• TReX isssues with Intel NIC ixgbe

    Hi,   I am new to TReX, TReX running in RHEL 7.2 and defined 2 No's of 10Gig Interface ports in trex_cfg.yaml   Interface Details: Intel 82599ES 10-Gigabit SFI/SFP+ driver: ixgbe and version 5.3.5 (Ensur...
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  • Nagios UCSM plug and unassociated/powered off blades

    Using Nagios XI 5.4.11 Using the latest USCM plugin (9.4) I have several UCS domains i am monitoring Within our UCS we have some spare/unused capacity These blades are either configured but shut down (on purpose) ...
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  • CMX 10.4 Sandbox temporarily down for maintenance

    Hello CMX community,   We are currently uploading new maps for the DevNet sandbox CMX 10.4.  We will update this discussion when the updates are complete.   Thanks.
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  • La Red Intuitiva: Sesión Técnica para Canales @ República Dominicana

    Open video

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  • ISE HA scenario

    Hello Experts!   I would like to understand how ISE HA works Standalone deployment (all services in single node) HA when it's geographically separated. For example, Primary in DC-1 and Secondary in DC-2, and the...
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  • getting a list of registered devices from spark control hub

    apologies if this is a basic question but I have been unable to find an answer.   is there a Spark API call that allows me to retrieve the list of properties (user name, device URI etc) for each device registere...
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  • Limit of UUID digits

    Hi   I'd like to know about limit of UUID digits. I sometimes find below response.   "detail:2ace3214-4741-4432-8ab7-2068edc2bec54 does not conform to expected UUID pattern"   Is there any rules of ...
  • Limit of UUID digits

    Hi I'd like to know about limit of UUID
  • ASA 5585 IPS module

    Hi Guys,   I have a client who has the ASA-SSP-IPS40-K9= module installed on the 5585. Its now complaining  that the license is expired.   The module is eol and I cannot find which license the modul...
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  • AUTOUPGRADE Parameter for Cisco TSP Silent Rollout is not working

    Hi,     I'm trying to rollout CiscoTSP driver (from CUCM 11.5 SU3b) using Command Line. It basically works, but the AUTOUPGRADE_TYPE option does not work as expected and documented.   For example I us...
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  • Authentication first before DHCP

    Hi, In our current deployment we allow endpoint to get IP address then it will authenticate. is it possible we first allow the device to authenticate then after successful auth they will get IP.   Any one test...
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  • My Device Portal Bulk Import Feature

    Hi Team,   My customer want to import and manage 100+ devices per one user in "my device portal". Partner and I tried to import CSV file with PortalUser declared, however couldn't find imported endpoints at my ...
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  • ISE Tacacs+ "Publish to Remote Database"

    Hi Team,   Does ISE support "Publish to Remote Database" function as ACS does? Customer would send Taccas+ record to outside database.   Thanks DL
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  • UCS and Hyperflex M5 Firmware Update for Spectre/Variant 2 Vulnerability

    Update - January 17th - Intel has just announced that the M5 firmware that Cisco released on January 16th is also impacted by the reboot issue that was previously seen on M4 platforms. It also impacts M3 platforms. Cu...
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  • APIC-EM v1.6 Cloud Connectivity

    Hellow Fellow Networkers,   Configuration of APIC-EM requires that the first cluster member communicates with a test Cisco telemetry server whose hostname and IP address have changed since the software was publi...
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  • Sandbox to test voice mail (CUMI)

    Hello,   I'm interested in implementing voice mail capability in my softphone application using Cisco Unity Messaging Interface (CUMI) but I want to test it first in a sandbox.   The documentation says that ...
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  • Creating two and more VPN tunnels

    Hello everybody, I would like to add another VPN tunnel to an existing configuration, and I am a little bit lost where to start. In Crypto Map with IKEv2 you can add only one IP address, also I read that only one cr...
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  • DNA Center Product Support Links

    Software Downloads, Release and General Information: Release NotesRelease 1.0: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/cloud-systems-management/network-automation-and-management/dna-center/1-0-x/Release_notes/release_no...
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  • ISE guest account purge scenario

    A customer of mine has a self registered guest portal where guests can self register and they assign the accounts created by guests to guest type:Daily which gives access to their wifi for 1 day. So users get access f...
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  • Will upgrading to ISE 2.4 require a migration program?

    Will upgrading to ISE 2.4 require a migration program?   I'm on ISE 2.2.   Will I have to migrate to ISE 2.3 before going to ISE 2.4?
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