CUBE Licensing Tips


A CUBE license is required on the router(s) actively connecting  Service Provider SIP trunks into enterprise networks.


CUBE is  defined as an IPIPGW (i.e. H.323-SIP, SIP-SIP or H.323-H.323 dial-peer  connections, using the "voice service voip > allow-connections" CLI). Gatekeeper is defined as the  H.323 GK functionality (and "gatekeeper" CLI).


CUBE  licensing is not yet enforced, so no Product Activation Key (PAK) is required and nothing is installed on the router, you need only a "right-to-use" paper license. GK licensing is enforced as  of 12.4.20T. This functionality will stop functioning on the router after a period of time if a physical license is  not installed on the router (PAK).


On the  Cisco 2800/3800 Series ISRs G1s:

- The CUBE  and GK applications share the same license SKUs

- You  need an IOS image of IP Voice or greater to run CUBE, and for GK you need the  one of the IVS or AVS images

- You  need a CUBE/GK license (platform or per-session, enforced for GK, not enforced  for CUBE)


On the  Cisco 2900/3900 Series ISR G2s:

- CUBE  and GK applications have separate license SKUs

- You  need an UC Pkg/license (equivalent of IPV/IVS/AVS IOS images on the 2800/3800s)  - this is enforced, so a PAK is required

- You  need a CUBE (per-session, not enforced) or GK license (platform,  enforced)


Additional details are covered in the CUBE Ordering Guide