There are few reasons when replacements & RMA's are required to be processed, the team mainly handles:

DOA / Upgrades Resolution

DOA Validation, Processing & Management – Review DOA Partner Handbook

Mis-Ship Resolution

Manufacturing Mis-Shipment may be identified when:

Manufacturing places a different part in the packaging

Manufacturing planner configures a product with different option(s) than ordered

Logistical Mis-Shipment may be identified when:

Freight Carrier places the wrong labeling on the packaging

Order has wrong Address/Contact details.

Over-Shipment may be identified when:

Additional quantities received than what was ordered

Additional carton / shipset is delivered that belongs to another customer

Short / Under Resolution

This may occur when the product was ordered and also invoiced but has not physically shipped with order.

Miscellaneous Shipment

A process that is mainly used to request lower level assembly parts, that were reported missing from the order. Products such as: Accessory kits, Cables, Connectors, Rack Mount kits, Rubber feet, Screws, Faceplates and other lower level assembly parts.

Damage Shipment

This is defined as any physical damage to the product that potentially impacts functionality. Evidence of any form of shock/warping, water damage should be provided when the case is raised. Packaging/Carton damage should be clearly visible and occurred in transit.

Lost Shipment

A shipment is determined to be lost when the items have not been delivered and freight forwarder confirms that box is missing. Freight forwarder has 7 days to confirm status of shipment.

Customs & Double Duty on Replacements

For Duty Unpaid (DDU/DAP) shipments, and for all deliveries whereby the customer is the importer of record, customs clearance set part of the Customer's responsibility and not Cisco's (the shipper). Please review the Incoterms section for more details.

When a Replacement is booked for issues such as DOA, mis-shipment and such, Customers need to handle the duty to clear the replacement in the same way the Original order was handled and cleared. As this results in a Double Duty payment, you will need to arrange to off-set the duty for the Original product against the newly delivered (replacement) product.

Most of the countries have special customs legislation in place to allow importation of Replacement orders without duty impact. It is often a requirement to show proof that a Return of the dead/mis-shipped part has taken place for a duty waiver to be approved by the local customs team.

Cisco cannot be held accountable for contacting local governments on behalf of customers as the request will not to be accepted by Customs. Only the customer can apply for duty or VAT wavier via their local government because Cisco is not the importing party.


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Logistics and Returns

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