• New WebEx for the Remaining Weeks

    The previously setup WebEx is no longer working.  Please use the following information for the remaining sessions.   URL: new-webex.webex.com/meet/sameyer Meeting Number: 300 271 764
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  • My CISCO Networking Academy Studies

    Arturo Saucedo
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  • Taking VDI to the Edge: A Cisco-Nimble Smart Stack Bundle for Remote or Branch Offices

    Taking VDI to the Edge: A Cisco-Nimble Smart Stack Bundle for Remote or Branch Offices   IT has always been challenged as to how to support remote or branch offices (ROBO) with the same kind of excellent user exp...
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  • Customer Centered, Cloud Service Management: Come See it in Action at TM Forum Live in Nice

    by Jean-Luc Valente, Vice President, Cloud and Virtualization Group, Cisco Systems   For Service Providers, gaining customer loyalty by providing consistent and unparalleled customer experiences is crucial t...
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  • UCS Central User Interface Reworked with UCS Central 1.3 release

    Yesterday afternoon, we released UCS Central 1.3.  It is available for download on Cisco.com. In addition, we covered it in a lot of detail in a recent UCS Management Tech Talk available at UCS Tech Talk: What...
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  • Application Centric Operations!

                Fresh from Cisco Live I’m having difficulty finding the time to catch my breath. With so many exciting things happening, I’ve been challen...
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  • Internetworks

    How to orchestrate best of all companies into in architectural cloud representation of intersected developer networks. CISCO Instructional Example: Collaboration Architecture Interactive Flash
    Arturo Saucedo
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  • FlexPod Datacenter with Microsoft Private Cloud - A Premier Integrated Platform for Mission Critical Microsoft SQL Server Implementations

    This guest blog was authored by Frank Cicalese and contains summarized content from various articles that can be found on Cisco and NetApp’s sites.   Frank Cicalese is a Technical Solutions Architect with C...
    Renee Yao
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  • Bringing Up a New Branch Site the Easy Way with Prime Infrastructure – Part 2

    Last week, I shared with you how to set up WAN networking with Cisco Prime Infrastructure. Today, as the second blog of my 5-part blog series, I’m going to discuss with you how to connect your branch site users ...
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  • New Must-Know Security Research for Midsize Organizations

    Midsize organizations are among the earliest adopters of new technologies. In general, they conduct much of their business over the Internet and are quick to embrace new apps, online payment systems, cloud, and Bring ...
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  • IETF Hackathon brings running code back to IETF

    The first ever IETF Hackathon was held March 21-22, the weekend before IETF 92 in Dallas, TX. It was a late addition to the conference schedule, answering the call to action from Engineering CTO and Chief Architect Da...
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  • Observations from the NGMN 5G Industry Conference

    The Mobile Service Provider Industry gathers in Frankfurt to exchange ideas about 5G mobility.   The Next Generation Mobile Network is a service provider led organization that includes technology vendors and aca...
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  • Congratulations to the winners of the DevNet Hackathon in Melbourne!

    At our Cisco Live event in Melbourne we held another hackathon. Six teams competed for 24-hours straight trying to win the contest and take home one of the prizes. All of the teams that participated demonstrated ...
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  • Blog post to download

    Blog post to download
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  • Using Ansible for Cisco ACI deployment

    Network engineers (NetOps) need tools to automate the configuration and deployment of the next generation data center. Cisco's Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) is easily integrated with Ansible playbooks. The ...
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  • Bringing Up a New Branch Site the Easy Way with Prime Infrastructure – Part 1

    If you have a need to set up networking for a new satellite clinic, a bank branch, a retail store or any other branch site, you probably have a lot of pressure to do it fast. After all, branches are where business act...
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  • MSE 10 at Mobile World Congress 2015

    Cisco’s Connected Mobile Experience (CMX) solution employs data from the Wi-Fi network to generate information about devices visiting a venue.   At the center of the CMX product is the Mobility Service Engi...
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  • Making sense of Service Provider Virtualization

    Have you ever wondered about use cases for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), and even more specifically why a virtual router might be a good idea for your network?   Like any networking technology, virtual ...
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  • The Connected Bus Stop

    One demonstration that Cisco showed at MWC 2015 was the “Connected Bus Stop”, which illustrated the role Service Providers can play in the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Internet of Everything (IoE). &nb...
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  • Cisco’s Virtualized, Software-Only 4K Encoding Solution: The Secret Ingredient Winning in Customer “Bake-offs” Around the World

    by Yvette Kanouff, Senior Vice President and General Manager. Service Provider Video Software & Solutions Group, Cisco Systems Whether 4K (or UltraHD) will truly cross the chasm into mainstream in 2015 is yet t...
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