ISE Deployment Assistant (IDA)

The ISE Deployment Assistant (IDA) is a Windows application developed by SecurView. IDA can help partner sales engineers to assess their customers' networks for ISE deployment readiness, and also help them deploy the appropriate NAD configurations.


IDA provides the following capabilities:

  • Filtered views based on hardware and OS readiness, as well as other criteria
  • Graphical summaries of NAD readiness
  • SSH NAD query capability
  • Quick Recommendation Check based on Product Type
  • NDG organization of NADs
  • NAD and NDG export to ISE
  • Dynamic updates of NAD compatibility information
  • Capability to export reports to CSV and PDF formats
  • Capability to generated configuration templates for various wired and wireless NADs
  • Support for mapping various configuration templates to the NADs and keeping the assigned templates saved
  • Support for automated application of assigned templates to the NADs
  • Automated verification for pushed configuration
  • Network device configuration history
  • Automated end-to-end validation of interface configuration on wired NADs


In addition to the above, SecurView has introduced a number of value added features in IDA 2.3 which is now available for download at the link given below.


Download IDA 2.3 Here



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