• Require Switch for SMB.

    Hi,   Which one is the best suitable switch for Small Business with following requirement:   Manageable 24 Ports All POE All 10 Gigabyte.     Regards, Saeed Shaikh
  • Hybrid Media Node - Queries

    Hi Guys,   I have a few queries regarding the HMN:   1) HMN when placed in internal corporate network usng private space IP and internal FQDN - how can the spark control hub discover it?   2) What ha...
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  • 11.5 RAudioCodecPreferenceList schema incorrectly defines maxOccurs="30"

    The RAudio defines the following:   <xsd:complexType name="RAudioCodecPreferenceList">   <xsd:sequence minOccurs="0">   <xsd:element maxOccurs="1" minOccurs="0" name="name" type="xsd:str...
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  • getWLANProfile and addWLANProfile appear broken for EAP-TLS in 11.5

    AXL version: 11.5   Looks like WLANProfile's schema doesn't include the necessary options for EAP-TLS, and there's server-side breakage as well.  The User Certificate attribute is not supported.   Ste...
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  • Finesse 11.6 CallType Changes

    Recently we have seen changes in how CallTypes are presented in Finesse 11.6 (the UCCX variant so far). I am just wondering if these changes were intended or are a newly introduced bug. I also understand that Finesse ...
  • Configuring Cisco Mobility Express AP with ISE

    Introduction Prerequisites and assumptions Configuration Overview Mobility Express AP ISE IP addressing and other network ID used in the document Mobility Express AP Bootstrap Add ISE as ...
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  • Cisco SRv6 On Demand Nexthop Lab v1 is now available on dCloud!

    Overview  SRv6 is quickly emerging technology which uses the IPv6 dataplane for Segment Routing (SR). In this lab you will explore how SRv6 works. In the first part, you will see how BGP extensions allows you to...
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  • Posture lease and profile data for devices behind USB/DisplayLink docking stations

    Hi,   I have a customer using some docking stations to which devices (Windows and Mac-based) connect via USB in order to get access to the wired network, external monitors and keyboard & mouse. The issue wi...
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  • Downloading a File Outside of Jabber Client

    Is there a way to download file sent from one Jabber client to another outside of the Jabber client itself? So I am using an archive DB and I can see references to files by link. For example, a file will be located he...
  • ISE integration with Honeywell Pro-Watch

    Hi all,   I have a customer that is asking about documentation or feedback regarding ISE integration with Honeywell Pro-Watch?   Thanks in advance,   Regards,
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  • CTI server places agent Not Ready (Connection Failure) after normal CTI client disconnect?

    We have a CTI client library for an application of ours, which to this point has always been read-only, merely processing events. We are now adding some call and agent control to it. However, once that test CTI applic...
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  • Enable SSH

    How do I enable SSH?
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  • Question for Modify triggers on UCCX with sql query

    Hi, I would like to know if there is an option to modify some triggers from UCCX by SQL query (during CLI) and how this operate deals with CUCM automatic deployment.   I'm using UCCX version 11.5
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  • Problems installing patches on ISE2.3

    Hello,   I am currently running ISE 2.3 with Patch 1. Reason is I am unable to install patch 2 or 3 without breaking my portals.   All is working fine with Patch 1, but as soon as I install Patch 2 or 3 th...
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  • UCSD - Update UCS vMedia Policy

    Task Name Update UCS vmeadia Policy Description   Prerequisites Tested on UCSD Category Workflow Components User Inputs Instructions for Regular Workflow Use: Download the attached .ZIP file below t...
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  • Configuración de VPN para acceder a red INSIDE

    Buenos dias,   Tengo un cisco ASA 5520 con las siguientes interfaces configuradas:   INSIDE: OUTSIDE: WAN:   Ademas, tengo una VPN configurada que me asigna...
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  • What's the ISE Large VM SKU?

    I need ISE Large VM SKU for new ISE deployment. Can't find it in CCW and it's not in the ordering guide or ISE BOM Tool.
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  • where is callforward all and secondary css for fwdall in the database?

    I need to bulk load cfwd settings.. unfortunately, the list operation for DNs does not support these tags, so I have to look it up using SQL. I thought I had it, but turns out I was looking at the CSS of the DN proper...
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  • How to migrate N5K to N9K

    We have one pair of N5K's and planning on migrating them to a pair of N9K's. I am not Network engineer, but I am seeking for steps to migration without downtime, as detail as possible. What I can think of is that j...
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  • FTD VPN Policy for ezvpn hardware clients

    Hello,   We are setting up an ASA-5516X running FTD 6.2.2, using FMC, and have been able to setup a VPN policy for AnyConnect clients.   We have remote 800 and 880 series routers that are configured to...
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