• Sourcefire IPS update prevent New threat

    Hi All Does anyone has ideal if I need to ask Cisco TAC for the following malware or signature update from Sourcefire IPS?? Thx   Malware file name Virus detection name msmpeng.exe BKDR_KLIPOD.ZTEJ-A splwow32.ex...
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  • Error in executing openVulnQuery command

    Hi,   I am using python3 and issue the below query but getting the below error. Any idea where could be the issue ?   $openVulnQuery --config Users/guruprasadvijendra/anaconda3/credentials.json --cvrf --ye...
    created by gvijendr
  • Cisco Prime 3.0

    Tengo un cisco prime con la version 3.0 estoy tratando de entrar por interfaz web desde una ubicación remota pero no me lo permite, solo tengo acceso vía SSH.   Crei que tendria que habilitarlo htt...
    created by nestor.tecol1
  • FTD connection limits per client

    Hi,   Does anybody know if FTD supports (maybe through FlexConfig) the following ASA equivalent for limit connection on a single IP ? set connection per-client-max XXXXXX (through class-map - MPF)    ...
    created by matteodapozzo
  • Where can I download XR 6.3.1 compatible with ydk-cpp 0.6.1 ?

    Hi,   I faced similar issue last time when I tried to use ydk-cpp. The latest ydk-cpp/cisco-ios-xr uses YANG models from cisco XR 6.3.1. Whereas in the software download section I could only find 6.1.2 (https://...
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  • CVP Web Service Element Call

    Using CallStudio 10.5, I have a WSDL successfully loaded and configured.  My question is how is the target URL (SOAP address) changed during runtime?
    created by sjones7777
  • Ansible Modules for Population of Service Profile Elements

    Hi,   I encountered the following Ansible Modules for UCS Manager article:   Ansible Modules for UCS Manager   and wanted to find out if there is an Ansible module (or modules) available (or in the w...
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  • Cobra SDK for ACI - Error on removeMO(), when try to remove Tenant

    I try to test add and remove Tenant by using Cobra, but it return Traceback (most recent call last): File "c:/Users/wisit.p.DCS/Documents/Python_temp/test002.py", line 48, in cfgRequest.removeMo(fvTenantMo) File "c:\...
    created by tumarha
  • advanced threats dark blue.png

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  • CISCO ISE 2.3 Extreme Switches

    We have some Extreme switches in our environment and we use Tacacs to authenticate admin access to those switches.  We are phasing out the Tacacs and we are trying to replace the switches as fast as we can. ...
    created by richlucht1978
  • ucs-vcplugin-2.0.3.zip

    UCS Manager Plugin for VMware vSphere Web Client
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  • High availability SG300-28

    Hi, I have two cisco SG300-28, and I want to do a high availability scenario with it. Anybody know if is possible and how I could do it? I've read about Spanning tree, but I really haven't found how to do this. &nb...
  • Axl updateRemoteDestination for enableMobileConnect not working

    Hi,   I have successfully used updateRemoteDestination to change a number, but using it to update enableMobileConnect doesn't seem to work.   Any thoughts?   xml: <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soape...
    created by darrenparkinson
  • BGP Oper Path error

    >>> from ydk.providers import NetconfServiceProvider >>> from ydk.services import CRUDService >>> from ydk.models.cisco_ios_xe import Cisco_IOS_XE_bgp_oper as bgp_oper >>> provid...
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  • ISE Alarm Disable Not Working

    I have probably ten 2.3 deployments going right now and in two of them for some reason when we disable alarms ISE continues to send out the alarms.  They show up on the home screen and get emailed out.  I ha...
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  • Accessing Privileged info from API

    Hi,   I am trying to capture the phones/PIN and personalTeleconf/account/participantFullAccessCode. While I can pull this info from my own admin account, other standard users return blanks. I assume this is rest...
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  • SX20 and Spark

    Dears,   1- Did SX20 support Spark OS , so after register it to spark cloud i will able to create space and add people by their name or email Like spark APP in laptop?   2- did Sx20 support Spark mobile AP...
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  • WPA2 vulnerability

    Has Cisco released a patch for WPA2 vulnerability? http://www.kb.cert.org/vuls/id/228519
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  • getting the 401, Unauthorized error when i try to invoke any method on client object

    I am using python script based on AXL plugin to try access CUCM . I am getting the below error when i try to invoke any method on client object . Need help on how i can overcome the problem.     <suds.sax...
  • ISE pointing to External Web Server as GUEST Portal

    Hi all:   One customer wants to have an external WEB Server as Guest Portal.   I mean, customer wants to customise a web server. Then, the ISE will point to this server in order to show the Captive Portal. &...
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