• Now Available: New Use Case Recipe for out-of-the-box IVR personalization with Unified CCE

    Hello,   We have added a new Context Service use case recipe for end customers and partners to try out.   This use case recipe covers Personalized greetings when customer calls Detect Repeat callers Con...
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  • I cannot login to NETCONF/YANG and RESTCONF on IOS XE

    For some reason, I cannot seem to login to NETCONF/YANG and RESTCONF on IOS XE(always on sandbox) since yesterday. I am getting a Permission denied (password) even though I'm using the right credentials. Does anyone ...
    created by vincentabulencia
  • When is the SX20 12x going EOL?

    Best I can tell the SX20 12xisn't approaching end of sale.  The unit has 3 camera options, 2.5x, 4x, and 12x.  Both the 2.5x and the 4x models have had EOS announced.  But the 12x looks current, we are ...
  • Cisco HyperFlex Data Encryption Demonstration

    In many organizations, the security of the data generated and stored across varying systems and platforms is becoming a significant point of concern. The protection of data has traditionally been constrained to busine...
    created by beveritt
  • RegisterMeetingAttendee - Incorrect user or password

    I seem to have a problem registering a user for an event.  My Header information can successfully call GetAPIVersion but when I try to the RegisterMeetingAttendee call I get an "Incorrect user or password" failur...
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  • ISE API for Policy Elements and Device Admin Policy Sets

    As the title says, I have looked at the ISE API documentation and was not able to find an API call for Policy Elements and Device Admin Policy Sets. Did I just overlook it or is it not currently available.
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  • Failed to get SiteUrl

    When trying to use the XML api using the C# sample.  I always returns the "Failed to get SiteUrl" Error.   Please help.   string strXML = "<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>\r\n"; s...
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  • Chrome not working Portal Cisco ISE 2.0

    I have a problem.       The portal self register not working in chrome (PC, Android device).   The version of Cisco ISE its 2.0   link of error.       https://mega.nz/#!Vq5h...
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  • Jan. 23-26 - online - FutureWAN'18

    Secure your spot now to understand why SD-WAN is one of the fastest adopted SDN technologies and learn what to look for in an SD-WAN solution at FutureWAN'18, January 23-26, online from the comfort of your own work sp...
    Heather Caldwell
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  • Free Expo-only Passes for RSA Conference 2018

    April 16–20, 2018, San Francisco, CA   Are you headed to the RSA Conference in April?  If so, you can get a free expo-only pass when you use the following code: X8SCISCOP. Access includes the exh...
    Heather Caldwell
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  • UCSD - Dynamic Workflow User Input Variables

    Task Name Dynamic Workflow User Input Variables Description   Prerequisites Tested on 6.6 Beta Category Workflow Components User Inputs Dynamic LOV selector A B C Output Instructions for Regular Workf...
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  • AnyConnect ISE posture with SBL

    Hello! Will AnyConnect ISE posture work with SBL, i.e will posture check work before the user has logged on? If not, what alternatives would be available?
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  • About Add netflow into Stealthwatch 6.9

    I do a trial Stealthwatch 6.9When I want to add exporter WLC into FlowExporter, there is like this :   And show in SMC is : For WLC already upgrade into v8.2.166.0 which is support
    created by charisdian
  • Unity Connection SDK List Users very slow

    Hey team,   I'm building a tool to help our deployment team with a very specific need.  I'm using:   res = UserBase.GetUsers(_server, lUser, page, listCount)   Where page increments and listCoun...
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    Hello! Please, help!   I want to use the zero touch setting without Prime. There is no way to use DHCP or DNS parameters. In the APIC-EM, the manual switch did not add. I maked the settings on the switch manual...
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  • Connecting Studio 7 to Google BigQuery

    I am trying to find instructions for creating a data source connection from Google BigQuery to Cisco Studio 7.   I see Google BigQuery as an option when I click "New Data Source", but where do I go to find the P...
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  • UCS C lacp connected to ACI

    Hi all I have a problem with an UCSC M240-M4S Server with VIC 1227 conntected to an ACI Fabric. Server ist connected with LACP to a VPC on ACI side. We tested the failover and in my opinion we had a lang covergence ti...
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  • EpStreamCodecInGet issues

    Hello,   I'm using Cisco's EpApi for sound stream handling for call management. Everything works ok. I can get the streams, start the streams, sound is coming and going.   I have found in the documentation t...
    created by denes.istvan
  • Unable to connect to DevNet CIS 7.0

    The connection was working fine around a month ago. But currently I have got the following when trying to connect   ``` Exception in thread "main" java.sql.SQLException: Connection refused. Check that the hostn...
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  • Sandbox Learning Labs issue - ACI Programmability Options

    Hi all,   I'm stuck with a problem on ACI Programmability Options lab, section APIC Sandbox Environment Setup, it says:   # From within the correct virtual environment (venv) apic_fabric_setup\ $ python ba...