrator Love!

    You may not have known this, though tomorrow is one of the most important days on the calendar for IT folks, System Administrator Appreciation Day!   Plans to recognize your System Administrators? Or if you are ...
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  • Introducing Stealthwatch Learning Network License

    In all the hoopla that was Cisco Live 2016 I hope you didn't miss the launch of Cisco Stealthwatch Learning Network License.  Stealthwatch Learning Network License is a new addition to Cisco's Stealthwatch produc...
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    Cloud ist kein Trend; Cloud-Technologien sind real und treiben über Themen wie schnelle Inbetriebnahme, rasches Skalieren und Pay-What-You-Use-Modelle die Adaption in die Cloud. Hersteller, die ihre Applikationen...
    Bruno Gruenig
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  • Game on!!!

    SP360: Service Provider Game on!!!  This blog explores the growing popularity of virtual reality in relation to gaming - both mobile and online.  It examines how the adoption of newly launched game such ...
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  • Cisco Metapod @ OpenStack Barcelona 2016!!!

    Well, it is that time that comes around twice a year when the OpenStack summit is at the top of all our minds! Many people have been asking about Metapod and the OpenStack summit in Barcelona. We will be there!  ...
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  • Checkout how TRex is used by IMPERVA

    https://www.incapsula.com/blog/trex-traffic-generator-software.html   Hanoh
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  • Metrics to Measure and Mend

    “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.” – Lord Kelvin     You’ve likely come across this advice more than once: To be successful, you need to learn to focus on what r...
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  • Uploading Local Files to Spark

    Uploading a remote file to a Cisco Spark room using a web-accessible URL is fairly self explanatory -  just supply the URL in the “files” field of a create message request: https://developer.ciscospar...
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  • Using a Webhook Secret

    The recently released advanced webhooks include the ability to define a “secret” in your webhook, which will pass along with your webhook as a header called “X-Spark-Signature”. This can be use...
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  • How To Video Series :: Cisco APIC-EM :: IWAN APP Short Video's

    Video Blog by : Rohan Naggi   How To Short Video's Duration How To Series Short Video's :: Video-1 :: How to Install Cisco APIC-EM 4 Mins How To Series Short Video's :: Video-2 :: How to Configure Cisco APIC-EM 6...
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  • Mounting XR 6.0.x from OpenDaylight using NETCONF/YANG

    for the basics of this please see my earlier blog post.   There are a couple of gotchas though mounting XR 6.0.x from ODL:   a) you need ODL Beryllium-SR2 or later as there was a bug in earlier versions wh...
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  • Record Breaking Hackathon at IETF 96 in Berlin

    The IETF Hackathon in Berlin, held July 16-17, was the biggest and most impactful IETF Hackathon to date. A record 158 participants registered, and even more showed up over the course of the weekend to work on more th...
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  • Our first North American Advisory Board succeeded

    YOU possess a unique perspective on technical and design trends that will define the future of our industry. Your feedback enables us to continually improve the quality of our products and services - Thank you so much...
    Bruno Gruenig
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  • Introducing the Cisco Security Packet Analyzer

    Many organizations possess some level of security monitoring and incident response capability.  Often these teams are using telemetry data such as Syslog or NetFlow or specialized devices like firewalls or networ...
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  • Network Automation with Plug and Play (PnP) – Part 3

    Continuing the story  The first blog in this series gave an overview of network Plug and Play and how it could be used on APIC-EM.  The second blog gave examples of how network-device configuration templat...
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  • Using Webhooks - Rooms, Messages, Memberships and More!

    Webhooks are nearly universally implemented and loved in APIs of all shapes and sizes, and the Spark API is no exception. While we launched with just an outbound messaging webhook, the advanced webhook expansion refle...
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  • Spark Bot Demo

    This quick walkthrough is intended to give you a very simple Spark bot that responds to commands typed into a room with a few example responses – nothing too fancy, but easy to build on. The commands will be pas...
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  • Highlights from Cisco Live in Las Vegas

    It has been quite a week for Cisco! Cisco Live is always a good and exciting time for everyone involved. If you follow this blog, then you've seen all the awesome announcements and improvements we've made to Cisco Spa...
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