ISE Wireless Guest Setup Guide & Wizard


ISE Wireless Guest Setup Guide & Wizard (formerly known as ISE Express Wizard) are tools to help you get a Cisco Wireless Controller and ISE up and running in the shortest amount of time. It provides a complete flow on what is necessary for you to make this happen in around 90 min.


For ISE 2.2 use the Secure Access Wizard


Cisco ISE Secure Access Wizard (SAW) - Guest, BYOD and Secure Access in Minutes!


This youtube video explains the flow and process


Even though the guide & wizard are focused on greenfield deployments, parts of it can be used to help you with your configuration. The wizard is not meant to take a WLC that is missing an ACL or WLAN setting. We won't be tackling that with these tools.


The guide and wizard help with the following:

  • Setup of ISE & WLC from a fresh install
  • Running of the WLAN Express wizard to get the WLC to a state ready to run the ISE Wireless Guest Setup Wizard
  • Configuration of the WLC & ISE for necessary options
    • WLC
      • WLAN configuration for OPEN SSID & RADIUS NAC
      • Adding ISE IP address to permit-ace (created by WLAN express wizard)
      • Adding a guest redirect ACL
      • Adding in ISE as Authentication & Accounting Server
    • ISE
      • Basic Portal Customization
      • Hotspot, Self-registered or Sponsored Guest Portals
      • Guest Location/Timezones
      • Active Direct for Sponsor Groups or an internal sponsor
  • Final summary and testing of the configuration


The wizard runs on OS X 10.9/10.10/10.11 and Windows 7/8/10.


ISE 2.0/2.1 Guide and Wizard

  • Tested with ISE 2.0 and WLC
  • Wizard works with 2.1, a majority of the guide will also work for 2.1 (some basic UI differences)
  • The setup guide (with information on how to use and get the wizard) can be accessed: HowTo: ISE 2.0 Wireless Guest Setup Guide


ISE 1.4 Guide and Wizard

Any new deployments should be on ISE 2.x


  • TAC will support issues related to ISE.
  • Design/config support please reach out to local account/partner or the public ISE community.