• UCCE API - Agent - Change Person Last Name

    I have developed an application using UCCE Agent API 10.0 to manipulate agent Attributes.  I can add and remove attributes without any issues.  I'm now modifying that application to additionaly enable changi...
    created by cavanessian
  • ISE Security Finding - Existing Defect?

    A recent security scan of ISE 1.4 came up with the finding below.  I am trying to determine if a defect is open on this and/or if it has been released in a later release already.  I can find defects for the ...
    created by joonder
  • APIC-EM 1.6 discovery API using POST request returns a 403

    All,   I am having a problem running a python script that makes an API call to APIC-EM discoveries in order to build new discoveries to pull in new devices into APIC.   According the API documentation the ...
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  • IPv6 admin

        Hello,   I am new to ISE and I'm starting to bring my new server up.   I get this message when I browse to my ISE server  in IPv6   Oops. Something went wrong   Access ...
    last modified by mvoityuvm
  • Enlace Inalámbrico Punto a Punto

    Hace años atrás teníamos Bridge de la serie aironet 1300 para unir dos redes LAN, es decir, un bridge por cada red, permitiendo la unión inalambrica de sus redes... buscando en el portafolio ...
    created by metorres
  • ACI Learning Labs problem

    Hi all,   I'm stuck with a problem on ACI Programmability Options lab, section APIC Sandbox Environment Setup, it says:   # From within the correct virtual environment (venv) apic_fabric_setup\ $ python ba...
  • DNA Center virtual

    Hi Is it possible to let the DNA Center run on hypervisors like Hyper-V or ESX?
    created by AdminDin6036
  • Cisco AIRONET 1562E join issue with vWLC

    Hi all,   I am using Cisco Aironet 1562E outdoor AP (IP and a virtual WLC (IP At the beginning, the AP was booting on version and the vWLC was running version
  • email validation for Guest in Hotspot

    Hi - is it possible to design a Guest Portal for Hotspot that accepts email and sends a verification link?   Thanks, John
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  • ISE Posture messages in Syslog

    I have a customer running 2.1 that is looking for detailed information on posturing event messages in Syslog so they can create filters and workflows in ArcSight to alert on failed posture events.   I found the ...
    created by aaroswee
  • ISE SMS Gateway Phonenumber format

    Hi there, i have a Customer using an ISE and Self Register Guest Portal. The userdata are send by SMS. At the Moment the Guest has to enter the Phone number in 00(Countrycode) but the most Guests are using the common ...
    last modified by MarkusGalbierz
  • CDR - CDRonDemandService endpoint in CUCM 12?

    On a recently installed CUCM 12, I'm trying to access CDR on demand service. Double checked Cisco Unified Serviceability, everything looks fine, the service is enabled and status is running.   However, the endpo...
    last modified by istibekesi
  • Can a WLC HA device be another model?

    Hi Guys,   Is it possible for a WLC HA device (secondary/backup) be another model? For example, If I am using 5520 as my primary WLC, can I use 2504 or 3504 as my HA? Please let me know my options, Also let me...
  • SPA Compatibility from 7206VXR to ASR1002-X for E1

    We are quoting a replacement for Cisco 7206VXR with the ports PA-MC-8TE1 & Multichannel E1 on the Serial interfaces. ASR1002-X is the replacement router but we are having difficulty in what Port Adapter to choose....
    created by rhea.dejuan
  • Support of UCCX on HCS platform

    Hi everyone,   Does anyone know the official line on UCCX support on HCS platform (in partner datacenter, not  on-premise) ?   Within the Cisco HCS VM requirements document at https://www.cisco.com/c/...
    last modified by dkeight
  • worldwide anyconnect entry points

    Hi guys   I am just wondering if anyone has the same scenario like us and already had figured out a solution for this. We have Cisco AnyConnect on 3 different firewalls in Europe, Asia and USA. Currently the u...
  • REM Web SDK Socket Down

    I tried to use rem web sdk, I already got the sessionid But i got this error   CSDK version: [3.0.3] csdk-common.js:311 received sessionId nr%3A%21%21ja.ja.j.jii%3Acaca%21DJqFnJl%21nFIrvHzFqHJyy%3FJuuzFl%3D5N4...
  • ISR2921 G2 router

    i need to activate SSL VPN/Anyconnect licences on existing ISR2921 G2 router what SKU's do i need to order
    created by npress
  • ISE integration with fingerprint

    Hi Team,   We are working on a NAC requirement wherein the customer wants to have an additional authentication to the machines, for which a finger printer machine is being planned to be implemented which also in...
    last modified by ymadheka
  • question for Internet traffic growth and IP traffic growth in Philippine

    Dear,   Can I get the CAGR for internet traffic growth and IP traffic growth in Philippine?   Thanks, Sean
    created by suhywang