Hi,   I was able to create a VLAN on NX-OS using RESTCONF: POST http://<ip>/restconf/data/Cisco-NX-OS-device:System/bd-items/bd-items/BD-list with name,fabEncap,accEncap attributes - but how do I DELETE i...
  • WebEx Host Account Reactivation API?

    Need to know if this is possible to achieve with an API of some sort.   Scenario: We have our WebEx host accounts automatically deactivate if inactive after 120 days [reason: preserve licences].  We do hav...
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  • Keep Chat Session Active while browsing web pages

    Hello, I currently have a Cisco TAC Case open for this question (SR 684684389) and have been directed to DevNet since this is out of their scope. Please bare with me as I'm a network admin, not a developer. I have a ...
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  • CoA not working

    Hi All, Configuring the MAB for IP phone was successful and I can get the IP phones to a right voice VLAN using the authz profile. Now what happens is that, when I connect a computer behind the IP phone, Auth...
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  • Webex Board Availability by Country?

    Where can I find Webex Board availability by country?  I used have Spark board availability, but it is not available after rebranding.
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  • ISE Portal Builder based portal does not show SAML identity-provider button

    Hello,   A customer is seeing the following behavior, which I am also able to recreate in my lab: Create a sponsored portal with the ISE Portal Builder: https://isepb.cisco.com/ Import the Portal Builder based...
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  • Integrating LDAP with Linux OpenLDAP

    I want to know if Cisco ESA can integrate with Linux Open LDAP.  Customer is using Squirrel mail and wants to do SMTP Authentication with Cisco ESA.   Request you to please let me know the possibilities...
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  • ISE/IND pxGrid Error - Node name already exists

    I am attempting to integrate IND with ISE via pxGrid. When I attempt to enable the pxGrid settings in IND the following error always occurs:     This error occurs no matter what node name I use.   T...
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  • Download AXLAPI.wsdl from cucm?

    Hello, I'm trying to download the AXLAPI.wsdl file directly from the cucm server via this link (https://x.x.x.x:8443/axl/wsdl/AXLAPI.wsdl). In my Soap Client I get an error 404 Page not found.   When I open t...
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  • SocailMiner for 2 UCCX Clusters

    Dear members,   One of our customers has 2 UCCX clusters (one for Help Desk and the other for customers queries) and one SocialMiner license. Can they use the same SocialMiner server with the two UCCX clusters?...
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  • Catalyst 9K - Macro function?

    Hi,   One of my clients uses the macro function on their Catalyst 2960 access switches. This macro is of this type: macro auto execute XXX { conf $ INTERFACE interface switchport access vlan 508 switchport vo...
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  • ISE VMs Software Support

    Hi,   I have a requirement from a Partner about the Cisco ISE VM licenses (R-ISE-VMM-K9=) with support.  When we configure an ISE VM licenses we got the warning:   "Warning CS604: Cisco Software Suppo...
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  • PUT /api/networks/L_6693/clients//policy 404 Not Found1

    I am getting this error while developing Captive Portal with  Node JS using Group Policies.     PUT /api/networks/L_669347494617946620/clients//policy 404 Not Found 1 Thanks! in Advance!!
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  • TACACS+ Command Accounting from F5 to Cisco ISE

    Hi, Does anyone ever try to send TACACS+ command accounting from F5 BIGIP to Cisco ISE? I've tried to configure the F5 to send audit log to accounting server, which is Cisco ISE, but it is not recorded on TACACS+ Com...
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  • <Approval Request> Publish 100*APEX License for Customer

    Hi ISE PM team,   This is Yoshiyuki Watabe, AM of Cisco Japan.   I need your approval to publish 100 temporary APEX License for my customer. My customer is one of the transformational account in Japan, and t...
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  • SSH is not working DevBox: CentOS 7 Workstation

    When I am trying to do SSH to DevBox: CentOS 7 Workstation, it is not not responding and getting hang. I am following steps from https://learninglabs.cisco.com/lab/nxos_telemetry_part1/step/2.  But th...
  • Cisco_Webex_CloudHybrid_Services_v3-JP.pdf

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  • Cisco_WebexTeams_Lab_Guide_v3-JP.pdf

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  • pip install ydk fails on Mac

    After installing all dependancies listed https://github.com/CiscoDevNet/ydk-py/blob/master/README.rst#macos it still failing with same error   Collecting ydk   Using cached https://files.pythonhosted.org/...
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  • Posture periodic reassessment (PRA) query

    Hi, I just want to confirm my understanding that Anyconnect agent do posture verification at PRA interval without applying unknown/non-compliant posture profile having restricted access(DACL).   User will have ...
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