• Active Directory Diagnostic Tool doesn't show results

    I'm running ISE version and trying to use the AD diagnostic tool.  From my experience with ISE 1.3 I'm used to seeing the status and Result/Remedy updating in real time.  With 2.2, the display does...
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  • Wallboard Issues

    Hello:   We have our Wallboards, but I'm having issues getting new team members to show up.  I can run a manual report and show the new users, but they do not show up on our Wallboards.  I've looked in...
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  • feed-admin@cisco.com Not valid

    is there another email? The feed service website contact bounces:   Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:   feed-admin@cisco.com (feed-admin@cisco.com) The email address you entered couldn't be ...
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  • Are FTDv services managed?

    Hello, we're looking to implement an FTDv as an edge device for our Azure network. Currently our on-prem consists of a physical ASA and an outsourced IPS device (iSensor by Dell Secureworks) that sits in front of the ...
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  • Refresh Resource list via REST API?

    Hi everyone,   I'm developing a script for new user creation and I've hit a snag; after I create the Phone, modify the RMCM application user and modify the User account with the IPCC extension in Call Manager, I...
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  • WebexIntuitive_Week5_FINAL.docx

    Work at the speed of your team. Work Intuitively.  Intuitive is defined as “the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning”. We know your team’s time i...
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  • CoA action reauth impact

    Hi All,   Can somebody tell me the impact of the CoA action reauth impact   Below is my scenario, I have wired/Wireless/VPN users who are postured from ISE ( primary & secondary ISE nodes are there ...
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  • Can I schedule managed nodes to sync every night

    Can't find much in the user guide but it doesn't appear that there is a way to schedule a sync job with Prime Infrastructure 3.4. I want to set up a job where prime will sync with managed nodes. It seems as if the onl...
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  • CUIC Dashboard/CUIC Gadget Whitespace issue

    We recently migrated all our users from CAD to Finesse, (10.6.1 SU2, soon going to 11.6x)  I'm trying to clean up the layout and there's some whitespace around the CUIC dashboard that I've added.  Does anyon...
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  • Can we add DNA Advantage to any switch (2960's, 4500's) for existing clients?

    Can we add DNA Advantage to any switch (2960's, 4500's) for existing clients? Or there exceptions?
  • Is it possible to change ERROR status?

    Hi, I'm trying to provision router on link 1 mbps. Apic-em deployed config on router correctly but last step when pnp need to save running config it is stuck till timeout. I configured maximum (30 min) timeout. An...
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  • Prime 3.2 API: How to deploy a cli job to configure multiple ports on multiple devices

    Hi, I'm trying to find a solution to configure multiple interfaces on multiple devices via a Prime Deployment Job which is defined in a Feature Template. Actually I tried to deploy a configuration with 2 variables (i...
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  • Cisco UC on VMware Cloud on AWS

    Hi   Does Cisco now support deployment of UC (CUCM, Unity Connection, IM Presence, Expressway MRA, Meeting Server, CUAC) on the VMware Cloud on AWS service? https://aws.amazon.com/vmware/   Many thanks &nb...
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  • How to replace the Self-Signed Certficate on APIC-EM 1.5

    Hi , I have Installed APIC-EM 1.5 in our lab, i am facing an issue with Self-signed Certificate on APIC-EM. I Installed the APIC-EM with an IP:, and later due to some reasons i changed the IP to 10.10.100....
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  • jabber guest

    I am looking for a roadmap of Jabber guest to see what is on the horizon. Is there one at all?
  • Blind transfer function using REST API

    Is it possible to transfer after consulting blind transfer using REST API instead of singlesteptransfer?
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  • Which SIP fields are set by CURRI?

    Hi guys,   do you have any information which SIP fields are upated or set by CURRI (PAI / FROM / ...)?   Thanks for any help in advance!   Michael
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  • Virtual Voice Browser 11.6 - VXML server Tomcat version

    We have a VXML app developer partner who have a VXML application which runs on their own tomcat Server. i.e. its a VXML application which does NOT run on the Cisco VXML Server.   So we reach this app via a simp...
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  • Import User with comma in the password

    Hi Community   As part of a migration from ACS to ISE I should import User informations into the ISE. The problem is that the user password has commas... and comma is the delimiter for the import file.   ...
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  • Change in definition of traditional data center from GCI 14-19 to 15-20

    Hi,   There seems to be a significant drop in the reported traditional data center traffic between what was reported in GCI 14-19 and what is reported in 15-20. I suspect that it is a change in definition but i ...
    Abhinav Kumar
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