• aproblem in cvp deplyment (decision element)

    hi i have aproblem in my cvp deplyment and i see in activity logs the following Product Collection,interaction,audio_group,initial_audio_group Product Collection,element,hotevent,error badfetch which is Product Col...
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  • WebEx Recordings with CCA

    Are there plans to add Editing capabilities for WebEx recordings done when using CCA? In the non-CCA version of WebEx recordings, I could trim the beginning and end by setting a time.  With the CCA-enabled WebE...
    created by saadiali1
  • Error generating XML Document with UpdateServiceParameterReq in c#

    Hello I Am trying to write a function that will update select service parameters but when i try to make the call to cucm i get an error message that says "Error generating XML Document " my code bombs on the Standard...
    created by mcurtis963
  • ISE 2.3 not supporting "Network Access:AuthenticationMethod" in authC conditions anymore

    Hello team,   As of ISE 2.3 the authentication policies do not support "Network Access:AuthenticationMethod EQUALS x509_PKI" anymore. More generally, the "Network Access:AuthenticationMethod" attribute is not t...
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  • Android/IOS - Block VPN apps with FMC

    dear team,   i have a wifi users who are using internet, i have blocked all the social networking sites/apps - but they are using vpn apps -hotshield etc to use social websites this is effecting our internet pe...
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  • Test

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  • How To Remove  webex meeting Type and Audio account  from a user's account using Webex Apis

    Hi Team ,     I am trying to remove  Webex  Meeting Type  and Audio Account Type from user's profile  using webex apis . but i didn't find any api that helps me to do that.   I am...
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  • Mutiple login with any connect onCollaboration 9.1

    Hi i need multiple logins minimum three so that i can login form three different machines and test various call flow. Please help Thanks in advance
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  • Annotate on files in "files" on Sparkboard

    Will it be possible to share and annotate on pictures/presentations located in files  when in a call on Sparkborads
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  • File contains no section headers. file: '/etc/virl.ini', line: 3 u'asav: True\n'"

    Dears I am facing problem with file: '/etc/virl.ini', line: 3 u'asav: True\n'", how to get rid off this? below are some of the output as per instruction from the blog. virl@virl:~$ sudo vinstall rehost Traceback (m...
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  • ISE two factor authentication with different identity Store

    Hi All,   We are trying to authenticate a NAS in 2 level, first against LDAP/AD or internal user repository and second level against a token server. User should first login with LDAP/AD password, then NAS should...
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  • APIC-EM Multi-Host Physical Topology

    Dear All,   I'm going to install apic-em appliances (3 appliance) for creating multi-host cluster. I would like to know the physical topology and cabling. I only have below information from documentations; C...
  • Integrate with 3rd party TTS

    Hi all,   Appreciate your advice / guidance on integrating 3rd party TTS (which is not currently listed in compatibility matrix) with UCCX v11.6. The understanding is for the supported TTS we are able to use the...
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  • ISE onboarding - Max device

    Hi,   Understand that the max device limit is a deployment wide setting. I'm in a POV right now and customer would like to have the limit based on different group of user. I have explored Max session but this o...
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  • Creating TACACS+ Profiles using ERS APIs in Cisco ISE 2.3

    I'm trying to define a simple "TACACS Profiles" and/or "TACACS Command Sets" using the ERS API (not via the GUI) in a Cisco ISE deployment. Although the API posts the required information, I do not see any profiles be...
  • SDA ISE License question

    hi guys,     My customer is interesting SDA solution ,but they don't want to deploy 802.1X for dynamic user SGT assigment at this moment. If they use static mapping for VLAN ID with SGT,Will this actio...
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  • lxc fails

    Hi there,   I've been able to install/activate/start my LXC based application on IOx until recently. I was hoping that someone might point me in the direction of what to look at that could help me diagnose its i...
  • How to get API documentation for Cisco Contact Centre Solution ?

    I wanted to understand if there are API's for routing the calls for agents and queue management ? And if there are what is the way to get the API documentation ?
    created by kusmishr
  • Portal Captive AP Autonomous

    I have an AP 2702i in autonomous mode, in which I am configuring a captive portal but when configuring it it shows me the following message (Warning: The CLI will be deprecated soon  'radius-server host 10,253,24...
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  • ISE ISO with all patches

    Hi, Dont know if Cisco ever thought to make upgrade process easier or not for customers. But ISE upgrade takes so much time. After upgrade the code from 2.1 to 2.2, we have to manually patch 7 times per server !!! A...
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