• Vbrick Leverages Cisco Spark API's to Help Transform Video Communication and Distribution in the Workplace

    Ever consider that corporate 'town halls' and 'all-hands' meetings create invaluable content your company can leverage in other ways for continued business success?  Ever consider your other various meeting activ...
    Francis Geck
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  • Cisco Jabber 12.0 Released

    Cisco has launched a new version of Jabber on March 29, 2018. So, what can be said for Jabber 12.0? Quite a bit. Below is an exert from the Cisco Release notes for Jabber 12.0, which can be found at the following link...
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  • Tropo and Cisco Spark

    The Tropo Web API is a web-service API that lets you build communications applications that run on your servers and drive the Tropo cloud using JSON over HTTP. It uses the same request-response model many web develope...
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  • OAuth and Cisco Spark

    What Is OAuth? OAuth, pronounced "oh-auth,” allows an application to act on behalf of a user in order to gather information and perform tasks without exposing the user's password. OAuth acts as an intermediary o...
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  • Types of Cisco Spark Bots

    In the previous Blog post you were introduced to the concept of Spark Bots. This post will focus on the different types of spark bots that exist. There are three types of Bots that can be created for Cisco Spark: ...
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  • Creating additional applications that can help businesses make decisions using the Cisco CMX API

    This article will consider the options for using the CMX API to solve business tasks and also some features of using JSON data obtained from CMX. Thanks to the Cisco CMX solutions, Wi-Fi, as an usual network acces...
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  • Better Employee Communication and Engagement with Cisco Spark and Dynamic Signal

    -- This post is guest authored by Russ Fradin, CEO of Dynamic Signal. --   The way we consume information is different today. That's because mobile devices, over the past decade, have dramatically changed how we...
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  • Stealthwatch 6.10 (with GTA) now available in dCloud

    The Cisco Stealthwatch team is proud to announce the availability of Stealthwatch Enterprise v6.10 with Global Threat Analytics in Cisco dCloud for the Cisco Partner community.   In dCloud look for "Cisco Steal...
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  • Time Based ACLs in Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) v6.2

    I am pleased to share a script that I have created to emulate the Time-Based Access Lists (ACL) functionality on Cisco Firepower Threat Defense (FTD) using the APIs available in Cisco Firepower Management Center (FMC)...
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  • Pondering Automation - Cloudy with a Chance of APIs

    Howdy out there in automation land!!! Hopefully you are de-thawing from winter and are getting into the greatness of Spring! I have been working on developing with a new API and I thought it would make a great "set" o...
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  • [Release Announcement] pyATS v4.1.0

    FY18 has been a busy yet successful year for our development team. In Nov 2017, we released pyATS for the first time to customers through Cisco DevNet In Jan 2018, pyATS was showcased and called out at Cisco Live! ...
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  • My Adventures at the Battleborn Hackathon - Changing the Coal Industry!

    It was a last minute plan where I had to jump on an airplane and fly down to Las Vegas for a very important hackathon that we are part of. As someone who loves hackathons based on particular conditions, I'd say this i...
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  • Cisco Stealthwatch Expert Series Webinar! April 12th

      “Automate Your Host Group Synchronization” View the recording and presentation from the Customer Community > My Training Presented by: McClain Marchman, Cisco Stealthwatch Advanced Services Netw...
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  • UCS Manager 3.2(3) and Cisco IMC 3.1(3a) with Spectre/Variant 2 Mitigations are released

      Cisco is pleased to announce the release of UCS Manager 3.2(3a) and Cisco IMC 3.1(3a) today. These releases address critical security vulnerabilities, provide support for new hardware and accessories, and exte...
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  • Ask the expert- Best practices on Cisco FirePOWER

    Have a question on Cisco FirePOWER? Head on over to the Support Community and post your questions!   From the Support Community post....      This topic is a chance to discuss more about all yo...
    Gregory Rose
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  • Stealthwatch in the Clouds

    Visibility is important everywhere where an organizations information is.  Too often security incidents occur because of network “blind spots,” or parts of the network that are either are considered s...
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  • Update Regarding OVAL Definitions by Cisco

    Cisco continues to provide leadership in the development of new security standards. For example, Cisco is one of the main contributors to the OASIS Common Security Advisory Framework (CSAF) and Cisco provides Common V...
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  • Monitoring a Leased Circuit with an ASA

    Working in Network Security for a service provider, we are often asked to monitor connections for which we have no administrative access. Examples of this are leased-line connections like MPLS circuits, but could also...
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  • Approved Contact and Cisco Solve the Scheduling Merry-Go-Round

    If you have a corporate job, I'm sure you've experienced the following 'merry-go-round' conversation when trying to set up a meeting:   "George, can you meet at Thursday at 1?"  "No, Jane, sorry-how about F...
    Francis Geck
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  • Stealthwatch is now more Cognitive

    As many users already know; Cognitive Threat Analytics (CTA)was added as a feature in Stealthwatch version 6.9!   This new feature is available to all Stealthwatch users.  There is no additional license re...
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