• Can I build Flow Maps that requires MAC Address information

    Hi..   I have internet bound traffic from sources that goes via perimeter firewall, there is other internet bound traffic from sources that goes through a proxy server before going to the perimeter firewall. &nb...
  • ISE - what is spog and why is it in DEBUG by default?

    Hello   What is spog (google search reveals Single Pane of Glass - but what does that mean)?   Debug Log Configuration   Why is this logging at DEBUG level as a default?   regards
    Arne Bier
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  • ISE and local logs - best practice advice

    Hello   I am looking for some best practice advice.  My aim is to minimise the amount of logging done on a node (for the purposes of TAC debugging etc.) whilst allowing me to still see what I need to see vi...
    Arne Bier
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  • how to use the ACI Toolkit session module effectively ?

    I just want to know how to use the ACI session module. I am testing subscripting and would really like some very simple examples: such as   here is how to create the session      session = a...
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  • ASA Security Contexts - rate limit

    Dear experts,   Is one able to rate limit below items when configuring security context on a ASA5520?   1) NAT 2)MAC Learning 3) Stateful packet inspections   My understanding is that only ASDM ses...
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  • Need help on IMC Power Tools to configure Login Banner and Configure Config Backup

    I need to mass deploy and verify C Series server i) CIMC Login Banner ii) CIMC Backup Config to remote tftp server   I can't find any cmdlets in CIMC Power Tools that allow us to configure the settings. Is the...
    created by woei-terng.yeo
  • tlc media record both legs

    Hello, working on a C890 Software (C890-UNIVERSALK9-M), Version 15.6(3)M1 I am facing a strange issue when trying to record both legs   I am using an outgoing dial-peer to start a tcl script which dials an ex...
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  • Expected Behavior on EST Service

    hello team, I'd like to know what should be a status of EST service for P-PAN, S-PAN, PSN and MNT if "Certificate Authority" is enabled for the deployment on the P-PAN.  So far I haven't seen any documentation t...
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  • Set Value - XML Parsing returning Blank Values?

    Hi,   I am using the REST API client on CVP 11.5 which works fine. It returns (and I log) back the XML response.   I then parse the XML for various parameters using SET Value & local variables and the...
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  • ISE Posture and Remediation (Temporal Agent)

    Hello folks. Again, as part of the RFP, customer is asking for a series of checks (AV installed, AV running, AV updated, Patch on Windows, Patch on MAC......)   They are asking for all of them based on 3 forms: ...
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  • Fax detection on ISR 4431

    Hi,   I have a customer leveraging FAX detection (Incoming call via SIP, the old ISR39XX looks at if it is a FAX call or not and routes to Right fax if it is a fax call or to CUCM if it isn't). However, it seems...
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  • Question on Easyconnect

    Hi Folks, i'm not very familiar yet with Easyconnect and it's limitations.   Main question is, considering the below traditional remediation actions with 802.1x, can we do ALL of them with Easyconnect?   -...
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  • TS-Agent has issue with ISE/ISE-PIC

    Is there anyone on forum using Cisco TS Agent to send user ID, IP and Ports mapping to ISE/ISE-PIC, then FMC can learn it via Pxgrid?   I tried but doesnt work at all. TS Agent configured with port 9094, but ne...
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  • Endpoint not hitting right profile

    I'm running through a POV with a customer. They've built two profiler conditions specifying:   - AD-Host-Exists - AD-Join-Point (both of these are using the ACTIVEDIRECTORY_PROBE type)   These are used i...
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  • nc operation tag is lost when provide list of instances(list of entities)

    Hi !   I noticed pretty strange during combination of this topics: - http://ydk.cisco.com/py/docs/guides/crud_guide.html#id1 - http://ydk.cisco.com/py/docs/api/services/netconf_service.html#ydk.services.NetconfSe...
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  • create own custom directory and host it in a separate

    I just want to create my own custom directory and need to host it in separately.   i just want to know is how can i build my custom server.      1. if i need any API or specific parameters ?...
  • BGP Bouncing

    I have x2 circuits provided by my ISP   I'm trying to migrate from the old to the new   The process keeps failing, with the BGP seeminly bouncing after around 2 minutes   This is the debug ip bgp at ...
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  • Load Balancing and ISE

    HI   Just a query, currently we are using 6 PSN for wireless only, 3 sites, 2 ISE and WLC in HA for each site.  We have mobility anchors with several organisations, issue is they are limited to how many of ...
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  • DTMF to an analog modem device not working

    Hi everyone, I am currently troubleshooting an analog modem device (KRMIF) which does not respond to DTMF digits that are sent to it. The modem is connected to a VG310 through a FXS port which is registered to CU...
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  • how to set authorization for  ISE external radius server

    how to set authorization for  ISE external radius server
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