• Compatibility with Aruba cloud controller

    Hi Team,   We are working on an opportunity wherein the customer is using Cisco firewall and switches for endpoint connectivity. But they have a cloud based controller from Aruba with 200 Access points. The cust...
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  • ISE patch upgrading

    Anyone know let say if I upgrade my ISE from ver 2.1 to ver 2.2.  Do I need to install one by one of the patches from patch 1 to patch 7 or actually I just need to install patch 7?  If I install patch 7, do ...
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  • What's new in Firepower 6.2.3

    Official Firepower 6.2.3 Release Notes New Features in Firepower Management Center/Firepower Version 6.2.3 The following table lists the new features available in Firepower Version 6.2.3 when configured using ...
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  • Unable to benchmark application

    Hi,   I am testing cloudcenter 4.8.2 with vmware cloud environment.  While trying to benchmark an application, the Load Generator tier deployment fails which in turn aborts the benchmarking process.  ...
  • Can Prime monitoring third-party device?

    Hello,   Can Prime using SNMP to monitoring Linux ?   Thanks
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  • Can Prime monitoring Linux ?

    Hello,   I know Prime only monitoring Cisco device, but these any other way to monitoring third-party like Linux ? Thanks
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  • LLbmHubGroup schema does not match RLbmHubGroup

    Hi,   The LLbmHubGroup schema is the following:   <xsd:complexType name="LLbmHubGroup">   <xsd:sequence minOccurs="0">   <xsd:element maxOccurs="1" minOccurs="0" name="name" type="...
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  • Access to NSO Developer Hub

    Hello, I have a question related to NSO service, but I am unable to access the "NSO Developer Hub" to ask it there. The reason is :     "Access to this place or content is restricted. If you think this is...
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  • Stopping Wireless Monitoring/Status from running

    Hi,   We are using PI to manage switches and routers.  We have no wireless device and there is no plan to add wireless resource in the near future.   My question is: Is it possible to free up resource...
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  • LXC IE4000 -  "Error while changing app state: 'NoneType' object is not iterable"

    Hi,   I'm trying to lift a container on the IE4000 switch and it returns the following error:   root@nuc:/home/nuc/Desktop/iox/lxctest# ioxclient app activate helloworldtest Currently active profile :&nbs...
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  • Then next generation SNS appliance

    Dear team   how is the roadmap for the SNS appliance will there be soon a new SNS appliance that will replace the SNS 3500 series   thanks team
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  • Open video

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  • Custom report help

    Hello everyone!   I wanted to see about making a custom report that would accurately tally the ASA and Abandoned Rate for multiple CSQ's under one team. I know some reports give reports on a particular team but ...
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  • ACS 5.8 to ISE 2.4 Migration

      I am reading through ACS to ISE migration guide 2.4: User Guide for Cisco Secure ACS to Cisco ISE Migration Tool, Release 2.4 - Preface [Cisco Identity Services Engine] - C…   And see this "This...
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  • Cisco IXM 2.0.30 image is released!

    Software Download - Cisco Systems   Upgrade Linux kernel to 4.4.52 SHA256 for the firmware signature and uboot Validation of the firmware image before flashing Launch processes as non-root Password protectio...
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  • InGenius Workflow Integrations

    One of the things that's important to us here at InGenius is that our computer telephony integration (CTI) solution works in a way that's right for you. That's why InGenius Connector Enterprise is highly configurable,...
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  • Open video

  • does the AMP for end point subscriptions covers Smartnet. what type of support it provides

    Dear,   does the AMP for end point subscriptions covers Smartnet. what type of support it provides
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  • Cisco Meeting Management wrong start time and duration

    hello:   I'm working on Cisco Meeting Management server version, but start Time and duration is wrong on Meeting page by about 15 hours, but under event logs time is showed properly. Someone else with t...
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  • UCS Central\Powershell: List unassigned blades in a particular Domain Group

    I am new to Powershell and UCS Central, so I am still exploring what's available.   What is the best way to get a list of unassigned blades in a particular UCS Central Domain Group?  I don't want unassigned...
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