Cisco Collaboration Community submitted for Forrester Groundswell Award!

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I am pleased to announce that we’ve submitted an entry for the Cisco Collaboration Community to be considered for the Forrester Groundswell Award in the B2B “Talking” category. As the award submission form states “Entries should represent excellent and effective use of social technologies to advance an organizational or corporate goal.” and the category we chose to submit within is: "Talking: Spread messages about a company".  Learn more about the award. Here is our entry below:


Building Awareness and Thought Leadership in Collaboration Solutions


Cisco_Collaboration_Community_(Laura Douglas)_800x600_(f)_notines.jpg

The Cisco Collaboration Community empowers its technical IT audience to learn about collaboration technologies for businesses through peer-to-peer interactions. Direct contact with Cisco product managers, services consultants and technical marketing engineers provides expert information, builds trusted relationships and drives thought leadership.

Beyond forums, virtual experiences are launched to spread the news about Cisco Collaboration announcements and solutions. Buzz is built through blogs, white board videos and promotion of launch-day activities. On the day of the announcement, rich content such as live streaming keynotes and briefings, product demos, interviews, resources and interactions with experts educate and amplify. Current virtual experiences:

The community is also home to the Cisco Collaboration User Group with members participating in the public community and influencing product direction in private user group programs and spaces.

Cisco is well known for providing networking solutions; however, Cisco is less known as a provider of collaboration solutions. Furthermore, common perceptions of collaboration often focus on document-centric rather than people-centric technologies. The community has been key in driving awareness, education and thought leadership for Cisco Collaboration Solutions. And importantly, the community has opened a new channel of communication between Cisco thought leaders, industry influencers, partners and customers.  It has helped put a human face on a technology giant.

The community is the cornerstone for the Cisco Collaboration social media strategy. Key community content is highlighted on the Cisco Collaboration Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts to help bring in new visitors and engage previous visitors.

Since launching in March 2009, the community has experienced significant growth, attracting more than 210,000 unique visitors and 4 million page views. Each virtual experience can attract up to 25,000 unique visitors a month. Over 4,000 customers and partners have joined the Cisco Collaboration User Group to partner with Cisco in product definition.

More than 7,500 interactions have taken place within the community (publicly and privately), enabling Cisco to engage virtually with customers from across the globe at a level not previously experienced. 


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Laura Douglas

Cisco Collabortion Community Manager