• HackZurich 2015

    HackZurich (http://hackzurich.com/) took place in Zurich, Switzerland from October 2-4th.  It is advertised as the Biggest European Hackathon and it certainly seems like it considering there were over 500 hackers...
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  • Threat Spotlight: Cisco Talos Thwarts Access to Massive International Exploit Kit Generating $60M Annually From Ransomware Alone

    This post was authored by Nick Biasini with contributions from Joel Esler, Nick Hebert, Warren Mercer, Matt Olney, Melissa Taylor, and Craig Williams. Executive SummaryToday, Cisco struck a blow to a group of hackers,...
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  • CMX 10.2 Data Analytics helps Retail

    The Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (Cisco CMX) release 10.2 posted on CCO last week supports new Analytics features. The Analytics service provides a set of data analytic tools for analyzing Wi-Fi device locations...
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  • DevNet takes on Innovation with DevNet Labs

    As you know, DevNet is Cisco’s Developer Program. We created DevNet one and a half years ago and have been working hard to create tools and resources that help our developers use Cisco platforms and APIs. We inc...
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  • Welcome to DevNet Labs!

    As Marc Andreeson astutely points out "software is eating the world."  One key factor enabling this accelerating trend is open platforms, and particularly simple platforms with robust APIs.  Recently I have ...
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  • DevNet takes on Innovation with DevNet Labs

    DevNet takes on Innovation with DevNet Labs   As you know, DevNet is Cisco’s Developer Program. We created DevNet one and a half years ago and have been working hard to create tools and resources that help...
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  • Cisco Unity Conection - Audio Files sin java - AudioText Manager

    El plugin de java que varias veces traía problemas en los entornos de configuración de Cisco, que además se anunciaba que ya no es soportado en los navegadores más importantes, abrió...
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  • Connected Analytics: Learn to Live on the Edge – and Love It!

    Not surprisingly, as a networking company Cisco frequently publishes predictions on the growth of Internet traffic. Bragging unintended, typically the forecasts are pretty accurate. In a 2012 report we predicted that ...
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  • October 8: #CiscoChat National Cyber Security Month

    October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM). Each and every one of us needs to do our part to make sure that our online lives are kept safe and secure. Join us for a live #CiscoChat on Twitter on Thu...
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  • DevOps Unconference at RTP

    Over 100 Cisco DevOps enthusiasts came to Cisco RTP for the second annual two-day DevOps Unconference held on September 15-16, 2015 to discuss the importance of DevOps, metrics, tools and APIs along with how to move t...
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  • Sample NeXt Applications

    Hi,   I'm currently working on sample NeXt applications for the participants of HackZurich. The apps are open-source and are located on GitHub. I'd be glad to get a feedback and any suggestions regarding NeXt a...
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  • iOS - A Growth Hacking Opportunity Awaits

    Economics of Network Downtime Infonetics Research recently released a study that claims businesses (just in North America alone) lose as much as $100 million a year due to network downtime. Let us dissect that into nu...
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  • Get all subnets from APIC-EM controller

    So i wanted to start learning python and enjoy the APIC-EM controller and came with this simple example of how to collect all subnets from a controller. Here goes with no exception handling   # requirements # ...
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  • It’s All About Simplicity: Join Cisco at Wireless Field Day on October 1

    We are excited to announce that Cisco will be participating in Wireless Field Day 8 this year! Cisco is bringing together independent bloggers, speakers, and podcasters to share best practices and opinions in a two-ho...
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  • Marie Curie -- Open Source, Kickstarter, and Women in Tech

    Marie Curie has been a hero for me ever since I wrote a 3rd grade research paper on her work, so I am always excited when there is a new book about her.   Recently, my Dad gave me Making Marie Curie: Intell...
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  • New and Updated APIs on DevNet

    I wanted to give you a quick update on some of the new and updated APIs available on DevNet:   Prime Infrastructure 3.0 API:  Cisco Prime Infrastructure provides lifecycle management and network service ass...
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  • UCS Scripting with minidom and Python 2.7

    I am brand new to Python scripting having spent most of my time in PowerShell over the last several years. What follows is intended as an example of the methods I found to get data from Cisco UCS without using the Cis...
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  • SPARK Windows client: how to disable start on logon?

    SPARK Windows client should have option to disable start when windows starts.
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  • IT Security: When Maturity is Overrated

    In so many parts of life, the passing of time is a benefit. Wine and whisky mature, intelligence is gained, and friendships grow stronger. For those of us working in IT security, however, the passing of time brings ne...
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  • ¿Sabes cómo asistir a #CiscoLiveLA todo pagado?

    Asistir al mayor evento de relacionamiento de la industria nunca había sido tan fácil. Participa para ganar un viaje todo pagado a Cisco Live Cancún 2015 respondiendo correctamente los cuatro retos ...
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