• Maximum storage for ACS logging vs ISE

    Dear all, My customer is migrating from ACS to ISE. Their existing ACS HW SNS-3515 only support a max. of 750GB HD which is not enough for them. If they migrate to ISE, how to compare the ACS logging vs IS...
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  • APIC-EM__GA_HW-MiniLab-1_Reservation

    Hi, It's all nodes (except 2921 ISR) unreachable!,,, all GigE interfaces are down. Can''t perform and lab activities.   Mikhail
    Mikhail Boev
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  • Open video

  • CE Firmware Content Min/Max Feedback

    We're are trying to find a way to determine the current minimized or maximized value.  We can easily set the value by using "xcommand video presentationView Set", but we're unable to find either an event or xstat...
    created by srayancha
  • SW-UseCase.jpg

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  • Cisco Spark Admin Portal

    Hello everyone,   I wanted to add a new client to the Spark Admin Portal, but  I cannot see how to do it. All I see is to create one by making a demo. But I f I dont need to do that? Does anyone know how? ...
    created by r.alvarezp
  • Open video

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  • ISE Profiling and Posturing support for PAN VPN users

    Hello Experts!   I have a requirement where ISE needs to do Profiling and Posturing for VPN endpoints using PAN's GlobalProtect, I want your opinion on how to support Posturing and Profiling for VPN users conne...
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  • Webex & Spark Feature requests

    Webex needs an ability to create more then 1 "personal" room.   I have Operations centers that need the ability for Generic rooms that can be leveraged by entire teams in which users can host and record outages ...
    created by graffixdesign
  • NBR response is empty

    I'm succssfully posting my SOAP request the WebEx NBR endpoint.   I get a response code of 200, but the response content is empty; Content-Length = 0.   What does that mean?
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  • Location sandbox Notifications failing

    Hello,   Ive created a location update notification in the cmx location sandbox and I am trying to send requests to an AWS API Gateway. I can send requests via postman just fine and see them logged in Cloudwatch...
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  • What’s the big deal about Spark?

    Why is Cisco making such a big deal about Spark? First, there is already a transformation in how businesses work. The workplace is becoming more dynamic and agile – where companies have to respond faster, the ma...
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  • Is there an API to calculate registered users?

    Although I have checked WebEx APIs, I am not able to find anything that will show 'Registered Users?'  I would like an API that will tell me the quantity of registered users.  Does anyone have any leads?
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  • Does Windows Server 2008 R2 support CIMC 3.0.3.a?

    Greetings,   Can someone tell me if CIMC firmware 3.0.3.a does or does not support Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system? If so can someone provide me the list of what firmware version support what Windows Op...
  • Events API for Cisco Spark Now Available

    This past August, we announced limited availability of the Events API for Cisco Spark. We’re now making it available to all Cisco Spark developers!   The Events API provides access to user activities withi...
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  • Correlation between get device and get device config requests

    I am using these 2 requests to get all network devices and config for all these devices:   1. http://sandboxapic.cisco.com/api/v1/network-device   2. http://sandboxapic.cisco.com/api/v1/network-device/config...
    created by uwankhed
  • CMX API what does ASSOCIATED actually relate to?

    Does anyone have a definition of what the dot11status state of "ASSOCIATED" actually relates to in terms of the client state on the WLC?  Our clients use webauth and can be in a number of states according to the ...
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  • CISCO JTAPI Test tool exception: No terminals are available on address

    Hi, I am using CISCO CUCM 11.5 sandbox and CISCO JTAPI test tool 10.1   I did the following: Reserved sandbox 11.5 Connected VPN Created application user in CUCM Administration at
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  • How to remote query the CAR database for Call History Detail

    I would like a run some custom reports programmatically via remote sql queries if possible. I cannot find any documentation on this.  The AXL doc is great and is working well for us but I beleive AXL is for confi...
  • APIC-EM__GA_HW-MiniLab sandbox's state "Active with Error"

    I'm trying to reserve a APIC-EM__GA_HW-MiniLab, but upon ending, there's an error message which states "active (with error)". Error: VM Provision Failure Description: An error has occurred Parameters: Can so...
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