goUCS Automation Tool

goUCS is an automation toolkit that was developed as a proof of concept to show how a UCS systems administrator could easily automate tasks across multiple UCS domains. As The XML API initially introduced with UCSM has been extended to support Standalone C-Series servers, the impact and value of goUCS has expanded to encompass these platforms as well. The CIMC v1.5 includes support for an expanded XML API with support for actions including:

  • Setting BIOS Tokens
  • Setting Boot Order
  • Basic RAID Configuration (Single volume)
  • CIMC Configuration


goUCS has been designed for a system administrator to be able to communicate through a flexible and extensible command line style interface and manage multiple UCS and/or standalone C-Series  sessions via the XML API; and parsing and displaying any returned XML data into multiple output formats like CSV, tables, indented hierarchical lists, and raw XML.