• CiscoIPPhoneImageFile for 8851

    I've been experimenting with writing images for the 8851. According to the dev guide, the maximum resolution of the display in normal mode is 559x265.   Initially the application was configured to show pictures ...
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  • CCX Licensing

    Dear all   i am designing CCX solution for my company, i have questions like...   1. For what purpose we need CCX-11-N-P-LIC ? 2. If I have 5 agent contact center do i need to order 5 AQM seat License ? &...
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  • How to know possible Softkey for updateSoftKeySet request?

    Hello, On the CUCM administration, when I configure softkey layout, the possible softkeys depends of the "call state" selected. How can I know this list for each call state? Regards, Fabien
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  • uccx Data Base write step error

    Hi   I am looking help for creating a survey script for my call center. i'll attach the script and error screen shot please if possible help me in writng a script..   my requirement is to stored the feedb...
    created by comm.ngha
  • LACP issue (Oracle Exadata VPC Active/Active concern/related)

    Does anyone know why (Exadata hosts) VPC/LACP becomes "I" when one of Leaf switches gets recycled? It's NOT related to LACP time-out (TAC already verified it).   whenever one of the switches get recycled/disconn...
    created by restonsoccer
  • UCCX Migration

    Good morning, is it possible to migrate a UCCX version 10.6 from a server currently in production to two newly supplied servers connected to HA? Best regards. Matteo Faraone
    created by matteo9663
  • Automating system provisioning

    I'm casting about for good ways to perform scripted provisioning of system level elements of Unity Connection.  Things like configuring telephony integrations, dropping in holidays, tweaking routing rules.  ...
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  • Vagrant sandbox updated with YDK-Py 0.7.1

    The Vagrant sandbox for YDK has been upgraded with YDK-Py 0.7.1 for both Python 3 and 2.  If you have used this sandbox before, the following commands would be useful to upgrade your sandbox:   Display insta...
    Santiago Alvarez
    created by Santiago Alvarez
  • Change MNT roles?

    I have a TAC and they were wondering on swapping pri/sec mnt roles to see if it would fix the issue. My question he couldn't answer is will this cause a system reboot? I know if you change pri/sec admin both will rest...
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  • Identity PSK Questions

    Team,   I have a customer that is looking to reduce the number of SSIDs and create some control around their PSK networks. The customer's network is an educational network (university) that hosts many networks a...
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  • Cisco 9000v Telemetry JSON

    Hello,   I'm experimenting with telemetry using JSON as the encoder on a Cisco 9000v. This works as expected; however, each message starts with unexpected extra characters that throw off the format of expected J...
  • Collaboration Summit 2018 - Overview

    Lots and lots happened at Collaboration Summit which took place April 18-19 2018 in Phoenix AZ, USA. If you were there, you know all the cool stuff that was presented. If you were not able to make it this year, fear n...
    Gregory Rose
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  • What is Aqua for web chat in UCCE 11.6?

    Has anyone design a solution utilizing Aqua for web chat UCCE 11.6?  Looking for a solid, high-level description of what it is, what it does, etc.
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  • CSCvg08601 - patch for 2.3?

    Hi,   Can you confirm fix for CSCvg08601 will be made available for 2.3? thanks   Bart
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  • Finesse Data Error

    First of all, good afternoon! My name is Jheferson, I use UCCX v11.5 (1) here in the company and am having a hard time with Finesse. When I click on "Team Data" or "Queue Data" the information that should app...
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  • Plan DRP wireless

    Nuestro cliente requiere de un plan de DRP para su red wireless Corporativa. Actualmente el corporativo cuenta con un par de controladoras 5508 en modo centralizado y en HA, además de la parte de autenticaci&oa...
    created by MargotFonteyn
  • Cisco Spark is now Webex Teams

    Big news! Cisco Spark is now Webex Teams!   Read more about these exciting new changes and find out more details about Webex Team in Jonathan Rosenberg" blog post titled: Cisco Spark and Webex Platform Convergen...
    Gregory Rose
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  • Bridges

    Hi,   There's some Cisco equipment to replace the old Bridges 14XX?   Regards,   Carlos Martinho
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  • Posture Policy

    When defining a posture policy, the requirements of any matching rule will need to be evaluated for a posture to be compliant (or not). A customer is then asking what is best: - one single rule with multiple require...
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  • Don't Miss the Customer Connection Briefing on Firewalls, May 30

    Threats have evolved. So should your firewall. Are you a Cisco customer or partner? Join the Cisco Customer Connection Program - Security Track and register for the upcoming CCP Briefing on Cisco Next Generation Firew...
    Gregory Rose
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