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How do I get an Evaluation License for ISE?



Evaluation & Trial License Expiration

  • 90-day Trial Licenses include Base, Plus and Apex licenses for 100 endpoints
  • Trial licenses are activated on every ISE instance upon running 'setup' from the CLI
  • Trial licenses may be extended by adding another 90-day trial license. Talk to your Cisco Sales representative or see How do I get an Evaluation License for ISE?
  • Alarms will not be sent for license expiration notification
  • Users will be redirected upon login to a license page on and will not be able to access their Dashboard or other tools



License Management

  • All licenses are centrally managed by the primary ISE Administration (PAP) node per deployment
  • There is no licensing for Inline PEP instances
  • The PID, VID, and SN are found using the 'show inventory' CLI command or in the GUI under About
  • Cannot have Advanced license without Base license
  • Advanced license count must be <= Base license count
  • When Base license is applied, additional UI tabs/screens show up
  • When Advanced license is applied, Profiler and Posture tabs/screens show up
  • Base license needs to be installed before Advanced




  • There is no hard enforcement of licensing
  • Alarms generated for concurrent endpoint counts exceeding the licensed number of endpoints
    • 80% Info
    • 90% Warning
    • 100% Critical
  • alarms sent periodically
  • accurate license accounting relies on RADIUS Accounting




Re-hosting means moving a license from one Cisco ISE node to another, whether a new hardware appliance or virtual machine. See How Do I Rehost My Existing ISE License(s) onto a New or Different Appliance or VM? for specific instructions.



Migrate and Upgrade Licenses

Cisco licensing policy supports migration from previous Cisco ISE versions, upgrading from wireless and VPN only to include wired deployments, and adding concurrent users and functionality. You can also purchase bundles of licenses to minimize your ongoing expenses. These scenarios are all covered in the licensing site, or for more information contact your Cisco partner/account team.




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