CiscoMobile 8.0 and 8.1 Email Provisioning Tool (sources & instructions)

Information for customer admins regarding use of the Email Provisioning Tool for Cisco Mobile 8.0, 8.1, and later:

(this posting includes source code and instructions how to build the related tool)


Simplify the setup process for your end users by allowing them to automatically enter settings into Cisco Mobile 8.X by tapping a link included in a personalized email message sent to them directly.  The link transfers the information from the Product Specific Configuration Layout section on the Phone Configuration page in Cisco Unified Communications Manager to the client settings.  It reduces the amount of required input from the end user to configure and enable Cisco Mobile 8.X.  Use the email provisioning tool to set up and send this provisioning email to users in bulk. Alternatively, you can create provisioning links for distribution by other means commonly used in your company.


As an open source, free use tool you are permitted to edit, modify, and adapt this tool as you desire to meet your company specific provisioning needs.