• AP541 certificate generation

    Hi,   on the area "administation" i have the entry "Generate SSL Certificate". When i generate a new cert for https the certificat ends on year 1902! My firmware 2.0.4 is the last one. How can i generate a val...
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  • ISE posture check fails

    hi, we have a problem with posture failing when the PC is connected behind the cisco ip phone. The problem is like this: the ip phone powered via PoE suddenly loses connections and turns off -> port is down. So th...
    created by peter.matuska1
  • How to Observe a non-cisco terminal from CUCM

    We have Axis Door Station registered on CUCM. It shows the status of this door station on the CUCM. However we used JTAPI and developed our own application to monitor few CISCO devices for their status, to report us w...
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  • crl was not verified with the CA cert

    Hello Team   We test PKI on Cisco IOS + Microsoft CA.   The hierarchy is as follows: Microsoft CA - Cisco IOS CA Ra mode - Cisco IOS clients.   We want to create scheme:   The first request fro...
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  • Issues Spinning up and Accessing Sandbox labs

    To All Sandbox Users,   We are currently experiencing issues spinning up some sandbox labs. Setup will begin but will result in "Active with Error". Jabber Guest, PCCE, APIC mini labs, NX-OS are affected. We ...
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  • Converting IMC licenses to Essential

    Any guide on how to do this?
    created by cse@conscia.dk
  • MakeCall" Method in Ready state is not working in 11.6

    Hi All - In 11.6 Agent able to make call using "Makecall" option in Finesse while he is in ready state, however when we call "MakeCall"API Method during ready state from my gadgets it is not working. is there any othe...
    created by venkadesh54
  • EDGE browser compatibility with CPSC v10R2

    Hi experts,   We are testing EDGE browser compatibility with our age-old CPSC v10R2. Has anyone else tried this? I see a browser compatibility page here(https://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/td/docs/net_mgmt/datac...
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  • About finesse 11.5 ES05 patch

    Does Finesse 11.5 ES05 include ES 01-04?
    created by pegasus1501
  • send JSON file to DNAC

    Hello expert I writing sample script  using SWIM API. Authentication succeeded. DNAC failed to receive JSON file.   Does DNAC need something special? Could you give me advice.       DANC 1...
  • Question about sizing Socialminer with email

    We have a client that is installing Socialminer because the use email under UCCX 11.5.   We have have a problem.  We are trying to size the Socialminer server to handle the incoming mail, but there is n...
    created by rodoneal09
  • ISE Posture disk encryption check for all drives

    Hello,   Is it possible for ISE to check all internal drives for disk encryption? Currently you can specify to check system location or a specific location, is there anyway ISE could check all the drives or at l...
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  • Upgrade ISE from 1.0 to 2.3

    How do I go about upgrading our ISE 1.0 to 2.3?   Also, where can I find videos on training for better understanding of how the product works.   Thanks,
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  • Install CUCM 11.5

    To install CUCM 11.5 is a BE6000 solution server needed? To be honest, I am not sure exactly what this is. Or is it a VMware EXSi machnine needed and ova files would be available?   Note - at this point I don't ...
  • Upgrade CUCM from 11 to 11.5

    Is there an upgrade guide for 11 to 11.5? I see that SQL Server is available in 11.5 as an archive DB option while it is not available in 11.0. From the guide I see here, it looks like the idea is to go from 10.x to 1...
  • Flexlink Support on Catalyst 9000 Series

    May I know whether Cisco Catalyst 9000 Series switches supported Flexlink? I have checked all configuration guide included IOS 16.6 document for Catalyst 9300, but cannot find. Thank!   BR., Francis
    created by FRANCISHO
  • OTV & Spanning Tree

    Hello Experts!   I was hopeful we could get some help on this question:   The data centers are interconnected with OTV over a DCI. There are VLAN’s that exist at both DC1 and DC2, and at the hospital...
    created by stbrewer
  • Jabber SSO integration with Azure AD

    Hi   I'm looking for whitepapers on how to enable Jabber SSO using SAML with Azure AD?   Thanks   Aomar.
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  • Policy Set Conditions - Cert Check

    When creating policy sets, we create conditions that are checked (like wireless 802.1x or wireless MAB) in order to match on that policy set. In the event of multi-tenancy, especially when not all user devices are nam...
  • Error on connecting FMC to ISE

    Hi I have FMC and ISE 2.3 patch 2 running in a POC. I have created a PXGrid ISE connection and am using common certs signed by an internal OpenSSL CA. When I test the connection from the FMC It fails with the ...
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